Friday, June 1, 2012

We are recently living in an apartment. We always wanted to have a place that we can call our own. We finally decided that it is time to find the perfect house for us. After looking around for possible houses, we met a realty agent and everything started there. Our first house offer didn't push through and we got heart broken but we were optimistic that the right one will come along.

Then we saw the house above. We were ecstatic as we fell in love with it right away. It was perfect. Away from the busy city and near the woods. We then scheduled to see view it. We made an offer. We are still in the processing stage but we are getting so excited. If everything will go as planned, we will have a closing in the next two weeks.

Yesterday, we hired an independent home inspector. The report was excellent. I took some pictures of the house. The current owner of the house was there to answer questions and she showed me the area of the house which is almost 1 acre. I saw a clearing under the trees which is still included in the property. I found it really perfect for picnics and outdoor grilling. I also saw that they have hummingbird feeders and some other bird feeders. This just means that we will enjoy bird watching in this new house.

Purchasing a new house means we need to buy new things. We plan to buy picnic tables and other patio furniture. We also need to buy a new bedroom suite because we only have one right now. My daughter wanted a bunk bed for her bedroom which we will plan to buy also. There will be so much to buy but we will buy them one at a time. It helps that there is a website like which provides promotional codes. I particularly like their Home and Garden Promotions and Coupons. They offer great savings to some reliable places where I can buy the things I need for our new home.

The whole family is excited about our new house. My daughter can't wait to go camping in our backyard. I am excited to do yardwork again and the wife is excited to have a new place.


Ms. Journ said...

super nice house mi... congrats finally...