Thursday, January 17, 2013

The importance of safety at the workplace should be done on a regular basis. Safety rules and reminders should be posted in a place where every employee can see them. Those safety rules should be followed to prevent some harmful accidents to happen. Did you know that when safety rules and tips are posted, sub consciously employees are aware of them all the time thus it will somehow protect them while they are around the job site or when they are on hazardous equipment and machinery.

In the field of work that I am in, safety is our priority. We have rules and regulations posted in our office. We have trainings and we are required to wear safety accessories. When we are in a dock, or driving the forklift, we are required to wear safety vest. We are also required to wear steel toe boots at work.

Safety is everyone's responsibility at work.  I am glad that everybody at work are dedicated in creating an accident free environment.   Different companies have different safety rules and regulations but all in all they are all geared towards the safety of each and everyone. It is geared towards an accident free work place too.

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