Monday, February 6, 2012

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We all want to get connected with our friends and loved ones who live far from us. We all want to get the latest updates from them and catch up with them. With the advent of technology, we can do all these in just a click of a button. We are fortunate to have genius minds who invented the mobile phone for us to be able to communicate with our loved ones abroad. Every day, these mobile phones are changing and getting more advanced, like the latest Nexus S™ 4G and the HTC EVO™ 3D. These phones are up-to-date with features comparable to most of the popular mobile phone brands.

Fret not, you can own these phones now for FREE and at a lesser price, saving your money for other expenses. How? The Sprint 2/5-2/8 4-Day Sale lets you own the Nexus S™ 4G for FREE when you open a new line of service or add to your account. Or, you can get the HTC EVO™ 3D for only $49.99 when you open a new line of service or add to your account. You can also get waived activation fee for new lines of service and free shipping on Now isn’t that an awesome deal?

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