Sunday, March 31, 2013

My daughter has been missing the days that she can spend hours in the park.  Last summer, we make sure that we bring her to the park to play and enjoy.  Recently, she just asked us when will it not be too cold to go to the park.  We told her that we hope it will be soon.

She enjoys the park as she loves to go slide and enjoy the swing too. She also enjoys meeting kids her age and play with them. We do have a big yard that is enough to put a swing set. Some of those swing sets costs couple of hundreds and we don't think it is practical for us to buy her one. Anyway, if you want to invest in some swing sets, check out swing sets in virginia beach as they have plenty to choose from.
Photo Not Mine

One of the foods that I enjoyed when we were in the Philippines is the grilled squid. I first saw someone grilling squid in the beach and it just looks so delicious so I ordered one and since then, I feel in love with grilled squid.

Last week when we went to Atlanta, we saw big squid and I was excited to buy them because I can't wait to grill them.  I will be firing the grill and grill the squid pretty soon. Will post pictures when I get the time to grill them, that is if I won't forget to take a picture before I gobble them!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

People nowadays have digital cameras and smart phones capable of taking pictures. Thankfully, there are plenty of businesses that print these pictures online. You just have to upload it and order a print. It is quiet easy to do that.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I grew up moving from one place to another. I have been to 9 different school in 11 years when I was growing up. Let us just say that I am used to moving. I never make a lot of friends because at the back of my mind, I know sooner or later we will be moving again. Not having a permanent place growing up was not the best but we all dealt with it because my dad was in the military. Moving was imminent.

When I had my own family, I vowed that I will stay put that I won't let my kids experience what I experienced growing up. I promise myself to provide my family a permanent home. I did kept my promise, well most of it.

We did move but to a better place. When we finally bought our own home, we were all so excited to move and become homeowners. We were so excited to have our own place, our own yard and just be at home building wonderful memories.

After we signed the contract when we bought our home, we started packing. My wife and I have experienced moving and we know what it entails to have a stress free moving experience. Hand in hand, we pack our stuffs, dealt with transferring our important papers, did all the necessary things to be done. We gave ourselves enough time to do things so that we won't be stressed out. Even our little girl was being helpful when packing our things. She learn to be out of our way when we do the packing and she was very cooperative running around errands.

On the day of our move, we rented a truck. Load and unload our stuff together with my brother's help. It was exhausting but we were all so happy to be in our dream home, finally!

When you have enough budget, moving can be stress free. You can hire a moving company that can do the packing for you. They will handle everything on your behalf. When you have plenty of things that need to be stored while you are still settling in your new home, you can rent a storage space too. You can even ask a mobile self storage from a moving company. You can put all the things you want in this mobile storage and the moving company will move it from your home to a storage facility. I am glad that nowadays, there are many options to make moving a pleasant experience.

This is our favorite Asian store in Atlanta. The Super H Mart has a lot of cool stuff inside. I always enjoy looking around this store and find anything extra ordinary. For the wife, this is where she can find her favorite vegetables, fruits and of course the fresh Fish!

Super H Mart Riverdale Georgia is a 2 hour drive from our home, but the trip is always worth it because we always load up on things we need that we can't find in our local grocery stores. Their prices is also way cheaper.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I love fishing and it is my way of relaxation. Even if I can't catch or I only caught few fish, it doesn't discourage me for fishing continuously. Crazy, eh?

I went fishing last Saturday and it was not very productive. I only caught a few. I had fun though. It was a bitter cold day but I was wearing my winter gear and my Lowa Renegade boots. I wore this kind of boots because it is a perfect hiking boots. I had to do a lot of hiking going from one fishing hole to another. Wearing a comfortable hiking boots make it easier for me to move around when needed.

I wish for a more productive fishing trips this coming weekend. I can't wait to go fishing again.
Some schools are done with their spring break. Others are having their spring break this week. But where is Spring? I mean where is the spring weather? It has been freezing cold at night still. I still can hear our heater kicks in all the time. I know that many of us are longing for the Spring weather.

I like winter and snow but I don't like our electric bill during the winter. With a house with high ceilings, we seem to need more heat thus we have higher electric bill. I plan to buy a new set of patio heaters and use them too. With the rate that the weather is going, if I buy now, I still be able to use them because we are still expecting more colder nights.

Last Sunday, the wife told me that she wants to go to the local Asian store. It is like a 40-min drive going there. I suggested why not go to Atlanta instead. The wife was delighted.

It was a gloomy day and lot of traffic in the road but the drive is worth it as I know my wife always enjoys a trip to Atlanta to her favorite Asian store. They have more Asian products there that we cannot buy in our local Asian store.

Friday, March 22, 2013

It is graduation time once again. My wife's niece is graduating and the whole family is excited about it. We were thinking of a perfect gift for her. The said niece is my wife's favorite as she grew up with her. My wife was like a second mother to her. I suggested to buy her one of those moissanite rings with her birthstone on it. The wife declined because she is too young for such gift.

