Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest post written by Gabrielle Furman

It doesn't just take anything to bring in a dog off the street and make it easy to live with. I remember that after we brought in a stray dog when I was a little girl. It was a tough time but he ended up becoming a beloved pet after a little bit of training. Well, I'd like to do the same with my family, but I'm not brave enough to take in a dog straight off the street. We're going to do it from an animal shelter instead.

Now I've done my fair share or researching on adopting a shelter dog and so has my husband. In fact, he was doing some intense pet adoption research one night when he came across the site and showed it to me. One reason we're considering a shelter dog is because of our current financial situation, so we looked over that website and I think we're going to use them to help us help ourselves.

We've finally mentioned pet adoption to the kids and they won't stop talking about it! I'm glad that we didn't talk about it before we started getting serious about it or else we'd really be paying for it right now!