Thursday, February 23, 2012

Every end of January, I always think of it as tax time. The deadline for filing the taxes is mid April but I always make sure to file our taxes before due date.

My wife is self-employed. So, I adjusted my tax deduction to cover up for whatever taxes due to her. It is a move that I personally choose so that when it comes to filing taxes, we will pay a lot for federal tax and state tax. So far, we haven't paid federal taxes since my wife started being self-employed. We did pay a little of our State tax. In all the time that I adjusted my withholding tax, we were able to get a little amount of refund from federal taxes every year.

We already filed our taxes this year. We are now awaiting for our federal tax refund. I thought of buying something special for my wife and I am thinking of perhaps looking for a place to get a speedy cash while awaiting for our tax refund. I know there are places that offers quick payday loans and those places are consumer friendly. I have to check on it if I will qualify for their criteria because if I will, I want to get a quick cash so that I can buy something special for my wife right away.