Thursday, September 26, 2013

I admit, I am not good at any kind of home repairs may it be simple plumbing job or appliance repair. On the other hand, I have some sets of tools that needed for repairs, I guess I just want to be ready and try my best in case the day will come that I need to repair minor damages. I am not sure if I have high temperature adhesives in my toolbox but I know that I should have one ready just in case that I will need it.

I am in hopes that when the time comes that I need to do simple repairs, I will be able to do such task. It will be a shame to hire somebody to do little and simple job. Crossing my fingers on this one.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

To be honest, we are one of the many thousands of Americans who are struggling financially. It is a common knowledge that prices on every basic commodities nowadays are getting higher. The pay that I get from working is being stretched as much as we can. As a one earning household, that is indeed a tough job. Sometimes I wonder how all other people survive in this economic hardship.

I wished that I have investments like the one mentioned at If I have other investments that are profitable, it would have been a financial relief for us. I am not complaining though as we are surviving. We just learned how to live what we can afford to.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

We don't decorate a lot. We just put a little bit of decoration to celebrate a season. Since Halloween is coming, my daughter and the wife is already planning to put some halloween decoration both inside and outside.

I will not be surprised if one day, I will go home from work and see some personalized tablecloths in our dining table. I am sure that if my wife can find a good deal online, she will absolutely take advantage of it.

I am not against any home decoration as it always brings out our small little home.

I take pride in our yard. Though how hectic our schedule can be, we always make sure that we mow our yard every week, unless it is raining.

Our neighborhood been complaining about something digging their yards, so we are not the only one who is facing the same problem. The culprit of all the holes in our backyard is the armadillo.

The holes all over our backyard is not pleasing to the eyes thus I am researching on how to control armadillos. Any idea?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We are excited and looking forward to see how our daughter is doing at her Kindergarten class. We were looking forward to seeing for the first time her progress report.

I don't want to brag but I was almost sure that my daughter's progress report will be good. Then again, it is different if the progress report is from the teacher. The day had come for the report to be sent home.

We are so proud of our daughter as she did really good in school. And because she have a good report, we told her that she can choose wherever she want to eat this weekend.

So, this weekend we are going out to eat to celebrate the good progress report that my daughter received in her Kindergarten class.

Friday, September 6, 2013

My daughter is very fascinated with harmonicas. I think she just saw somebody in one of her Disney shows playing the harmonica that since then, she got so fascinated with it.

I encourage my daughter to develop her love for music and if she wants to play the harmonica she should. I should her some good harmonica and I also showed her the seydel harmonica 1847 at musician's friend. She can't believe that most music instruments can cost you and arm and a leg.

Well, as always you get what you pay for. I would rather spend money and invest into a good music instrument than buy a cheap one only to get it broker right away.
Having a pet is a big responsibility. Feeding your pet and giving them a shelter is not only your responsibility. You are also responsible to their health and wellness. On top of that, you are also responsible if your pet causes damage to people or things.

Some incidents may include dog bites. You, being the owner is responsible for it. You are responsible to take the blame and would you believe that oftentimes, people sue the pet owners because of such accident? If you happen to be a victim of dog bite, don't hesitate to find the best san diego dog bite lawyer that will help you deal with your case.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We often thought and wish that my wife's niece in the Philippines will be able to study here in the USA. I know there is a possibility for that even though I know that it will involve a lot of paper works and a lot of immigration details. Should we be able to afford it, we would like to hire an immigration attorney los angeles for this case. We really wanted her niece to study here and earn a degree here in the USA. I am sure that she will do a lot better in the future if she will have a US degree.
It is now officially "BER" months. Before we know it, it will be Christmas already. Our family always looks forward to Christmas because it is always special for us because of some family customs and traditions. Being married to a Filipina, I learned to embrace all her Christmas traditions and to be honest, it is better celebrating Christmas her way. Christmas is more meaningful.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I am sure that my wife will be excited to decorate both inside and outside our house. I am also sure that she will do it early. I wonder if she will buy new brown christmas lights for a change. Last year we used green and red.