Saturday, April 14, 2012

I so wish that we have enough funds so that my family can travel all over the world without worrying about finances. But this is not the case. Whenever we travel we have to save for it and plan for it so that we can enjoy it to the fullest and so that those trips will not end up broke.

I am just glad that our family was able to spend a vacation in my wife's country early this year. It was great for my daughter to spend some time with her blood relatives in her mother's side. It was a joy to see her spending quality moments with her grandparents, uncles and aunts and her cousins.

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The biggest expense on our trip was the airfare. The second was the hotel. Combined with all other expenses day to day, we realize that it will take a couple of years before we can go back to Philippines again. We need to save again for another trip.

One way of saving is using coupons when we go shopping. Whether we shop for groceries or clothes or other things online and in store, we always check for coupons that we can use. One great place to check for coupons is the Have you checked this site? They have varieties of coupons. From travel coupons to food coupons to clothing coupons they have it all. They even have lists of Online TMART Coupon. Those deal and discounts are really awesome.

Back to planning a trip, if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, plan your trip ahead. Be sure to have extra money for unexpected expenses. And of course, don't forget to scour for deals and discounts online.