Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We were at the store one night when we saw its employees restocking the shelves. All the areas were being restocked. Palettes of canned goods and other products were everywhere. Each employees that were assigned on that job had their own box cutters. I jokingly told my wife how those box cutters work because she never uses a box cutter when she opens a package. She always prefers to use something else.

Did you know that even box cutters have revolved already. There are now box cutters that are very stylish.
When we went home to Philippines, we went to the local market as it was a market day. I was so overwhelmed of how much neat stuff were sold in that market. Then we saw an old lady who sells tobacco. She grew the tobacco herself. I was amazed of the process until the tobacco is ready to be sold. We bought a few leaves of tobacco and I tried to smoke a little. Surprisingly the tobacco was so strong and the aroma was heavenly.

Anyway, while smoking the tobacco it made me think of some macanudo cigars that my friend loves to smoke. I wonder if those cigars are as strong as those of the fresh tobacco that I have tried.
Lulu's birthday is coming up and I am thinking of a family dining out. She loves fresh oysters. When I was searching online, I found this place. Courtyard Oyster Bar and Grill Southside. They serve fresh oysters and I am sure this is a place that Lulu will like. Now, the only thing I have to do is to convince her to dine in this place. I know that we agreed not to eat out anymore but this should be an exemption as it is her birthday.
Handicapped people or individuals that need to be in the wheelchair has special needs. When they want to do a project or wants to write something, having an overbed table is perfect for them. They can even use this type of table as a place to eat.

Overbed table has a convenient flat surface. The table's height easily adjusts too. It can also be easily adjusted for left or right hand use. With a C-style base with wheels, this table allows for easier and closer access from a wheelchair. If you want to create a workspace that suits your needs and body positioning, consider using an adjustable overbed table.
Having a toddler who likes to watch children shows, it is easier to relate with then if you watch the same shows too. I can't count how many Nick Jr shows I have watched with my daughter. One of her favorites is "Peppa Pig". Peppa likes to jump in the poddle. So, every time it rains, my daughter will wear her rain boots and jump at every poddle that she can see. Sometimes, she will ask me "Daddy, do you want to jump in the poddle with me?". I don't own a rain boots so I can't jump and not get wet. I think of buying myself a pair of Sidi Adventure Rain Boots not because I want to jump in the poddle all the time but because I can use it at work too.
I am ecstatic. I have been waiting for this day to come. The Human Resource Department already approved it. I am now being reclassified, which means a better pay of what I am earning right now. I have been doing great performing other functions besides what I am hired for and my hard work has paid off. For me it is a success. The company have noticed what I am doing. It feels great to be compensated for all the hard work.

We will be celebrating for what I have accomplished! Yay!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am fortunate that my employer provided us with good insurance coverage. The insurance benefits that they gave to its employees is very commendable. With the type of insurance that we have, I don't have to worry when my family has medical problems. All of us can get the best care from medical professionals and it also includes our vision and dental needs.

My primary insurance is enough for all of us in the family that is why I don't need any supplemental insurance. I don't need to find for low premium insurance coverage. But for those who doesn't have health insurance, there are discount medical insurance policies offered by different providers. You should get a coverage as soon as possible as it is your assurance to get the best care you and your family needs. Remember that health care services are really expensive and you might not be able to afford it from your own pocket. Let the health insurance provide for your health care needs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Working late at night and sometimes too much exposure to the computer has caused me some headaches and eye strain. Sometimes my vision gets blurry from facing the computer for several hours. This also happens to my wife, almost frequently. She sits in front of the computer to do her online stuff and activities everyday and after a couple of hours, she would complain of headache and would rub her eyes to prevent it from getting strained. I think we should see an optometrist to check on our recurring headaches, he or she might recommend some cheap prescription glasses for us to temporarily use.

For now, every time there is pain, we just take some pain relievers, but to be on the safe side, we will have to see an expert on this so that we can prevent any further damage. We do want our eyes healthy and our bodies in good condition all the time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Went to Walmart last night. These were placed near the entrance hallway. They were priced at $0.98 each. The wife was so happy to see them at that price. This is one of her favorites. She loves to eat them dipped in soysauce or the salted shrimp fry. For her these are something she can eat that gives her a taste of home. We bought quite a few.

