Thursday, July 28, 2011

I stand 6 feet. I am of average height.

The first time I came to Philippines, I was so surprised that I was towering everyone. Nobody can miss me at the airport because I was the only American in the local flight and when I got out of the plane, I was standing tall, taller than anybody else. Although I am considered very tall in the Philippines, I am of average height in the USA. With my height and being so skinny, I don't need a big and tall clothing. I can easily buy my clothes in any store without any problems.

It is true that in the USA there are many big and tall people that is why there are specialty stores that sell big and tall clothes. In some department stores, there is also a section for big and tall.

Anyway, my bestfriend is big and tall. My wife even nicknamed him "giant". He shops for his clothes at a specialty store. I teased him that if he ever goes to Philippines, the kids will be scared of him and of how big he is. I also told him that with his size, he will have a hard time finding clothes in the Philippines.

I like living in the tropics as much as I like living in a cold place. Perhaps when I retire I might want to live in the state of Hawaii. I know that in some islands of Hawaii, cost of living are quite high but with the right island I know I can save on our daily expenses as there will be abundance of local fish and vegetables.

I was researching about Hawaii real estate for sale few days ago because I was intrigue with the idea of retiring in Hawaii. Hawaii will be a great place to retire because I know there are lots of Filipino there. It won't be hard on my wife and she will absolutely love the fresh fish and vegetables that we can access there.

Hawaii is a place where there is sunshine all year round, no wonder there are many people who wants to retire there. Will I be one of them? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Joe's Crab Shack is an American chain of beach-themed seafood casual dining restaurants owned by Ignite Restaurant Group. It serves seafood and American cuisine. The restaurants also have a gift shop that sells t-shirts featuring phrases broadcasting Joe's seafood choices.

Last weekend we dined at Joe's Crab Shack and we enjoyed it very much. The restaurant has a little playground which was a hit because Andrea enjoyed playing there. They have a very affordable kids meal and dessert.

Of course, we ordered crabs and splurge on it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot summer is what we are experiencing this summer season. I mean, I know summer is supposed to be hot, but this year is hotter than last year. It is necessary for all of us to protect not just our skin but also our eyes from the harmful UV rays. If sunscreen lotions are for the skin then there are also sunglasses that will help protect your eyes from the UV Rays.

If you are looking for a good sunglasses, you might want to buy those cheap Locs sunglasses. They can protect your eyes and at the same time they are very fashionable.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesdays, redbox has new movie releases. The other day, The Adjustment Bureau was out and we couldn't wait to rent it. Lulu reserved it online when she saw that it was available at the nearest redbox.

We have always like Matt Damon's movie so we expect a lot about this movie. This romantic thriller is worth watching and we really enjoyed it.

Matt Damon's fans out there this movie is out on DVD so rent it and enjoy!
Every weekend, part of my chore is to clean the bathroom and scrub the bath tub. My little girl likes her bubble baths that is why it is important for me to keep the bath tub clean.

Scrubbing the tub is not an easy chore as you have to squat or kneel for a long time. When it is time for me to clean, I need to wear something comfortable. I usually wear something like dickies scrubs because scrubs are very comfortable and gives you ease of movement.

Sometimes, I get lazy and would love to skip my weekly chore but I have to force myself because I know my little girl will use the tub all the time.
In the manufacturing industry, micrometers are very essential. It can give precise measurements. It is also a modified version of screw gauges. Today, most micrometers are equipped with digital readings. Its ability to measure precisely is very amazing. Would you believe that micrometers can measure dimesnsions as accurate as 0.001mm?

In general, micrometers can be classified as external micrometer or internal micrometer. Both of these are used in precision manufacturing industry.
It has been a while since we had chicken and dumplings. I was surprise when Lulu told me that she is making chicken and dumplings for dinner. This dish is one of my favorites and I told her that I want extra serving as I am starving.

I got my dinner earlier than usual and I even brought with me one plate for my co-worker. We absolutely savored every piece of our dinner as it was so good. If I don't have a fast metabolism, I would definitely need a diet pill that works fast in order for me to keep my weight. I am so lucky that my wife cooks for me and she is an excellent cook!
I didn't notice but it has been 10 days since I last posted an entry to this blog. I got caught up with work and the daily grinds that I didn't even notice that time passed by so quick and I didn't bother to update my blog.

Nothing of importance really happened for the past 10 days except that I had a grand weekend. I spent two days fishing alone. I wanted to go fishing without worrying about my wife and daughter's safety. I fished alone and enjoyed my time alone. It is not that I don't enjoy when we fish together, it is different when I am all by myself.

I caught big bass for the first time and I was happy about my success using fishing lures. Though I enjoyed fishing alone, I also miss having my girls with me.

Anyhow, work been pretty hectic this week and I have been working earlier than usual.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Many individuals dream to visit Europe. In fact, I dream to bring my family for a European vacation. We would love to explore Europe and perhaps do a cruise or avail of an inclusive vacation package. There are so many places that I want my wife and daughter to see in Europe. I have been to Europe during my younger years and I loved it.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

At work, I don't have a problem with having a clear signal when I make calls using my cellphone. All other workers in the office have problems. It is either they can connect or they always have drop calls. I suggested to our manager to buy a new mobile cell booster so that all of us can use our cellphones without having to experience bad reception on our calls.

I am not sure if the office will pay for it but perhaps if we share on the total cost of the booster, it will be not much and everybody will be happy.

