Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I grew up moving from one place to another. I have been to 9 different school in 11 years when I was growing up. Let us just say that I am used to moving. I never make a lot of friends because at the back of my mind, I know sooner or later we will be moving again. Not having a permanent place growing up was not the best but we all dealt with it because my dad was in the military. Moving was imminent.

When I had my own family, I vowed that I will stay put that I won't let my kids experience what I experienced growing up. I promise myself to provide my family a permanent home. I did kept my promise, well most of it.

We did move but to a better place. When we finally bought our own home, we were all so excited to move and become homeowners. We were so excited to have our own place, our own yard and just be at home building wonderful memories.

After we signed the contract when we bought our home, we started packing. My wife and I have experienced moving and we know what it entails to have a stress free moving experience. Hand in hand, we pack our stuffs, dealt with transferring our important papers, did all the necessary things to be done. We gave ourselves enough time to do things so that we won't be stressed out. Even our little girl was being helpful when packing our things. She learn to be out of our way when we do the packing and she was very cooperative running around errands.

On the day of our move, we rented a truck. Load and unload our stuff together with my brother's help. It was exhausting but we were all so happy to be in our dream home, finally!

When you have enough budget, moving can be stress free. You can hire a moving company that can do the packing for you. They will handle everything on your behalf. When you have plenty of things that need to be stored while you are still settling in your new home, you can rent a storage space too. You can even ask a mobile self storage from a moving company. You can put all the things you want in this mobile storage and the moving company will move it from your home to a storage facility. I am glad that nowadays, there are many options to make moving a pleasant experience.