Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am not a shopping enthusiast. Since I got married, I let my wife choose whatever she wants me to wear. She decides what to buy for me with regards to my clothing. As for shoes, I have to try it first before we buy it.

When I was given a chance to review the products of 10DollarMall, it feels new to me as this will be the first time in a long time that I will shop some clothing for me. To be honest, after I choose some items, I couldn't resist to ask my wife about my choice.

It took me a while to shop at 10DollarMall because there are just too many choices. They have everything for men, women and kids. I decided to get me a jacket. I was thinking that I could really use another jacket for work especially around this winter time.

This jacket is very warm and comfy.  I was surprise of how nice it is considering that it was just $9.99.  I love it.  It is light yet very warm.  10DollarMall has clothing that are made of high quality at a very affordable price.

Since my wife is addicted to purses, she was surprise that I purchase a purse for her.  I also choose some headbands for my little girl.  I actually was able to buy more that are not in the picture.

My shopping experience with 10DollarMall was very pleasant.  Their website is easy to use and loads very fast.  Shipping their items was also fast, it was faster than I expected.  One of the added bonus when shopping at this website is their coupon code.  By liking their facebook page I was able to save 3% of my order using a coupon code.

Now, if you need to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and more try shopping at where everything is leass than $10!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Around October last year, I had a different work shift where I worked 9 hours Tuesday - Friday and 4 hours on Saturdays. I love that shift because it means, I can have half of Saturday off, Sunday and Monday. I especially love the Monday off because we can do a lot of stuffs, personal stuff during Mondays. That shift didn't last but I was promised to get it back early this year.

Two weeks ago, I got the work shift. I love it. For me it feels like my work days are shorter. I just hope that it will last long. I am definitely enjoying this shift.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Who would have thought of going swimming during the winter time? It seems like swimming is just for summer as swimming is a great way to cool off during the hot summer days. But winter swimming? kinda odd.

Winter swimming is possible because there are swimming pool heat pumps in some swimming pools. Despite the freezing weather you still can enjoy indoor pools with heat pumps.

I am sure that when we see one of those, my daughter will definitely go gaga over it. My daughter loves to swim anytime of the day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We send a box of goodies to my wife's family in the Philippines like 3 times a year. The last one that we sent was supposed to be for Christmas but it didn't get there in time. They got it last week. Well, despite being late for a couple of weeks the family were still excited about the goodies.

We sent some backpacks on that said box. Those were for the kids that they can use for school. The kids were delighted about it.

We are now slowly buying things for the box which we will send by March. My wife mentioned to me that we need to send a backpack jansport for her brothers because they can use it for short trips or overnight trips. Well, not a problem to me. I am sure my wife can find a good deal whatever she is looking for.

We already watched the Season 1 of 24 and my wife is excited to watch the following seasons.  After we finished watching all seasons of Lost, we will watch the 24 Season 2.

Have you seen the 24?  My wife is addicted to Jack Bauer so we are watching this show soon!
You all know that we wanted a big TV and of course should we buy a new TV we also need to buy a complete TV ensemble. We are not sure yet if we want it to be mounted in our wall or to just buy a big TV stand. I guess we have to wait and see. Until we will be able to buy the big TV that we want, we won't be able to decide whether we want it mounted or not.

I know some of you guys know where to buy tv brackets that are in good quality and affordable. If you have any ideas at all, please leave a comment and I will really appreciate it.
How do you like to ride around the town in pure limousine? I bet it is fun and exciting. I can just imagine the fun things you can do inside the limousine while having a glass of champagne. I bet it is too cool to pass if somebody invites you to experience a limousine ride.

Most dignitaries and really wealthy people ride in limousine. The most common limousine ride that I see is when girls and guys have their prom. Some of them ride in limousine. I bet it is one of the best experiences of those young kids.

Have you ever been in a limousine?

When LOST was first aired on few years ago, I was hooked to it because it was interesting.  Then I missed few episodes and then all of a sudden they have different seasons already.  I lost track of it and so does my interest.

When we signed up for Netflix, I found LOST the complete series.  My wife and I decided to watch the whole season.