Monday, March 19, 2012

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One of the advantages of living in an apartment is you don't have to worry about the cost of repairs and maintenance. Recently, we had our bathroom fixed. It took them a while to fix our bathroom. They have to change plenty of things in our bathroom. One of the problems that we complained about our bathroom is its poor lighting. It is almost impossible for my wife to put her make up on inside the bathroom that is why she does it in our bedroom in front of our dresser. We suggested to the apartment management to improve our bathroom lighting. We were very glad that they welcome our suggestions and ideas. We told them that we would really love it if they can put contemporary bathroom lighting.

It took a week or two before they finally did the much needed changes in our bathroom. We can't complain though as I know they are doing some other things in other apartment units.

When some of my wife's friends came over, they commented on how nice our bathroom have become. Putting some wall sconces like the ones below made the difference.

Should you want to redo or redesign your bathroom, visit Bathroom Lighting Outlet for ideas. They have complete products for all your bathroom needs. They have the most up to date and comprehensive selection of quality products at an affordable price.
Last week, I worked for over 50 hours. It was tiring yet I was so proud of myself for despite the long hours at work, I still manage to spend quality time with my daughter. I hate it when I am gone too early because my little girl is still asleep when I leave for work. But I have to work, I just make sure to call her while I am at work.

Working overtime comes very handy these days especially that we are expected to spend quite an amount of money for the upcoming dental work of my daughter. This week will not be different. Instead, I am going to work earlier than usual. So, I am looking at another 50 hour week for me.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We have a schedule for another dental work for our daughter. I am sad that my daughter has to do it again. But I know this is what is best for her.

The setting for the upcoming dental work is different. This time, we were informed that we have to have a deposit of $1,000 for the procedure. That is a huge amount of money but we have to do it as it is their SOP. I can just imagine how much they will charge those who have no dental insurance. I am lucky to have a good insurance plan.

Talking of insurance, I hope you have one as it is very essential to have one. In case you don't have one, why not check about Wholesale Insurance. Perhaps, they can offer you a lower premium.
We need new blinds for my daughter's room. Her blinds are already tore up. She often stays at the window when she is waiting for her Nana to pick her up. She also flip the blinds every time there is someone who will ring our doorbell. For her, she has to see whoever is outside our main door.

We already put a curtain in her bedroom but I think that a new blinds is still necessary. My wife and I have decided that we will buy her a cordless blinds that way it there won't be any cords to get tangled in.

We have a bright light at home but the tiny ones. My daughter and I loves to play bright light in different designs.

When we saw the big bright light at McWane Science Museum my daughter was just so excited to play with it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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My daughter is very fascinated with the idea of growing her own garden.  She pretends to plant a seed, water it and then the seed grows.  Whenever we let her play outside, she pretends to make a garden.

To make her dream comes true, we plan to plant some veggies and flowers in the pot.  We want her to experience how it is to grow your own plant.  She might not be interested in it in the long run but we want her to know how plants are taken cared of.

While researching as what could be the best planting partner, I found out about Expand ‘n Gro™ .  I found out that this Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix is the planting partner that is perfect for us because it is made of all‐natural material derived from coconut husk.  And because of its unique ingredients, it will help improve soil for multiple year.

EnG Product Shot.png

Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix is specially formulated to help you get up to 3X the flowers and vegetables versus native soil.  With this planting mix you will get the best result whether you use it in-ground or in pots.

After reading all the things I mentioned above and more, I have decided to  try it for myself.  This product is perfect and is an easy way in prepping your garden for the spring and summer seasons.   Learn more about Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix and discover its difference from other planting mix.  And by commenting on this post you might can win a sample size of this product.

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I have mentioned how my wife and my family made my birthday special although it was just a simple celebration in my previous post. There is nothing more important to me than to spend my special day with the family.

