Saturday, July 28, 2012

I love swords. I have actually collected swords of different designs and different lengths. This set was given to me by my daughter Mischa. She knows how much I love swords so she got these for me. Sweet!
A friend of mine have just moved to Florida with her family. They have found an apartment near the husband's work place, so it should not take him a longer time to travel going to work. The kids will also be going to the nearby school, so it would not much be a burden for her to get everything organized during meals, and all other family bonding time. However, the couple are actually looking for New Florida Houses for Sale that they can buy to have a house of their own at their new found home.

The difference would be in the family space. Having their own house will be most advantageous for the whole family; husband and wife, and three kids. Having moved from North USA to the Southeastern region of the United States is most difficult for them in terms of adjustment, and having their own house may just help them adjust better than simply living on rented space. For the time being, since they are still looking out for a good location and design of house, they are happily feeling the Florida air as they live through each and every day. The kids now have their own sets of new friends in the neighborhood, but play is limited to indoor fun rather than having a backyard or front yard to run around with the other kids. So my friend can't wait until they found the new house to transfer to that they can call their own.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A man's duty to his family is to be able to provide for all their needs at all times. Although we now live in an era where couples share in all aspects of the union, including financial challenges and needs to make for a more stable life and family. But what if at the beginning of the union, there isn't really enough to share? Like, rent may be okay but the budget warrants that the couple need to cut down on costs? What if it is much more economical to live in one's home rather than on a rented space? Well, that is always one's convictions, and I couldn't agree more. That is why, it is even better to buy property under low income housing. It would also be a good idea if one can avail of a housing loan for it will somehow help ease the burdens or financial worries, at a time when couples need to deal with the fees on a regular basis. In the absence of brokers that deal with low income housing, there is a website that one can visit. That's, and they can somehow help individuals and families in finding available low income housing units all over the United States. On the said website, there will be more than 50,000 available properties listed. Also, FAQs concerning low income housing and other related issues can be found.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Yes, I am too big for this toy. But you will do anything for your kid right?
I think I am out of shape. I need to be in shape because I have a big yard to tend during weekends. The first time that I mowed our yard, I was out of breath, a clear sign that I am out of shape. It is time to get healthy.

We plan to do some family biking activity. We found some softride bike racks that we can buy so that we will have a great biking ride. I think that biking will be a great exercise and a great family bonding too. As soon as the rainy season stops, we will look into this activity.
There are lapel pins custom that can be worn by anybody. I actually like those custom pins that shows support of some cause.

There are different reasons why men and women wear lapel pins. In some cases it is purely ornamental but in some it indicates the wearer's affiliation with an organization or a cause. It is also worn for business purposes. For business use, lapels are worn to designate achievement and membership. Some business entities, award lapel pins to their employees to boost employee morale and productivity.

We are so glad that we brought the Ipad at the Children's Hospital while we had Andrea's full mouth rehab earlier this week. It was a good way to entertain ourselves while patiently waiting for her turn. It is also great that they have a free wifi.

So, while waiting we played penguin race, angry birds, coloring and more...
When I first heard about tag heuer formula one, my first thought was this is about car racing. I guess it is because of the word formula one. Little did I know that it is a brand of expensive watches. As I peruse their website, I have found out that Tag Heuer Formula I watches are one of the largest and most desired brands in the luxury watch industry. Yep they are expensive for my taste. The cheapest one that I can find is $1300. A little too pricey for me. As it is commonly said, you get what you paid for, Tag Heuer offers the most accurate timing instruments and watches in the world so I guess that's why they are pricey.
Ever noticed those cash register expresscheck outs? Those that are self-check out? I have never tried those. I guess I am just too traditional when it comes to paying my groceries at the store. I would rather interact with the cashier than with the machine. I admit, sometimes it is too tempting to do the self-check out especially if there is a long line in the cashier's lane. But, most of the times, I have a little bit of patience to fall in line.

It is frustrating though that most stores has a lot of check out counters yet there are only a few that are open. What's the purpose of having those check out counters when you see only few terminals that are open even how busy the store is? Just venting....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yesterday was such a long day for us. We left home around 5am. Our destination was Children's Hospital of Alabama.

