Thursday, March 8, 2012

During the golden wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law, beautiful music filled the church the whole time. The music played made the whole ceremony even heart-warming knowing that they are going strong in their marriage for 50 years now. I couldn’t help but notice the Fender guitars that were used; no wonder the music was so heavenly. The sound it created blended well with the other instruments being played. It was really nice and I also could not help but be emotional seeing my parents-in-law renew their vows and experience love again like it was their first.

Music in any occasion makes it more lively and entertaining. It moves the body and even the soul. Any music that has a wonderful message can touch even the grieving heart. Beautiful music can be created with the combination of many different instruments, as we all know. Music is the language of the soul, without music, our world would be so boring, silent and no life at all. We would all be sad and life would really be so down.

Remembering how everything went during my the said golden wedding anniversary made me hope that I too would reach that far and wish for all marriages to be like that.