Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am a typical parent who worries about their kids. Even when my oldest daughter is old enough, I still check on her every now and then especially when she travels. I know that worrying about your kids is normal.

When you have teenagers that wants to enjoy their independence, you always feel that you are not there for the when you need them. For parents whose teenagers have their own vehicle, investing into vehicle tracking system is a decision that can help you get the peace of mind. Having this means that you can track the vehicle of your child and you will know where is the car exactly.
This is the 5-month old daughter of the owner of our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Andrea had so much fun playing with her the last time we ate at their restaurant (while we were moving). We will definitely miss them. We will be far from them already so it is no longer possible to eat there all the time
Estate taxes can really be a burden especially if the owner of the property didn't plan this thing ahead. When you inherit a house, you still have to pay for estate taxes. Donating the said property can help reduce estate taxes. Did you know that there are professionals that can help you with real estate donations? They will help you conduct a real estate donation that optimizes benefits.

Donating is not just about giving. It is the feeling of joy from the very act of giving. Find a charity to donate your real estate.
I have mentioned how much I love yard work. And now that we have a new house with a big yard, it is time to re-orient myself with yard work. I need some tools and some comfortable clothes. I know that I can buy good quality work clothes at carhartt outlet and I might just do that. I haven't done working on the yard for the past 6 years and I am excited to start.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do I need to say more? Boxes, furnitures and other junks to move. Thank you to my brother who is here to help me do this.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This weekend is time for us to leave our apartment and move to our new house. It will be a tiring weekend but I can't wait. I know we have a lot to do but hey, we will be living in our dream house!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our impending move is just a few weeks from now, and the house we have chosen is pretty ready for our arrival. But human as I am, there will always be anxiety and worries with regards to the house construction. I have no idea if the house was built from ICF construction or how strong the foundations are or if it has ICF foundation. But all that really matters to me is that the house will shelter us from storm, winds, rain and other natural elements. What matters to me is that it is a house where we can build a future, make memories and enjoy life as a family.

There are so many things to make me feel worried especially with our big move. The adjusting my wife and daughter has to go through, meeting new people and living in a new environment, and all the other things, they make me anxious. But I know they will do fairly well, they will adapt and adjust to the new place in no time at all. I am hoping that everything will turn out fine during our move and that the new place will become a haven of more love for all of us.

I am a lucky man. I have girls that are very sweet. Andrea is a very sweet girl. She melts my heart all the time.
We plan to rent a u-haul when we are ready to move. We don't have a lot of stuff although we do have a good amount of it. I hope that my brother can help us with the move but if he is not available, I guess it just me and my wife. We plan on storing everything on the garage and put everything inside little by little.

I know that moving furniture will be the hardest. Perhaps we need a Ball Slide & Crossed Roller positioning stages to make it easier. What do you think?
My father-in-law likes to play the guitar. He is good at it. I mentioned to my wife that perhaps we need to buy him a Parker Fly guitar. But the wife said, it is not practical as dad likes to play only his old guitar. So, instead of buying him a guitar we just sent him cash as our gift for him for Father's day.

I know that cash won't be a bad idea since he can buy whatever he wants with it. Besides it is so easy to send money abroad whilst if we send him a guitar the shipping alone will be too costly.

I am so glad that my mom is enjoying her time with my daughter. They are very close and they share a special bond. My daughter will just light up when you tell her that Nana is coming to get her. She loves spending time with her Nana and Papa and my Mom is so good with Andrea.

Thanks Mom.
I saw some beautiful pieces of bedroom furniture los angeles. We definitely need a new one for the additional room that we will have. Having an extra bedroom is great because it will give my other daughter a room whenever she will come up for a visit. We will then have a guest room that can be used whenever someone comes for a visit. Our guest room can also be used as our study room if needed.
I once work as a range technician. I love that job and the pay was really awesome. But, I don't want to do it again because it will mean I will be away from my family.

I did my share of serving my country and I am proud of it. I have been to many war zones and I am blessed to be able to come back to my family after those assignments. Because I am a proud military veteran, I will not be ashamed to wear custom military shirts from rangerup.

Friday, June 15, 2012

We were enjoying the oudoor dining of Cajun's Steamer last weekend. There was a singer who was playing his guitar near the table we sat. My little girl enjoyed the music.

And while waiting for our food, we had our hugging moments!
Imagine owning one of the properties in Sunset beach nc real estate? Would it be nice to imagine to just lounge in your porch with the view of the beach?

I love the breeze of the ocean. I love its scent so definitely I would love to own a beach property. Despite my longing for living in a beach house, I don't think it will be possible right now. Perhaps when I retire... or maybe perhaps someday... who knows!
Soaking in a bath after a hard day from work is very relaxing. I do indulge in taking a bath to soak my aching muscles. It feels good after an hour or so of soaking in a hot water.

Nowadays, there are different bath products that you can buy. I have even seen a Detox Bath products. I am even amazed that even seaweeds are used as bath product ingredients. In fact, these type of bath products are said to help your flaking and scaling skin. I guess, I have to try this seaweed product in the future.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our scheduled closing is June 18. We are packing little by little so that when the day comes, there will be less work/packing to do. Obviously we are all excited about having a new home. We can hardly wait and we are counting the days.
We need a new dvd rack because we added new items to our dvd collection. We also bought some Wii games so we need to allot space for them too.