My daughter was scheduled for her Full Mouth Rehab. We have to be there at 6am. We waited so long as it was almost 12pm when it was time for her to go to the surgery room. I feel so bad because my daughter was starved already. She last had solid food before 9pm Monday night. You can imagine how starved she was.

Anyway, the procedure went well. She woke up great and after she had her meal she felt like her old self.

Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

If you live in an urban dwelling where all house look the same, have the same design and may even be painted with the same color, chances are, the owners will work their way to creating some minor distinctions to make their home unique as possible. Some may install unique mailboxes, or put up wind vanes just to make a point of clarity that the house belonged to them and that, no matter how the houses look the same, theirs would somehow look different.

Wind vanes may be a thing of the past, so unique home mailboxes would perhaps do the trick. It isn't only a good accessory for a house, but it certainly is a good functional item. I am sure the home owners would agree that minor changes, specifically with using mailboxes, surely will have minor change to the house, yet, it will give it a good impact when it comes to making a home unique. I guess it isn't also difficult to find one that's unique because there are a lot of unique mailboxes for sale everywhere. One can find them in thrift shops, at the malls and of course, online. One may even build his or her own mailbox to make it totally unique. To each his own actually..

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This post brought to you by SAVE . All opinions are 100% mine.

We all want to spend a great summer with our kids.  That is why we always plan to have summer trips.  Recently, it makes us somewhat undecided about future trips because of how things have gotten so expensive. Every prices of all little things have increased already.  We are scared that we can no longer afford a family summer get away.

It was a good thing that my wife is very good in finding deals and discounts.  She told me that she has been following @SAVEinSA in twitter.  She often gets updates about their latest deals, discounts and other San Antonio travel tips.

I actually can't believe how she has saved couple of hundred dollars in our plan trip through SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience.  She booked our stay at Comfort Suites Alamao/Riverwalk.  SAVE rates from $79 to $189.  Since we love history, on our first day, we will embark into a historic journey through Grand Trolley Tours.  SAVE offers $3 off per person.  Then we will watch a movie at the Alamo IMAX Theater Rivercenter where SAVE offers Free admission for kids. On the second day, we will go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  The place features over 50 rides and attractions.  New in this place is the SkyScreamer swing ride. SAVE discount includes adults pay kids price, buy an adult ticket and get a child's ticket free, next day free and more.  On our third day, we are going to Sea World.  We will experience a close-up animal encounter in their Aquatica.  SAVE discounts in this place includes deals for family-four packs, second day free, $10 off admission and more. Our fourth day will be all about nature. We will visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch where SAVE offers $2 off admission.



Our upcoming San Antonio trip will be a lot of fun.  You too can also have fun at one of the nation’s most affordable vacation destinations, San Antonio.  Enjoy an affordable summer getaway before summer ends this year.  Make San Antonio your destination.  Don't forget to follow @SAVEinSA to get the latest deals, Limited Time Offers and other discounts.



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Monday, July 9, 2012

Our car badly need a wash. I promised my daughter that I will teach her how to wash a real car. I know that she will like playing the water while I actually do the car washing.

We ended up having so much fun squirting the water. We played for a little bit. It was a great bonding moment for us.
I am very skinny. I was born this way. I have a very fast metabolism. I eat like a cow as my wife describes yet I never get to gain but few pounds over the years. I guess I am lucky when it comes to that area.

Some women gains a lot of weight after they gave birth and I can understand that. Their body went to a lot of changes during pregnancy thus gaining weight is really very common.

I told my wife that even though she gained weight she still look very sexy. I encourage her to shop for clothes and be confident of her body. There are a lot of bigger women, bigger than my wife and they are happy with it. I guess it is an advantage that there are now places to shop for plus size clothes. It is now easy to shope for plus size party dress when you need one.
Playing the guitar is a talent I don't have. I am so amazed at people who can manipulate their guitars very efficiently. Some can just play it so good that it makes me wish that I have a talent for guitar playing.

When it comes to buying a reliable guitar, many people who are experts on this field will tell you that dan armstrong guitar is a good choice. On things that I don't have any idea about, I always trust the suggestions of those who are expert on the field.

