Thursday, August 2, 2012

A friend's part time work pays him quite well. It has managed three children's education as well as pay mortgages and car loans. He kinda brags about it being easy and yet pays a hefty amount of money in less time compared with his real job. So I got curious and asked him if he was one of the guys who do online survey research, or if he makes websites and maintains them. The answer was always NO! I asked him time and time again about this part time job, in the hope that I can also tell others about it, who may need a job in this season of financial challenges. Well, I can use some of it too, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, the answer was always NO! So I stopped asking. Then one time, another friend of mine mentioned that a buddy of his from his old job, got to organize a workforce online, through one of the online job companies that had been hiring people to do work for those who need it. The difference about these online based teams is that, everything has to be done online, including the conduct of employee satisfaction surveys, to which, some are actually being graded, and whose tenure are determined by the same. So I thought, maybe my friend was also into this venture. So I did a little research about how to enroll an online team as a workforce. And by golly, it was quite complicated than I thought. Well, maybe if you have some human resource training plus some charisma to hold people together then you could successfully swing it. But when I saw the samples being discussed, and how much each team earns, I was amazed and shocked at the same time. I didn't know these things existed long enough to have allowed some people to enjoy the fruits of their labor, even before their retirement age.

Now, with regards to my friend's part time job, I have guessed it right. He managed to tell me after I discussed all that I have discovered through my search to him. Maybe it won't be long that we can become partners too. Well, who knows?