Friday, September 7, 2012

Some parts of our house are still carpeted. I wish so bad that the whole house is made of hardwood floors or with some vinyl tiles. Our kitchen is made of vinyl, living room is hardwood while the bedrooms are all carpeted. I prefer to have hardwood floors because it is easier to clean and maintain. But since we have carpets, we make sure that we don't bring food or drink in those areas to avoid messes.

I know a friend who does carpet installation and he has the right tools including a reliable carpet cutter. He does this line of work part time and he is good at it. Should we need to change our carpets, I am sure to ask for his estimates. But when that time comes, we will really prefer to have hard wood flooring rather than carpet.


Danica said...

I am actually interested in carpet installation for our homes. I am sure that this will be helpful in making our house to look more beautiful and organized.
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