Monday, October 1, 2012

Before anything else, NOO stands for Newman's Own Organics.

I love munching on pretzels.  Whether it is thins, sticks, original or flavored ones, I just love pretzels.  I eat them for snacks while at work.  My workmates enjoy it when I bring a big bag of pretzels because they know that they can have a share too.  So, when I received three bags of Newman's Own Organics Pretzels, I brought them at the office and we feasted on them! My supervisor also loves dark chocolates so I brought her one of the dark chocolates. I told them that all the products that I brought are organic, they can't believe it as the taste is no different than the non-organic products.  This only means that Newman's Own Organics are great tasting foods that happen to be ORGANIC!  Amazing, eh?

I wanted everybody else to taste the goodness of NOO so, I shared some of the Licorice to my Mom and the Fig Newtons.  I shared some of the cookies to our neighbors.  The rest of the products were ours to savor for the next few days.

There's only one VERDICT~~~ Delicious!  Everybody love what they tried and tasted.  And because these are healthier, I know what brand  we will look for when we go to the grocery store to buy our snacks! You all should try Newman's Own Organics Products.

For more information about them visit:
Newman's Own Organics Website
Newman's Own Organics Facebook

Disclosure: I received the products pictured above for free.  Opinions stated on this post are my own.