Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We are faced with another problem with regards to my daughter's dental health. Over a year ago, she underwent a full mouth rehab. It was a success as we thought but later on there we noticed that she has an abscess on one of her teeth. It has to be extracted to prevent other teeth to be infected.

It was then that we decided to change dentist. The last time we saw my daughter's dentist, he repaired one of the teeth that was done by the first dentist. Earlier today, when we saw the dentist again, the dentist told us that my daughter has to redo all the teeth that the first dentist did.

The news was bad. We spent over a thousand bucks at the first dentist and only for nothing. We have to undergo the same procedure again. It is frustrating to know that we did the first procedure all for nothing.

Now, we are preparing our wallets and our emotion when our daughter for another rehab. We will know next week about the treatment plan and the possible schedule.

Wish us luck.