Saturday, January 7, 2012

Capturing the memories of my daughter's childhood is important to me that is why we want to have framed pictures of all her milestones. We also like to have a family portrait that we can display in our living room. To be honest, we haven't been to a studio for our family portrait as my daughter is not comfortable with it. We wish to find a professional group that knows how to make toddlers comfortable during photo shoots. Perhaps the best dc photographer can alleviate my daughter’s apprehension and make her feel like she is just playing.

It is really quite difficult to convince little ones to sit straight or smile at photo shoots. Photographers, experts I should say, must be creative enough to let tiny tots enjoy every moment so that they can just click and click. Although not all children are uncomfortable with this kind of engagement, others are just born to be shutter-happy and can just give you the best foot forward during photo shoots.

While my daughter is uncomfortable of photo shoots, she is just so natural when it comes to taking shots. Maybe she is destined to be a photographer. Anyhow, I really do wish to have a family portrait soon and I wish my daughter will just smile at the camera, no matter how uncomfortable she may feel.

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