Anyway, I will just leave to my wife what she wants to give her. If we can't find the perfect graduation gift, I am sure that sending her cash will be the next option.
One of the downfalls of owning a house situated on top of the mountains is the strong winds. Our house being in an elevated area, is susceptible to strong winds.

Few days ago, when bad weather hit Alabama, we lost some shingles. Nothing major except those missing shingles and our trash can flew and scatter every trash inside.

Anyway, did you know that window shutters can help prevent your home fron strong winds? You should check out charlottesville va windows if you needed some window repairs or new shutters installation.
Every year, I make sure that I join the MSN and Yahoo March madness bracket. Well, why not when you can win as much as 1 MIllion if you have the perfect bracket. It is my shot to have a million!

Well, to my dismay, I found out that yesterday alone, I have more wrong predictions. So I guess goodbye million to me!

Anyway, I always look forward to March Madness because I enjoyed watching these small school making the big dance.

Good luck to all of them!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Horse back riding will be a great summer fun for my girls. I know that I am thinking early since it still feels like winter in our place but better plan ahead right?

The last time my wife tried horse back riding, she had a lot of fun. I plan to have her enjoy the same activity this summer. I am sure that if I will buy her some horse riding apparel she will be enticed to go horse back riding once more.

I hope that one day when my daughter grows up she will enjoy horse back riding too. I know it is a lot of fun and I want my girls to enjoy their summer with some fun activities.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I really wanted to know more about running a business basically because I plan to have my own business in the future.   I really hope that if I’ll start a business, it will for sure  return my hard work, in such a way that the return will be in satisfying rate. If I decide to do business, I wanted it to be perfect, with the best marketing tactics and it should have online presence. I took the initiative by browsing online some business websites hopefully to be able to find something that will let me pick up some important pointers about strategies, marketing, advertising companies and so forth.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

I spent my weekend fishing.

I am not a man of patience but when it comes to fishing I can sit for hours and I am very patient. Fishing is one of the few things that I can be very patient.

I enjoy fishing as it relaxes me. It has been a while since I spend my weekend fishing. I took the opportunity to fish two days in a row because in the next few weeks I won't have the luxury to fish anymore because I will be busy with yard work.

Saturday was pretty much a good fishing day.  I caught enough fish but yesterday, I was not as successful.  I only caught few but I enjoyed the time away especially that my wife was with me fishing.  We both love fishing together.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Many said that yoga is one of the best exercises to do when you want to relax and clear your mind. I have not done yoga in my whole life but the craze of doing yoga is so evident that there are now different yoga merchandises available. You can buy the basic yoga mats even online or in stores near you.

Meditation is not appealing to me. I would rather run and sweat if I want to have a good exercise? How about you? Have you tried yoga? Share your thoughts and experience about yoga.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It is different when you have a little one at home, especially for me.  As much as I love watching sports shows, my little one will sometimes request for us to watch her shows together.  How can you resist it when she tells you that she really really wants to watch a certain show with you.  Call me a sucker but I usually give in because I know she just wants me to spend time with her.

For the past few years, I have reacquainted myself with different kids shows.  I can't count how many times I have seen the same shows over and over.  One of my daughter's favorite show is the one with marching band.  She loves to watch them perform in the band and playing different music instruments.  It is amazing how she can name those instruments like bass clarinet, guitars, drums, cymbals, trombone and so much more.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Today, I am one year older!

It's my birthday... yeah!

I feel blessed and thankful to everyone who remembered my special day.  Thank you all for the messages and phone calls.  Your wishes made me feel special.

Thank you to my wife and daughter who made this day extra special.  They give me cards, gifts and plenty of hugs and kisses.

Thank you and I love you all!

Many guitarists loves to use elixir strings for their guitars. There are plenty of guitar strings to choose from but this one is known for its quality.

Changing your guitar strings is important. You don't want a broken string while you are performing as it will affect the quality of your performance. I think that it is better to have a newly installed strings before you start your gig. It will be a horrifying experience if you loss two or more strings during a performance.

If you want to be ready at all times for a great guitar performance, be sure to have an extra roll of guitar strings handy. You will never knew when you need one.
Spring and summer will be here before we know it! We can't wait as we have plenty of activities planned. Along with the change of weather, we need eye protection thus we all need sunglasses. I am sure that stores will sell a lot of sunglasses in the next few months.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

MY wife pulled the impossible. She threw me the best party ever! I had a blast! I enjoyed every bit of it!

She prepared great food of different varieties. My American friends and our Filipino friends feasted on all of the food. We all enjoyed the great food and the wonderful company of friends. It was indeed one of a kind party and I am very glad that my wife did all the trouble to give me a party.

Thank you babe. I love it.
I love watching sports and football is my big addiction. During college football season, you often see me relaxing in our couch flipping channels to keep up with who is winning. I love football as it reminds me of my younger years when playing football was all I do. I was a very hyper kid and I play sports all the time.