My wife's birthday will be on the first week of April and I plan to surprise my wife with something she likes on her birthday. But then again, we already agreed not to spend too much on both our birthdays. We have to be careful with our spending because of our recent vacation which we spent a lot. Besides that, we are also preparing for our daughter's dental surgery. There are too much going on in our family - financially.

Anyway, my wife handles all our financial matters. She is better than me, that I am very sure. I don't know what have we become financially if not for proper managing of my wife. We only earn meager amount yet, she is able to manage it so well. Despite earning only a little amount of money, she still is able to buy great things. It is through my wife that I learned how to shop for less. I used to buy whatever I need without looking at the price. Using coupons for me was just a hassle until my wife insisted to do the shopping her way. She has bookmarked the webpages that she can get good and very useful coupons. Whenever she sees me shopping online, she tells me to wait before I check out because she will give me a Coupon Code that I can use. Whether it is a discount code for a purchase or a free shipping code or a free item she always manage to find a way to save.

Back to my wife's upcoming birthday, I would like to buy her something. Perhaps a new phone or a new electronic gadget. I have seen some interesting items in Best Buy that I know my wife will love. I also saved a best buy coupon code that will make my purchase a little less. I really think that buying her a new gadget will be a good gift. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We had my birthday dinner at my Mom's. It was a simple meal shared by the family. My sister, her husband and her son who came from Florida were there to celebrate my birthday too. It was cool to celebrate your birthday with your family.

Thanks to Mom who made most of the food. And here's what we had.

Mashed Potato

Rib Roast

Lima Beans

Shrimp in Wine

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another year of my life. Another reason to be thankful to God for all the blessings I received. I am thankful that I have a great family.

Thank you everyone who made this day special and to those who remembered to send cards and greetings.

Thank you babe for making my day special. I love you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Noticed the new look of my blog? What can you say?

I love it's new look.

Thanks to a good family friend Dhemz, who has been the designer of my blog and my wife's blogs too.

As always, Dhemz is able to design something very personal and very appealing. Even my new badge is really cool. Go grab it if you want...


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Friday, March 9, 2012

One of my biggest dreams is to give my wife a wedding that she deserves. We got married 5 years ago but we didn't have a big wedding. In fact, it was just a simple ceremony. There were no family in attendance. There were no preparation, no wedding decorations, no nothing. We only had a wedding band. That's it.

When the time comes, I want a simple yet solemn wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family members. I want my wife to walk in the church aisle as she always dream. We will get married in the church where she grew up. I hope that, someday in the near future, I can give this to my wife. A wedding complete with invitations, wedding decorations, wedding favors and all those stuff.

If you plan to have a great wedding, check out Weddingstar. Weddingstar is not just a retail store for wedding products, they are also the designer and manufacturer of many wedding accessories

Thursday, March 8, 2012

During the golden wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law, beautiful music filled the church the whole time. The music played made the whole ceremony even heart-warming knowing that they are going strong in their marriage for 50 years now. I couldn’t help but notice the Fender guitars that were used; no wonder the music was so heavenly. The sound it created blended well with the other instruments being played. It was really nice and I also could not help but be emotional seeing my parents-in-law renew their vows and experience love again like it was their first.

Music in any occasion makes it more lively and entertaining. It moves the body and even the soul. Any music that has a wonderful message can touch even the grieving heart. Beautiful music can be created with the combination of many different instruments, as we all know. Music is the language of the soul, without music, our world would be so boring, silent and no life at all. We would all be sad and life would really be so down.

Remembering how everything went during my the said golden wedding anniversary made me hope that I too would reach that far and wish for all marriages to be like that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We are faced with another problem with regards to my daughter's dental health. Over a year ago, she underwent a full mouth rehab. It was a success as we thought but later on there we noticed that she has an abscess on one of her teeth. It has to be extracted to prevent other teeth to be infected.

It was then that we decided to change dentist. The last time we saw my daughter's dentist, he repaired one of the teeth that was done by the first dentist. Earlier today, when we saw the dentist again, the dentist told us that my daughter has to redo all the teeth that the first dentist did.

