Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

My kids’ school switched to year round school this year. They have a week long break every six weeks. We would like to plan to do something as a family every time they are on break, so it is helpful to know ahead of time when their breaks are going to be. I was talking to my son’s teacher about the new schedule and asked if they were going to send out a calendar. She said they were going to send one out sometime next week. She also said that the new calendar is available on the school website. We have Exede Satellite Internet at home, so when I got home, I just went to the school website and printed off the new calendar. Now we know when all of the breaks are going to be and my husband can plan to take off work if we are going to go somewhere. I am excited about having breaks more often. I think for the fall break, we are going to surprise the kids and take them to Disney World. It is going to be so fun!