My wife and daughter has become football fans too. My daughter loves to watch the school band as they play during half time. She enjoys their music, their different instruments like drums, flute, lyre and more. Sometimes, she even wants to be a member of the band. On some days, she even wants to play pretend that they are on the band and her mommy should be the conductor.

It will be a while before football season again. For now, we are enjoying the basketball's March Madness.
Have you filed your 2012 tax returns yet? Ours has been filed. We always prefer to file as early as possible so as we won't forget it.

I am glad that our taxes are just simple. We don't have any investments to complicate it. We are just ordinary workers so our tax is not as complicated as others. If you have a hard time with your taxes, I am sure that an accountant raleigh can help you with your finances. I am sure that they will be able to make things easier for you if they will do the finance part of your life. Having a personal accountant can make your life easier. So, if you think you needed help, see an accountant today and be sure to file your tax returns on time.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today is a big day for me. For the first time, I will have a birthday party. To be honest, I dread it. Parties for myself is not for me. I am not into parties for myself. I don't want the attention to be focused on me. I am ready for this party to done.

My wife insisted that she will give me a party. At first, I hesitated but my wife is persistent. She has never thrown me a party since we were together. She explained that there is always a first.

My party will start this afternoon and will last until night time as most Filipino parties. I invited some of my friends but I am not sure who will come. I guess I should just be grateful that my wife does all the hardwork to have this party.

By the way, my real birthday will be on Monday, March 11 but the wife scheduled the party today because this is the only time where most of our friends are free to attend.
There are so many men and even few women are hooked to golf. I am not one of them. I prefer a more rigorous sports like football or baseball. For a hobby, I prefer to go fishing than to play rounds of golf. Some of my friends are really addicted to the golf sports. They told me that this sport entails a lot of strategy to win. I won't disagree with them, it is just that I often think that it is much cheaper to go fishing than play a round of golf.

Golf requires you to purchase your golf essentials and most of them are not cheap. I know a golf store that sells great golf essentials and was surprise to read that martin hanaka is their CEO. I heard a lot about Martin Hanaka and his affiliations to plenty of successful business ventures. It is amazing to know that he is also into golf.
We all agree that we need a dog but it seems like we are all not ready for it yet. My daughter just loves dog and we believe that giving her a pet dog will be very beneficial. I know that she will be ecstatic if we finally give in to her dream of having a pet dog.

Her Nana and her sister both has 2 dogs thus she thinks that she ought to have 2 dogs too. We are thinking about just one. One is lot of work already how much more if we get two. Anyhow, we saw some Big Barker dog bed that looks very nice for a dog. I think we should get one of those if and when we decide to have a pet dog.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I love it!

This was our gift from my brother last Christmas. I wasn't able to set it up until recently. When I first used it, I was glad because I love it. I know that my wife and I wanted to have an outdoor pit so that we can enjoy a cozy fire while we are at our back porch.

Thank you to my brother John and Kim for this. This is awesome!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do you know where to find pandora charms? I learn from my women co workers that pandora charms make a great gift for women because these so called pandora charms represent not only hope but it also represent being a modern woman. Pandora charms are believed to be inspiring and unique that each piece tells the story of who wear it. Quite interesting for me thus it makes me intrigued and quite excited to buy one for my wife.

Now, I need suggestions where to buy authentic pandora charms. Please comment below so I can check them out.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My family went to watch a minor league baseball in Birmingham last year and we really enjoyed it. We sat in one of their aluminum bleachers and enjoyed a summer day watching the game while sipping our coke and eating some popcorn. It was a great experience as it was the first time for my wife and daughter to experience such. Since we enjoyed the game, we plan to go and watch more games this year. We are all looking forward to it. I am sure that we will all have a great time.

Do you watch baseball games or are you a fan of baseball?

Monday, March 4, 2013

It has been a while since we last dined at Jim 'n Nicks. So few days ago we finally did! My wife just loves this place because of their greek salad. I craved for some good ribs and Jim 'n Nick's has it thus we eagerly waited for our turn to be served.

It was amazing how my daughter remembered that we went to this restaurant over a year ago. We had great food and great family time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

When you got the talent, you should be proud of it. When you are blessed with the talent to play the guitar, you should play to be heard. Show off what you got and who knows somebody in the music industry might be interested to promote you.

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March is my birth month. Oh how time flies and yes I feel like OLD! I often say, It sucks being old. I remember those younger years when I can do everything with so much zest. I can play sports all day and yet still has energy to do something else. I was a very active youth. It saddens me to realize how things have changed and it frustrates me not being able to do all the things I want because of my strength. Gone are the youthful energy that I used to have.

On the lighter note, I should be glad. I reached the point in life where I am happy with my family. Life is afterall very good to me all those years.

Now that it is my birthday month, though I will be turning another year, I am thankful to God for giving me the blessings that somehow I don't deserved. But God is good as I get what my hearts desire and that is having a wonderful and content family life!