Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have not heard of a man who never appreciated a woman for how she looked, no matter the size, there is always something good to look at in women. However simple or daring a woman would look, a man would find something wonderful in that, regardless of his type of woman. A friend's son asked me one day, if watching beauty pageants is okay for men, and I just have to give him a positive answer, otherwise, I may instill a negative impression on the child that may ruin his life in the future. It is after all, a good idea to instill in the child, what beauty really is.

Dresses for pageants these days may just be different as how they were designed fifteen to twenty years ago. But regardless of the design, it is the confidence of the women wearing them that should be seen and not the flesh that is obviously exposed. If children are taught about that, more than how they should be taught to drool over them, then they will grow up to become men who will see inner beauty and not just the physical attribute of the women they meet as they will grow up. Why there are nasty, chauvinistic men is due to the fact that they were made to believe that women are just possessions for them to have and some trophies for them to brag about. That is also the reason why some, due to ignorance, would literally mock those women who they think are not qualified to be part of women-group in general.

These days, there are a lot of men who watch beauty pageants, and it is not because they are homosexuals who work in the field of beauty. They are the men who support women empowerment through the pageants. They are the men who are part of the pageant as sponsors for the charity related activities, and there are the men who support each candidate for the amazing personalities and strengths that they each exude. With the beauty pageants that have been going on around the world, many men learn to know what beauty really is, and what beauty can do to change the world positively.

Yes, men watch beauty pageants too!