The news was bad. We spent over a thousand bucks at the first dentist and only for nothing. We have to undergo the same procedure again. It is frustrating to know that we did the first procedure all for nothing.

Now, we are preparing our wallets and our emotion when our daughter for another rehab. We will know next week about the treatment plan and the possible schedule.

Wish us luck.

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When winter arrives, we can't help our lawn as grass wilts and trees and other plants look dry and dead.  Snow doesn't help either.  It messes up the lawn too.   But when Spring comes, it is a great relief to see the plants and green grasses back to its old glory.  This is one of the reasons why many individuals and home owners welcome spring season.  To have their yard and lawn back. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have been looking for semi trucks for sale. Back then, we used to own one and the semi truck has been very useful in transporting family goods from one place to another. It is also very useful in hauling things needed in the house because it has a very big space for cargo. I have decided that if I am going to buy a new ride, I would prefer the semi truck because of its usefulness and value.

I have seen how functional and handy semis are in my workplace and I would love to have one someday. It can also go long distances and it is perfect for anything that concerns cargo and transporting things. I have also seen some families who own semi trucks and it is quite nice. So I am scouting the Internet for semi trucks for sale and I have come across many websites that offer these. I would prefer the used semis since it is much cheaper and costs less than the brand new ones. With the money I can save from the used semis, I can either buy a smaller car or probably build a bigger garage or save it up for other things needed in the house. I just hope I can find a good deal.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.
I am thankful to having not just a great wife but a great cook too! My wife always make sure that I have a hot dinner most of the times. There are times that I know that she don't feel well, yet she always offers to cook for me. I am lucky, I know!

Here's my dinner for tonight...

Creamy Chicken and Biscuits. Delicious.

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

My kids’ school switched to year round school this year. They have a week long break every six weeks. We would like to plan to do something as a family every time they are on break, so it is helpful to know ahead of time when their breaks are going to be. I was talking to my son’s teacher about the new schedule and asked if they were going to send out a calendar. She said they were going to send one out sometime next week. She also said that the new calendar is available on the school website. We have Exede Satellite Internet at home, so when I got home, I just went to the school website and printed off the new calendar. Now we know when all of the breaks are going to be and my husband can plan to take off work if we are going to go somewhere. I am excited about having breaks more often. I think for the fall break, we are going to surprise the kids and take them to Disney World. It is going to be so fun!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Part of my daily routine is to check news and updates in the internet everyday. By the time I wake up I will start checking them, just before I go to work. I read headline news and sports while sipping my favorite cup of coffee. Besides reading news, I also play my facebook games.

There are many places where I get to read juicy news and sports rumors. Sometimes I ran into articles that I would love to read some more but oftentimes I don't have the time to explore certain websites as I have limited time in the morning before I go to work.

Lately, I have found a solution on how to keep track of those websites that I want to revisit again. Somebody introduced me to clipix . Clipix is an awesome tool. It makes online life easier. It enables me to compile the websites that I want to re-visit some other time. It is very easy to use as you can just install it in your toolbar and clip those websites that you like and it will be saved in your clipboard. You also have the power to share your clipboards to your friends or to make it private. This is how one of my clipboards look like:

Clipix is really helpful and addictive at the same time. You too can enjoy the benefits of using clipix by visiting their website today, sign up and explore it. Remember tha you can always find new uses of this awesome tool. Please watch the video below as to how clipix works.

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Friday, March 2, 2012


Ace is Lulu's niece. She is like a daughter to Lulu. When I first came to meet them, Ace was scared of me. I think she was just 4 years old then. The second time, she was kinda mad at me because she said that I am taking her Momsy (Lulu) away from her. The third time, she was in school and it was too quick a vacation to notice.

This time around, we decided to fly her with Andrea to experience airplane ride and visit Manila. She had a blast and she is already a grown up. She is still 10 years old but she looks taller than her age.

Andrea and Ace had so much fun bonding. Andrea calls her Ate Ace, her sister.