Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am not surprised how golf gained a lot of buzz. Famous celebrities and people with money are known to play golf as their past time. Golf sports can be expensive, I guess that is the main reason why I am not into this sports. Buying all the needed golf equipment needs a big budget. But if you have the money which most golfers have, then why not, afterall this sport is very famous.

There are many things that you have to learn when it comes to familiarizing yourself about golf clubs or golf putters or golf drivers or golf wedges and a lot more.

In golf, there are different types of clubs:

  •  Woods are long-distance clubs. 
  •  Irons are clubs with a solid, all-metal head featuring a flat angled steel face, and a shorter shaft than a wood. 
  •  Wedges are a sub-class of irons with greater loft than the numbered irons. Golf wedges come in a variety of configurations, and are generally grouped into four categories; pitching wedges, sand wedges, gap/approach wedges and lob wedges. 
  • Hybrids are a cross between a wood and an iron, giving these clubs the wood's long distance and higher launch, with the iron's familiar swing. 
  • Putters are a special class of clubs with a loft not exceeding ten degrees, designed primarily to roll the ball along the grass. 
  •  Chipper is a club designed to feel like a putter but with a more lofted face,