Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow, time passes by so quickly. Our 3 day memorial weekend just flew by. I can't believe that we spent 3 days fishing. I love the outdoors and I enjoy fishing now more than ever because my wife loves to eat the fish that we caught. I have enjoyed fishing since my younger days as my dad also loves to fish. I stopped fishing because nobody really likes to eat the fish that I caught. It is different now, I look forward to fishing because I know that my wife is always excited when we caught fish.

Fishing has become our favorite outdoor and bonding activity. Even our little girl loves to go with us. She always yells "We caught fish" when we caught fish. She gets excited especially if we catch turtle. My daughter's favorite when we go fishing is the time she can spend throwing rocks, building castles and swimming too.

I hope you all had wonderful memorial weekend. We surely did.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I believe that we will have a very hot summer if the indication was last weekend's weather. We spent our weekend fishing and it was really hot. I even thought that I overdid it. The two day fishing made us so tired because of the heat. Even my daughter was wore out from our weekend activity.

Because it was so hot, it made me research about dehydration and I found the following:

  • Dehydration can be defined as “the body excessive loss of water”. It can be dangerous for life. Dehydration occurs when the amount of water leaving the body is greater than the amount being taken in. The body is very dynamic and always changing. This is especially true with water levels in the body.

  • The human body constantly needs water. It loses water through the lungs when breathes. It loses water with the daily urination, sweat and stool.

  • The human body requires at least one liter of water daily. The quantity depends on the activity, age, environment and other factors.
While watching the television, I can't help but notice those advertisements showing men and their robust muscles. Frankly, I don't envy them as I never dreamed of having a muscles like they have. I guess I am used to me being skinny that I think I would look funny if all of a sudden I grow muscles in me.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eyeglasses has become a necessity for people who have problems with their eyesight. It is just sad that many are forced not to wear one because their optalmologist charges ridiculous amount of money on a pair of prescription eyeglasses. For ordinary people who doesn't have a vision insurance and an extra amount of money to pay (around hundred dollars) for a prescription eyeglasses, he has no choice but to make due of his ability to see with his failing vision.

I am lucky that I have a good vision insurance coverage that covers annual check up and lenses. Though the coverage is not a lot, at least I only need to pay a little amount. Despite the fact that I have vision insurance, I still buy prescription eyeglasses online for my extra pair. I have found a very affordable website that sells prescription eyeglasses that in fact, I was able to purchase $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. The quality and style of their eyeglasses are superb despite selling it at a lower price. I know it is hard to believe how cheap their eyeglasses are but believe me, the quality is excellent.

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Look at my favorite pair, a medium size, stainless steel, full-rim frame which only cost $9.95!

I can't wait to get back fishing again. I always look forward to weekends now because I can go fishing again. It is still Wednesday, yet I am already planning my weekend. I have already planned to buy two jars of crickets and other things for my tackle box which contains all my fishing stuff. Let us just say, I am getting addicted to fishing at the moment.

Last weekend, I was so excited because i caught a crappie! It has been so many years since I caught a crappie.

Here's my catch...
We need a day to spend cleaning. There are still play dough sticking in our daughter's bedroom. We need massive cleaning to get her room back in order. It will be a lot of work compared to our usual cleaning but we don't mind as it is how it is when you have kids.

I wish I can afford to hire a cleaning service like carpet cleaning raleigh nc to do the cleaning for us but this means I have to pay quite an amount of money. So instead of hiring somebody to do it, we will just do it ourselves and save some.
I am not perfect and I have done so many wrongs in my life but despite everything, I tried to be a good father. I have my faults but I love my daughters. I am willing to do everything for them and I am ready to give my life for them.

I want to celebrate Father's day congratulating myself because I know I did well being a father. I know in my heart that I am a good dad. Because it is father's day, I want to buy myself a Tritium watch as a gift for myself. This kind of watch is very stylish and durable. I especially like the Military series.

Anyway, I still don't have any idea what to give my dad. It will be nice to see him that day but we already have plans so I will just make sure to call him that day to personally greet him. As regards to my father-in-law, Lulu has already planned something for him so I don't have to worry about what to give him.

Do you have any idea what to give your Dad this father's day? Buying him the finest, most precise, most carefully made watch will be something he would like. So why not give it a try?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The new place where I go fishing is a good fishing spot. I was there both Saturday and Sunday last week and on both days, I caught a few. I caught more on Saturday compared Sunday. I can't wait to get back there this weekend and I hope I can catch something like these too..

Yes, a BASS!

I was so excited to get something nice for my wife last Mother's day. Together with my daughter we bought Lulu with a necklace. "This will be a perfect pair for her ring", I thought so myself.

At the strike of midnight, Andrea gave the gift and the cards and she said "Happy Mother's day Mommy, We have a present for you"

Lulu open the gift and saw this...

Guess what she said... "Thank you, but I have this already!" Bummer! I didn't realize and I absolutely forgot that I bought the same thing a year ago!

Opps... wrong gift!
I like yard work. I used to have a big yard and I always look forward to weekends because that was the time that I do all my yard works. It is a plus factor if you have an ariens zero turn mower when you have a big yard. Mowing the grass is just a breeze if you have this kind of mower.

