Monday, January 14, 2013

I am lucky to have a frugal wife. If not for her proper money management, we won't be able to own a home. I don't get paid much but my wife never complains of how little we have. She is able to stretch the money we have and buy wonderful things even.

I learned a lot from my wife. I am now very watchful on what I buy. Unlike before, I just grab things in the store and not looking at prices. I never had the patience for all those clearance and on sale items. But when my wife took over our budget, I get "lectures" if I buy the wrong things and if the price in the receipt is not right.

Every little savings that we can get whether from groceries or from other products and services means less money that we need to spend.

One of the secrets in buying more and saving more is buying clearance items and stack it up with coupons. Like when we buy vitamins, or beauty products, or other things we shop online and look for different websites that offers deals and discounts. We also make sure to look for coupon codes that can used for additional discounts or for free shipping. Did you know that there are websites that are dedicated for coupons? One of them is the
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