We currently have 3 dvd racks but I guess buying one more is something we really need to do to make sure that we have enough space. We also want to buy a smaller one for our daughter's room to accommodate her dvd collection too. We will just wait when we can move to the new house before we buy a new one.
While on the process of buying a house, we opted to hire an independent home inspector to make sure that what we are buying is in good shape. It was an expense that we were willing to spend as this will ensure that we won't need repair on some things. After the inspection, we found out that the house that we are buying is in perfect condition.

The cost of home inspection is few hundreds and we are glad that we won't need to repair anything. This means that we don't need to spend extra money to buy bakers gas welding equipment should we need welding jobs done in our house.
Last week my boss at work went to Canada to visit his wife's family. When he got back he brought a Canada Tshirt for my wife. The wife was excited about it. The shirt as pictured above has the word Canada on the maple leaf.

It was a good looking shirt and the wife is happy about it. Thank you, boss!

Monday, June 4, 2012

It is everyone’s dream to have their own home, to live in an abode that is a product of hard work and perseverance. Thankfully, our dream is slowly becoming a reality, our dream which seem so far to reach is now just within the distance. We have already checked the place and the house we will soon call our own, and so far, we all love it. My daughter was all smiles at the huge house. My wife was pleased at the beautiful lawn and yard, and I just love the environment that surrounds the whole house. I think it is the perfect place for us, it is peaceful and the big plus to it is that it is near my mom’s place.

Now we are thinking of the expenses we will incur during our move in the nearest future. It will be one chunk of expenditure since we will have to buy some things for the house like furniture, new beddings, and some other stuff. With our monthly budget stretched to its limit, I don’t know if we can still afford to buy all the necessary things we need for the move. I am thinking of applying for instant payday loans just to kick-off the new journey. I know it is quite a bit of a hassle when it comes to settling down for the first time in a new house, but I know too well that it will all be worth it in the long run.

It may really be hard at first, adjusting to the new environment, meeting new people, settling in and all, but it will just be for a couple of weeks, and pretty soon, we will be able to fully adapt to the new place. I am very thankful that this dream will not remain a dream forever.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Owning a car is never easy though it is a necessity, it still entails a lot of expenses to maintain it in good running condition and make it last for a long time. You have to spare money for gas, oil change, routine check-ups, accessories, and most of all car insurance. You also think of getting cheap car insurance so that you can still stretch your budget.

When choosing for car insurance, consider This great site offers comprehensive insurance coverage. It is very important to have car insurance to protect you in the event of accidents. But before asking for a new quote, take into consideration the type of car you have, your driving record and the money you are willing to pay for the insurance. At, you get to choose which insurance provider suits your needs. They compare cheap insurance policies and quotes from more than 100 insurers. By comparing policies and rates, you will have a better idea of the typical prices of policies. Through that, you can make adjustments on your monthly budget. If you want to have extended warranty for car parts in case of car breakdown, you can also opt to include this in the coverage, but of course, this means additional pay. So your insurance and coverage really depends on how you are willing to pay.

When we bought our car, we also looked into the affordability of the vehicle, its maintenance and the insurance. Since it is required by the law, we had to get one and chose the policy which we can afford to pay and to ensure us that in case of accidents and emergencies, we will get proper compensation and coverage. The insurance gives us the security and peace of mind, knowing that when we need it, there will be help anytime, anywhere.
We are recently living in an apartment. We always wanted to have a place that we can call our own. We finally decided that it is time to find the perfect house for us. After looking around for possible houses, we met a realty agent and everything started there. Our first house offer didn't push through and we got heart broken but we were optimistic that the right one will come along.

Then we saw the house above. We were ecstatic as we fell in love with it right away. It was perfect. Away from the busy city and near the woods. We then scheduled to see view it. We made an offer. We are still in the processing stage but we are getting so excited. If everything will go as planned, we will have a closing in the next two weeks.

Yesterday, we hired an independent home inspector. The report was excellent. I took some pictures of the house. The current owner of the house was there to answer questions and she showed me the area of the house which is almost 1 acre. I saw a clearing under the trees which is still included in the property. I found it really perfect for picnics and outdoor grilling. I also saw that they have hummingbird feeders and some other bird feeders. This just means that we will enjoy bird watching in this new house.

Purchasing a new house means we need to buy new things. We plan to buy picnic tables and other patio furniture. We also need to buy a new bedroom suite because we only have one right now. My daughter wanted a bunk bed for her bedroom which we will plan to buy also. There will be so much to buy but we will buy them one at a time. It helps that there is a website like which provides promotional codes. I particularly like their Home and Garden Promotions and Coupons. They offer great savings to some reliable places where I can buy the things I need for our new home.

The whole family is excited about our new house. My daughter can't wait to go camping in our backyard. I am excited to do yardwork again and the wife is excited to have a new place.