Friday, November 9, 2012

During veterans day, I always feel like I deserve to get a break.  I had my share of serving my country for 10 years.  I have been to many war zones and yet during veterans day, I couldn't even get a day off. This year will be different.  Since veterans day will fall during Sunday, I wouldn't be working.  So, I will be off to enjoy the day dedicated for veterans like me.

Talking about Veterans Day, I am honored that my work recognized it.  It was a sweet gesture of them to send me a special note thanking for for serving our country and on top of that I was selected to be honored at a football game next week, thus we will have an out of town trip.  I am one of the veterans that will walk the field before the game starts and during the halftime.  Isn't that cool?

The out of town trip will also be a good get away for me and my family.  We plan to spend our weekend in Atlanta, do some sight seeing and of course visit the Asian store to buy some goodies for my wife.  Knowing my wife, she already found a way to save for our hotel stay.  She found coupons and she used it to book our hotel stay.  You gotta love her and her ability to find deals whether it is shopping deals or travel deals.  She told me that she can easily find coupons and deals at My Deals.   Of course I have no idea about this site but I got curious thus I browsed it.  I was surprise at how much you can save with this website.  They have all the deals and discounts that you can think of.

Now, I am really looking forward and I am very excited about our upcoming trip.  My oldest daughter will be joining us too.  I am sure it will be a great family weekend.