Do you have problems with your cellphone's signal? You better check out how those cell boosters can improve your signal.
I came home from work and overheard my daughter saying... Ice cream truck, ice cream truck over and over again.

I can't resist. I told her to get out and let's go see the ice cream truck. She was so excited. This was the first time that she ever gone near the ice cream truck and get and ice cream from there.

Every child needs to experience having an ice cream from the ice cream truck. Her smile when she got the ice cream is priceless!
I fear for my wife and my daughter when I pass away. I worry that they can stand alone. As much as possible I want my wife to be prepared when the time comes that I will leave them forever. It makes me sad thinking of that day but all of us will meet death at times that we don't expect. It is a reality of life.

I have started to prepare myself if something happens to me. I have life insurance to help my family cover the cost of my final resting place. I have enough coverage to help them get through with their lives. If you feel that your life insurance coverage is not enough to provide your family with the comfort they need, check out
I often tell my wife that in my eyes, she is still very hot and sexy. I am not kidding she is. Of course, she would tell me otherwise. You see my wife has gained weight because of the unhealthy food and lifestyle here in America. Unlike when she was still in the Philippines, everything is healthy and they walk everyday. So, she has plenty of exercise coupled with healthy food so naturally she maintained a slim and slender body.

At one time, she told me that she would like to try one of those safe diet pills that can help control her weight. I just told her that whatever she decides because for me she is still sexy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For dinner, we decided to have steaks for everyone. Since we are on a budget, we decided to just buy a steak instead of eating at the steakhouse.

Here I am trying to be the grill master. Who am I kidding? hahaha

I was just actually helping my daughter in grilling the steaks. For our dinner we also had corn, mashed potato, mushroom and onion.

We were all full and the steaks was awesome especially that it was grilled in charcoal.
Preparing for a wedding is no joke. There are so many things to attend to and all of them cost money. Having a wedding in short is costly. There are so many invitation to prepare and one of them is the Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.

Well, for a wedding to be well-planned you need a rehearsal so that everybody will know its place and what to do at the wedding itself. Of course, since everybody will give time for a rehearsal, it is but normal to provide them with food after the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner always follows.

It is a norm for bride and groom to pay for the rehearsal dinner but if you have a wedding entourage that is a lot, I guess it is okay to offer to pay for your dinner if it is held in a restaurant (Just my thought though!).
When I saw that my daughter's house have a big lawn, I volunteered to mow it. You see, I haven't mowed for a long time and I love mowing. I was hoping that she and her boyfriend will allow me to do so.

Thankfully, they agreed for me to mow the grass. I was ecstatic. I can't wait to start doing it.

They have two lawn mowers. I opted to use the manual one. I wanted to sweat out and do the mowing the hard way.

It was a lot of fun and even Lulu tried to help me. I can't believe that I am out of shape. I have to stop a couple of times because I got so hot. But in the end I finished the task and I was very satisfied of what I did.
I have been working in a Shipping industries for many years now. Business in shipping industry as well as many other businesses has been affected with recession. Majority of businesses in the US are affected with the global economic crisis.

I am glad that I still have a job for at my age finding a job will be hard. I know some of my friends are now working in the business of fluid technologies. I am not sure if I can do it but if it comes to worse, I know I have to find whatever work is available because I have a family to support.
The last time I was at Chicago airport was during our flight layover to and from Philippines last January 2009. We wanted to stay in Chicago for another day or two to explore the city but because of time constraints it was not possible. I have to get back to work and I need another day or two to adjust to the time difference. Having spend two weeks in the Philippines, I have to let my body get used to American time.

During our layover in Chicago, I am really impressed with the food stations there. It has plenty of choices so one will never get hungry even if there are delays in their flights. One thing I wish they have is a smoking area. It is quite a hassle to go out of the airport just to smoke. I would have prefer if they will provide a smoking room like the one in Japan airport.

Anyhow, one of these days we will be exploring Chicago. I know it won't be hard to enjoy the windy city as there are chicago airport shuttle service that can provide easy transportation especially having a little girl to tot around. Transferring from one gate to another will be very hard without the help of airport shuttle.
We decided to spend our weekend in Mobile and stay at my daughter's place. It was a last minute decision and I am glad that my daughter Mischa didn't have any plans for the weekend.

We left Friday night so we had whole Saturday and Sunday to spend time with. We decided against going to Dauphin island because we were all sure that it will be crowded and finding a parking space will be really hard.

We didn't do much but spend time with each other and we love every minute of it. Sunday afternoon, we decided to visit Uncle Wayne and Aunt Sarah. We didn't stay very long in their place as we planned to cook out and let Andrea swim in her new portable pool.

We went home yesterday and we took our time driving. We stopped by different little stores to buy some postcards and other souvenirs for Lulu.

It was a wonderful trip.
My mom helped me move, and I am so grateful she was there. The transition was hard enough since after Joe and I married I had to move to Virginia where he was working which meant leaving behind all of my old friends and family. Mom was a real comfort and she helped me check everything off the list from the utility companies to to the first check I’d ever written for homeowner’s insurance. There’s no way I could have done it without her help both mentally and physically and I know my husband feels exactly the same way. It was tough when she left since I was already a bit homesick but I know I get to go home at Christmas and I’m looking forward to starting a new life here in VA. I love my husband and being long distance for so long was really hard, so it’s exciting to begin this new chapter of our lives! Now if everyone would just quit asking us when we’re going to have babies!

Thanks to Lemuel Craft