Last Saturday, I spent almost 6 hours at Texaco Express Lube. This is where my car goes for repair, maintenance and stuff. I went their for brake service.

When the mechanic checked my car, the car needs new brake on this back and in a month or so the front will need a new one too. So, we decided to have both done. We paid a heaping $496.93 for all of them. Whew!!!! But I need it to be done for safety reasons.
I have always loved gazebo. I think they always look so nice and beautiful.

My wife and I were discussing some future plans for our home when we talked about putting a pavillion in the clearing near the edge of our property. It will be great to have outdoor party there even if it is just a weekend barbecue gathering. We are glad that the house that we bought has quite a big space backyard thus if we decide to improve it in the coming years, we will have a space to do some improvements.

I was looking at a lake house on our way home from work, when I realized how much I love having a gazebo. Perhaps in the near future we can have one too.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

We have a new memory foam mattress that we bought for our guest bedroom. It was my wife who selected it. It actually took her a while to decide which one to get but we already set a certain budget for the mattress alone. I am glad that she found a good deal (which she always does).

Upon checking about this type, we have found out that there is memory foam pet beds too. I guess this type of beds are very popular especially for those with back problems. I admit this bed is really good because if you toss around when you can't sleep you won't disturb your bed partner.
This is the sunset that you can see in front of our house. It is so majestic.
We now have a new WIFI connection in our home. We are loving it because we can all use our computers and other gadgets at the same time. We can now watch netflix movies in our WII. We haven't have an Xbox 360 yet, but the moment we will have one I am sure that we will also do xbox live subscription.

What do you think of it? Do you think having xbox live subscription is worth the money? Share your personal experience about this and you might can just help us decide what to do.
Getting sick is really expensive. I know why there are some people who will just suffer from pain so that they can avoid the big bills that medical services may incur. I know how expensive those medical services are and I would understand why people will opt to go to traditional way of healing.

Anyway, I saw some products by kneipp and it says that it promotes natural healing and wellness. I am interested with their bath oils as it says that you can soak your way to health. I am sure that my wife will love all those healthy bath oils. She loves soaking in our garden tub so I am sure having these products will make her baths more enjoyable.
BBQ is a very well known during July 4. Most families gather around to share lunch/dinner with bbq. It is a great time to have fun.

Yesterday, we did something different. We invited MOm and Dan for early dinner. We skipped bbq and instead we made something else. We made fried marinated beef in sweet potato flour, some fresh veggies, some fruits, and other stuff. It was a delicious meal.

We lit some fireworks last night which my daughter really enjoyed.

We all enjoyed it. I hope you had a great 4th of July folks!
When my wife got here in the USA, talking to her sister who lives in different state was her way of coping up with being home sick. They often talk for hours and I didn't mind it at all. I then decided that I have to have a plan that will allow them to talk anytime they want without worrying about the minutes they have used.

The vonage world would have been very handy if I have known about this plan. This plan allows user to enjoy unlimited local and international long distance calling. I actually think that this kind of plan is perfect for individuals who deals a lot with phone calls.
I was joking with my wife last night that we need to make another baby. In our new neighborhood most of the family has more than 1 kids. I even think that we are the only couple with 1 child.

Of course, it was just a joke as we don't have plans of having a new addition to the family (yet). Even though there are cheap maternity clothes that we can buy, having a baby doesn't just stop at buying maternity clothes. It goes on and on until they are old enough to leave you and start the life of their own.
This is how our fireplace looks like. I mean the mantle. The wife has decided to collect some tea pots. Teapots that are unique. I was surprised that they look nice at where it is. This is just temporary though as it will be placed on top of our kitchen cabinets when we can find some wood to sit them on the top.
My wife grew up being a Catholic and I am not surprised when she wanted to have our child baptized in Catholic too. I am not against any of that. In fact, I want to become a Catholic too so that in the future we can have a Catholic church wedding as what my wife has always dreamed.

So, early this year I was baptized as Catholic so does my daughter. We did at the church where my wife grew up in the Philippines. During that occasion, I have noticed that the said church is undergoing some major renovations. I am sure it will need plenty of chairs for church when it is done. I hope we can extend some help on that.