Honestly, I miss doing yardwork and mowing. The next time we will buy a house, I would love to have a not so big yard. A yard where I can do some gardening, some mowing and more. At my age, I really don't think of having a big yard anymore as I am not getting any younger and in few years, I won't be able to do much in the yard anymore.
Wife and I like to watch movies. We have a few hundred of DVDs at home. We like buying on sale DVDs. Just last night while we were at the store, I saw the DVD of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief on the sale isle. I was not sure how much was the DVD and I really wanted to buy it as I like that movie. Lulu suggested to bring the DVD to the "price check" area because it has a barcode scanner that will tell me how much does the DVD cost. When I scanned it, it showed that the prices was $9.00. Not bad for a movie that I will probably watch more than twice.
There are different types of acne or pimples. Commonly, we suffer from those big size pimples which is commonly referred to as nodular pimples. This pimples can grow as big as pencil erasers.

Because this type of pimples are very annoying, a person who suffers from this often pop it out which is a bad idea as it prolongs the entire process of healing and it often result to scarring. Pimples is a very common problem and nodular pimples are worse thus there is nodular acne treatment that one can try to get rid of nodular acne. If you are the unlucky ones who is suffering from nodular acne, find yourself the right treatment and before you know it, your acne will be gone without a trace of it.
I am the type of person who can't just go to work, go home and sleep. I need some time to unwind. I usually watch movies at night or play in my computer to let the hours pass by. Few nights ago, I was bored and I stared reading some enzyte reviews. It is not that I need and Enzyte for myself as I am well satisfied of what I have. I was just curious because I saw an advertisement on tv about this product. Sometimes, you can't just rely on what is being advertised whether it is advertised in TV, in print or anywhere else. Nowadays, there are so many products being advertised on TV that sometimes, I lost track with all of them. Thankfully, you can always find something in the internet if you are looking for something specific.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Giving a good massage is something I can say that I am good at. Sometimes, I even think that getting a certificate or something through massage therapy program online will do me good. I also think that If I go on this field that there will be more money. I know a trick or two in giving a good massage but with proper training, I think I will be good at it. This might not be a common path for somebody my age but hey, it is worth exploring this field since I think I am good at it.
My wife and I had a great engagement. It was nothing sophisticated with all those engagement party and stuff but it was something sweet and special. It was more of a family thing which I was really proud because I followed the Filipino traditional way.

Before we got properly engaged, I was already looking for the perfect engagement ring. I was scared to buy one by myself because I wanted it to be something the Lulu will like so we ended up buying together. But before that, I had to hint what is the size of her promise ring finger because I wanted to give her a promise ring too.

Remembering all these, never fails to put a smile on my face.
On our way to visit Mom and wished her a happy mother's day yesterday, we saw an RV for sale just right before we turn to their place. It was a pretty looking RV. Seeing a for sale RV make me wish to own one as it will be perfect for some camping get aways. But thinking about how much will it cost me for rv repairs and the gas when traveling, somehow it makes my mind decide just to let go of the idea of having an RV. I just realized that with the increasing prices of gas and the costly repairs, I need a lot of extra cash in had to make sure that I can maintain the RV. For now, I just decide not to buy one.
I wanted to do something special for my wife, the mother of my daughter to make her feel how much her works are appreciated being a Mom. I know my wife is a good mother and she raised a very sweet child. Credits goes to her for raising such a wonderful child. Andrea is so lucky to have Lulu as her Mom. She is a very good mother.

Anyway, since it was Mother's day, Andrea bought her a present, a card and a bouquet of flowers. Lulu already hinted that no roses and that she doesn't need any gift.

Well, we ended up buying her a card from me, a card from Andrea, a necklace with Andrea's birthstone and a bouquet of lily's.

I asked her what she wants to do for Mother's day. We celebrated it a different way... we went on a fishing date!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

We can hardly wait for our planned vacation to Philippines. We are all excited to see the whole family. We are also excited for them to spend some time with our daughter. The last time we came home there, my daughter was just 1 year old so she was still to young to know her Filipino family. This time around, she is old enough to bond with her other grandparents, her aunts and uncles and play with her cousins. We often told her about her other relatives in the Philippines and she seems to understand.

Going home to Philippines is costly. The ticket alone will cost us an arm and leg as it is around $5000 for the three of us. In this hard economy, this is a big money already but we have to do it as it is very important for us to be there in the Philippines as we promised. My parents-in-law will be celebrating their 50th golden wedding anniversary and it is such a special occasion.

I am keeping my eye on http://www.savings.com as sometimes they will offer some flight coupons. Perhaps I can also find a coupon for hotel bookings too. Any discount will surely help as the money I can save on these can be used as our allowance for the trip.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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I had a lot of fun last weekend. I went fishing for two days. For a man who doesn't have a lot of patience, I can say that I have patience when it comes to fishing.

I caught plenty of fish last Saturday and Lulu and her friends feasted on it. They love fresh fried fish.

I really enjoyed the time I spent fishing. I got all red in my face because I was exposed to the sun for a long period of time but it was well worth it.

Here' my catch last Saturday:

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There are places in the Philippines that are blessed with abundant mineral content. One of the known places is the well developed province of Batangas. Batangas is 100km south of Manila. This place is known to have a large copper-gold porphyry deposit. Because of the abundance of the deposit, a mining company in Canada is working on the Taysan Project. The majority of work of this company focuses on drilling and assessment of the Taysan Deposit. This project has an excellent exploration potential.

There have been many successful mining in the Philippines. The Antipolo Epithermal Gold Mine is one of them. I wish that there will be more successful mining venture as I know it will help the economy of the Philippines.