Everyday since few weeks ago, we watched episodes of LOST.  Now, we are down to the finale.  We can't wait to see them all.   It was fun watching it with the wife and the show is interesting, lots of twists and lots of unsolved mysteries.
I know that each country has its own gold coins and I am sure that some of them are more valuable than others. A good friend of mine is collecting mexican gold coins and other gold coins. He wants to let go of them that is why he is looking for a professional to appraise his collection.

I don't know if it is a good idea to let go of them right now or to wait a little longer. But if he ever finds an appraiser that is reliable I guess it is a good source of money.

Do you know a good appraiser? Please let me know.
Pulse oximeters are helpful. Over the last 15 years, pulse oximeters have gotten better and better. In fact you can now see many medical practices that has finger oximeter. Using pulse oximeter has an advantage because they quick, non-invasive, reproducible, accurate in most circumstances, and minimal training is necessary. You can let an individual use an oximeter right away with just a little instruction. Like any other medical devices, oximeter needs maintenance. It has accuracy limitations in some patients and may not provide a clinical benefit to patient care if used indiscriminately. These are some of the disadvantages that need to be addressed before you need to buy an oximeter for yourself or for your practice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is a pickled green papaya.  My wife makes this a lot because my Mom and her friends just loves this.  It takes long to slice all the ingredients but she enjoys making this for Mom and for her friends.

It reminds me that I need to bring few packs of this to Mom.  She made this 2 days ago for my Mom.  Isn't she sweet?
Everyone dreams of one day being able to see the famous City of Love. When you ask a girl where is her dream place, many would answer Paris! My wife is one of them. She wants and dreams to be able to step in the City of Love. She wants to experience being in Paris. I can't blame her. If only I have the resources, I will bring her there.

Paris can be expensive but did you know that there luxury apartments in paris for rent that are affordable? If you plan to visit Paris, you should check out those affordable places. You also need to plan your trip ahead so that you can maximize your Paris vacation.

As for now, my wife's Paris dream still continues to be a dream. Well, who knows, one day it will be realized...
Do you invest on gold eagle coins? There are many gold coin investors. I don't blame them as the value of gold keeps on increasing. Unlike the stock market, gold coins are safer.

For the previous years, many investors had lost a lot of money with their stock investment. When the US economy plunged down so does the stock market. Many has not been able to bounce back from that.

Now that stock market is still unstable, many have decided to invest into gold and other precious metals. I should check it out myself.
Earlier today, my Mom had her eye surgery. Of course, we were all worried.

Thankfully, the operation went well. The doctor informed them that the procedure could last up to 4 hours depending on the severity. Well, what a blessing as the surgery just lasted 50 minutes.

She is now resting and she needs to be back at the doctor tomorrow for a check up. I am so glad that Mom's surgery went weel.
Having your own business card is important. It is also a great way to promote your business. Many individuals have resorted to making their own or printing their own business card. Well why not when you can make your own for less.

For those who doesn't have the luxury of time to buy all the needed materials nor the time to create their own, there are always places where you can order your business cards. Whatever business you are in, whether you are in a medical field, or having a small business or whether you offer personal services, you can get the best business card for less.

I have found some local printers that makes the best dj business cards that I have ever seen.
I often see signs of "commercial space for rent". I guess that with so many businesses that are forced to close, there are also many establishments that are unoccupied. Renting commercial space is not as easy as renting a residential spaces. The rules and requirements in leasing commercial spaces is a bit complicated.

When you have a commercial space that is for lease or for sale in areas like North Carolina, a commercial real estate attorney raleigh nc can help you with the proper documentations of such. They will be able to explain to you the legal way of renting or selling these properties.
We have been a big fan of Frattelli's Italian Restaurant - a local restaurant.  This was the first time that we tried their Italian sub and it was awesome!

So far we have tried their sub, spaghetti and pizza they are all very delicious!
Advertising your business through print is somewhat cheaper. You can always put your business cards or flyers in public places like grocery stores, gasoline stations and such. If you can find a cheap flyer printing services the better as you can print as many flyers as possible and it will help spread the word about your business.

Whenever I got to a local restaurant or local store I always find business flyers in the counter near the cashier. I guess it is a great place to put them as people always pay whatever they are getting and while the cashier processes it the customer will be able to glance at those flyers.

