Monday, November 12, 2012

For somebody like me who dreads the big crowd and long lines during Black Friday sales, I am glad that there is a Cyber Monday. I am not very addicted to online shopping nor store shopping. When it comes to shopping, I let my wife do that as it is her forte. She is a born shopper but a very frugal one so I am lucky in that sense.

I know how my wife enjoys fighting the crowd during midnight black friday sales. Sometimes, I can't understand why but since she enjoys it, I let her enjoy the moment with her frieds. I stay home with our daughter while she shops around with her friends.

I once told her that there is no use fighting the cold weather and thousands of shoppers when you can also get anything you want during Cyber Monday. I told her to check out because I am sure she can find whatever she desires in that website for the price that she is willing to pay. She did checked it but she said that she will do both - Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

Anyway, I have been wishing for a bigger tv for our living room. The one that we have is too small for our big living room. There are great TV deals for Cyber Monday and I need to convince my wife that it is the perfect time for us to buy the bigger tv that we always wanted for our living room.

What do you like to buy during the Cyber Monday sales?


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