Friday, August 31, 2012

A lot of men would think that what they do is their own business and should not really matter if it does not kill anyone. Unfortunately for them who think this way is that, they do not really know what can kill them until it is too late. I know of many who quit smoking when there is already an ailment that could be severe, and that which may already cause them to get hospitalized in order to save them from death. Such cases cause the family to worry and hurt the loved ones. For the lucky and the wise who have quit smoking or have not really smoked, they and their families live in a better environment that those whose fathers or mothers smoke. Well, any family person should look into the health and well being of their family first and for most. Second hand smoking will always be a danger to the family. So, if you love your family, better stop smoking today.

I have tried to stop smoking and I lasted few months. I was very motivated to quit smoking. It may sound like I made excuses but I am serious when I say, every time I quit smoking my Ulcerative Colitis will flare up. It is hard to believe that my gastroenterologist told me and my wife about this condition and how it flares up when I don't smoke. I know somehow that some people won't believe me but I have medical condition where smoking helps. Anyway, I still kept on trying to stop smoking.