If you are in a music industry, you know for sure what is Komplete 8 Ultimate. But if you are not, then Komplete 8 Ultimate is a music software. It givers you power and musical creativity. It can be used for modern music production, live performance, and sound design. Because of its capability, this music software is kinda expensive but mind you it is well worth it. If you are in the market for this, you ought to be familiar with this software and don't forget to read the top komplete 8 ultimate review before you decide to buy this.

My mom will undergo an Eye surgery today. Though her eye doctor told us that it is a simple procedure, we can't help but be worried afterall it is a surgery of the eyes.

Anyway, I hope it will be a successful procedure. Our prayers are you with Mom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am proud of my wife for being able to resist temptation when it comes to food. A year ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes and since then she is very disciplined with her eating habits. She follows the best healthy eating plan that fits her. She eats a lot of healthy food with less carbohydrate content.

As I am getting older, I need to practice healthy eating too. I admit I am not very conscious of what I eat and I tend to eat those delicious and unhealthy foods. I know I have to curve on them and start eating fresh veggies and more fruits.
We are all encouraged to support local businesses that is why we always buy products that are Alabama made. There are many local products that are sold in our grocery stores. It ranges from fresh produce to bottled products to frozen goodies. I often encourage my friends to support and buy Alabama made products.

Supporting local businesses is a good way to support your local economy. So whatever you need, better hire the locals. Even if you need printing services, I am sure you can fine local postcard printing services that can do more than just postcard printing.

I love coke and I drink them everyday.  12pack coke can cost more than $4.  So, when my wife told me that she found a great deal of coke products at CVS, off we went and yes we stocked up on them since I drink them all the time.  We bought 12 of these.  It was on sale for $2.50 each and if you spend $30 you get $10 back.   Basically it just end up less than $1.75 per 12-pack.
I don't like drunk drivers. Drunk drivers caused many accidents in the road. I am glad that traffic enforcers are very strict about drunk drivers. I do drink but I never drive when I know I drank alcohol even though I know I can function and drive well. I refuse to drive when I have alcohol in me.

There are ways to determine if your alcohol level is higher than what it is to be. When a police pull over a suspected drunk driver they will let them perform certain exercises and they also use alcohol test strips for a more accurate result.

Anyway drunk driving is dangerous and you can be a cause to major accident. Better avoid driving when you are under the influence.
I am glad that there are car lifts that can be used by the people who have disability. I know that people who are wheelchair-bound find it very convenient for them to use car lifts. Having a car lift means they can do things independently when they are in the car or going somewhere. Car lifts give them a sense of security that they can safely get out of their car without troubling anybody.

Now, if you have a love one that needs a car lift, you should get them one as this will really be a big help for them.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My daughter loves her bed time stories.  Usually it is her and her mom that reads stories before bedtime.    But for few days now, she decided that she has to read the story herself and read it to us.

My daughter doesn't read yet.  All she does is to make up a story base on the pictures in the book.  Pretty neat though.
I was watching some sports documentaries when I saw some featured homes of famous sports figures.  They were all beautiful.  Why shouldn't it be when they have money to build a home that they want.

Anyway I saw one home where they have a trophy room. It is where they put all their medals, trophies, and other forms of achievement. It was cool and I am sure that those medals and trophies are worth a lot of money.

I can't blame them for designing a room just for their trophies and such. Afterall, that is the proof of how much they have achieved in the world of sports.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A day after the snow.  I was so surprised to see that there were still snow in our front yard.  It was cool to see that the snow stayed overnight.

My girl has been telling me about the snow and that she wishes to snow again.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I know that many businesses are struggling nowadays. In fact, a lot of them were forced to just closed their businesses. It is sad because I know how those owners worked hard and how much they invested just to have their business but the economic situation that we are facing is just not good these days that is why there are many businesses that are no longer operating.

When you have a business and you are struggling and you want to keep your business afloat, why don't you try to take advantage of thebusiness cash advance? If you think that this can help you should go check it out.
Remember the days when advertising was only done in prints and tv?  Years ago, print advertising was a big thing but as technology evolves so thus businesses.  With the evolution of online business so thus online media marketing.

