Monday, April 16, 2012

Every child should go to Disneyland! That's what I believe. Well, since we live in Alabama, Disneyland is far from us. At 4 years old, our daughter hasn't been to Disneyland yet. One of our plans is for her to experience a trip to Disney. We are very sure that it will be a great experience for her if we will bring her to Disney. I am positive that she will be awed meeting her favorite Disney characters. I can just picture the grin in her face and the giggles.

There is so much to see in Disney that we have to plan it carefully should we visit it. I know that one day will not be enough. There is so much planning to do including finding a good deal for the airfare, affordable yet safe hotel to stay in and of course, disneyland tickets.

One of the things I learned when I visited Disney years ago is to purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid the long line. Besides, it is also good to purchase your tickets ahead of time so that price increase can be avoided. Just be careful though, as tickets have expiration dates.

Maybe our next travel destination will be Disneyland South California. I wish this plan will be realized this year as my wife and daughter are really excited about the idea.