Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our impending move is just a few weeks from now, and the house we have chosen is pretty ready for our arrival. But human as I am, there will always be anxiety and worries with regards to the house construction. I have no idea if the house was built from ICF construction or how strong the foundations are or if it has ICF foundation. But all that really matters to me is that the house will shelter us from storm, winds, rain and other natural elements. What matters to me is that it is a house where we can build a future, make memories and enjoy life as a family.

There are so many things to make me feel worried especially with our big move. The adjusting my wife and daughter has to go through, meeting new people and living in a new environment, and all the other things, they make me anxious. But I know they will do fairly well, they will adapt and adjust to the new place in no time at all. I am hoping that everything will turn out fine during our move and that the new place will become a haven of more love for all of us.


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