The internet is now a big part of a business success.  And to be able to compete in this vast business world, you ought to compete also in media marketing.  You ought to promote your brand and your business online too as it is where your customers / audiences are. If you are looking for a new and reliable media marketing, check out triangle direct media.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow in Alabama is a rare occasion that is why whenever there is snow everybody gets so excited.  My little girl was all giggles with the snow of course as she is so excited to build a snowman.  I was not home to witness how excited my little girl was but at least we had pictures to see how happy she was.
Death is inevitable.  Many individuals ignore this fact because they are not ready to face it.  Honestly, the concept of not preparing for it, will not stop death from happening.  It is better be practical and get yourself ready as we can never ignore the fact that we all die.  Writing your Last Will and Testament is very important in preparing for your death.

A common misconception about last will and testament is the thought that it is just for someone who has assets.  Last will and testament is not just about your estate. It is not just about who gets your home, your car, or the money in your bank account. It is also about who will take care of your kids should you die before they reach adulthood.

Every adults of all ages should have a will and testament.  This document will prevent the government from deciding every little thing should you be gone.  Having a will and testament stating your wishes will ensure how things will be carried over upon your demise.

Remember that when you die without a will and testament, you will give the power to the government to decide how your estate will be handled.  Draft one of the most vital document in your life - the last will and testament.  If you are having qualms on what to say on this document, consult or talk to a lawyer.  You may also check out My Texas Wills where you can get enough information about texas will and testament.  You can even order this document online.  My Texas Wills offer a complimentary consultation by a Texas attorney through phone so take advantage of it.

The importance of safety at the workplace should be done on a regular basis. Safety rules and reminders should be posted in a place where every employee can see them. Those safety rules should be followed to prevent some harmful accidents to happen. Did you know that when safety rules and tips are posted, sub consciously employees are aware of them all the time thus it will somehow protect them while they are around the job site or when they are on hazardous equipment and machinery.

In the field of work that I am in, safety is our priority. We have rules and regulations posted in our office. We have trainings and we are required to wear safety accessories. When we are in a dock, or driving the forklift, we are required to wear safety vest. We are also required to wear steel toe boots at work.

Safety is everyone's responsibility at work.  I am glad that everybody at work are dedicated in creating an accident free environment.   Different companies have different safety rules and regulations but all in all they are all geared towards the safety of each and everyone. It is geared towards an accident free work place too.

If you want to increase the safety of your workplace and to increase the safety of your workers, buy them some safety vests and/or reflective vests at SafetyGear Online.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I am lucky to have a frugal wife. If not for her proper money management, we won't be able to own a home. I don't get paid much but my wife never complains of how little we have. She is able to stretch the money we have and buy wonderful things even.

I learned a lot from my wife. I am now very watchful on what I buy. Unlike before, I just grab things in the store and not looking at prices. I never had the patience for all those clearance and on sale items. But when my wife took over our budget, I get "lectures" if I buy the wrong things and if the price in the receipt is not right.

Every little savings that we can get whether from groceries or from other products and services means less money that we need to spend.

One of the secrets in buying more and saving more is buying clearance items and stack it up with coupons. Like when we buy vitamins, or beauty products, or other things we shop online and look for different websites that offers deals and discounts. We also make sure to look for coupon codes that can used for additional discounts or for free shipping. Did you know that there are websites that are dedicated for coupons? One of them is the
Coupon Chief coupon codes can be found at the above mentioned website.  Their coupons are reliable and you can find coupons that will able you to save a bundle the next time you buy anything online. Their coupons are good for products and services, so whatever you need they got it covered.  At coupon chief, you can also submit a coupon and get paid for it.  Yes, you now can earn by uploading a coupon and sharing your savings.  It is a neat idea and a great way to earn too. So, whether you have a coupon or you need a coupon, is a place to go!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I am a veteran of foreign wars.  I was there during the gulf war.  When I saw these murals in the wall, I didn't hesitate to pose for a picture because it reminded me of my army years.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We have a 3 bedroom home. One of the rooms, we made it as a playroom so that my daughter can just have all her toys in one place. We were suppose to have it is her room but we decided to make it a play room instead.

When she gets a little older, we obviously want to make it as her room. When she is already old enough not to want all those toys, we can transform her room to a real bedroom suite. We saw some kids furniture los angeles and they are perfect for her room. In my mind I can just picture a room just like a little princess should have. I can't wait for that day to come!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last year was fun, exciting and we achieved some of our dreams and goals. We experience some setbacks but those are all but part of living.

I am hoping for a better and more rewarding year financially for us. I hope a better year for all you my dear friends and visitors of this blog!