Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have mentioned how my wife and my family made my birthday special although it was just a simple celebration in my previous post. There is nothing more important to me than to spend my special day with the family.

My wife's birthday will be on the first week of April and I plan to surprise my wife with something she likes on her birthday. But then again, we already agreed not to spend too much on both our birthdays. We have to be careful with our spending because of our recent vacation which we spent a lot. Besides that, we are also preparing for our daughter's dental surgery. There are too much going on in our family - financially.

Anyway, my wife handles all our financial matters. She is better than me, that I am very sure. I don't know what have we become financially if not for proper managing of my wife. We only earn meager amount yet, she is able to manage it so well. Despite earning only a little amount of money, she still is able to buy great things. It is through my wife that I learned how to shop for less. I used to buy whatever I need without looking at the price. Using coupons for me was just a hassle until my wife insisted to do the shopping her way. She has bookmarked the webpages that she can get good and very useful coupons. Whenever she sees me shopping online, she tells me to wait before I check out because she will give me a Coupon Code that I can use. Whether it is a discount code for a purchase or a free shipping code or a free item she always manage to find a way to save.

Back to my wife's upcoming birthday, I would like to buy her something. Perhaps a new phone or a new electronic gadget. I have seen some interesting items in Best Buy that I know my wife will love. I also saved a best buy coupon code that will make my purchase a little less. I really think that buying her a new gadget will be a good gift. What do you think?