Saturday, April 30, 2011

We dined out at Ruby Tuesdays because we don't have something to eat at home due to lack of electricity few days ago.

While waiting for our dinner, we enjoyed our drink and the free garlic biscuit.

Andrea had her usual strawberry milkshake

Lulu and I had sweet tea

They have great garlic biscuit

I ordered ribs with onion rings and french fries for dinner while Lulu ordered steak with steamed broccoli and french fries. The food was good.
Do you want something very nice for the mothers in your life this Mother's day? Why not buy a piece of St. Maarten jewelry ? There are plenty of jewelries to choose from. They have rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, watches and more. You can also choose from platinum to tungsten to gold or silver. There are plenty of options if you choose to buy a St. Maarten jewelry as a mother's day gift for your mother.

As for me, I have already chosen what to give to my wife this coming mother's day and I hope she will like it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Running can be addicting. I have seen many who worked so hard to join a marathon. At my age, I no longer have the endurance for marathon. Suffice to say, I am too old for it. It is hard to accept but indeed I am not young anymore. I have seen many men who wear men's running shorts when we are at the park. These men are so dedicated with their running that it actually is amazing. Some of them are not really young looking but they have dedication when it comes to running. I wish I have their dedication. I haven't run in a long time that I know I am not fit for running anymore.
A friend of mine has invited us to join them for a day of fun in their backyard. They have a swimming pool and some pool tables in their basement. They just bought a new fire pit and he wants to showcase his grilling prowess. He is good in cooking thus I am sure he can grill good food too. I am debating on accepting his invitation. Truly, the invitation for good food and a lot of fun is irresistible. I am also sure that my daughter will enjoy swimming in their pool. With the good weather that we have lately, I think I really should say yes to his invitation.

We were driving across the neighborhood where my Mom lives and we saw these. It is so sad to see how some people have been affected because of the storm. A lot have major damages with their homes. Their roofs are gone or a portion of their house is damaged. These are just minor damages, big damages are experienced by the people in the place where tornado has touched down and it is 1 1/2 hour from us. People not just lost their properties but also their loved ones. We need to pray for all of those who are affected by the storm.
I think that custom coins will make a great souvenir. It is amazing how a good artist can transform any of your ideas into a design and make a custom coin out of it.

Since we plan to go home to Philippines next year, I think that bringing custom coins as souvenir will be a great idea. I think of having my daughter's face in the picture that way her Filipino family will have something of her that they can keep.

I came across this custom coins idea when I was browsing online and I think that this is really perfect for what I have in mind. I just want something that my daughter's Filipino family can keep in them to remember her by.
Being your own boss is of no equal. You get to work your own hours and you are not going to answer to anybody except yourself. Although you need more effort for a business to succeed, the reward will be all yours too. If I have to have a business, I think that a franchise business has more chances of succeeding than starting your own company name. At least with the franchise, more people have heard about it already. You don't need to familiarize your customers about it and chances are, you will only need less promotion for it. Besides with franchise business, you will also be given support in order to run he business smoothly.
We lost our electricity since Wednesday. Hundreds of thousands lost their power in the State of Alabama alone. The tornado that wreck havoc in the state of Alabama has affected many individuals. We were not affected very much except for the lack of electricity. Tree branches fell off and that was it. We are very lucky.

I was not complaining about the lack of power because we have seen crews from all around USA working days and nights to help people get back their electricity, water and telephone lines.

I am just so glad that the power is back. Now, I can eat some home cooked meals.
My wife and I are really excited about our trip to the Philippines next year to attend her parents golden wedding anniversary. There will be renewal of their wedding vows and it will be a formal event thus the girls in the family will be wearing gown. My wife said that she would love to loss some weight in time for the big even. I told her that if she wants she can start watching her diet and perhaps find something that can help her attain her goal. I suggested that she check the sensa weight loss reviews and see if she would like to try it. For now, she has not decided yet on what to try.
Mother's day is pretty soon and I know my wife likes flowers. I think of ordering some flowers online to surprise her. There is a tulip delivery that is available and I am sure my wife will love to receive some. She likes tulips and some other flowers so I guess buying her a tulips will be special.

I have to think something special for my mom too. Perhaps I will just order another bouquet of flowers for her too and I will buy a card for her too.

I wish to do something special for my wife this mother's day and I really need to plan it good in order to surprise her.
I like grilling and it is a good bonding for us because my daughter and I can enjoy playing at our back porch while grilling. Grilling has become a weekend thing for us because I am off work. Because I love to grill so much, I wouldn't mind buying one of those beautiful electric grills. I know that when you use charcoal for grilling that it is better but it is a lot of work thus I prefer using electric grill.

I really can't wait to have our friends over for a barbecue party. I am sure that we will have a lot of fun with the kids running around, telling stories and sharing good grilled food.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter bunny came for my little girl and she had fun with the Easter goodies. Then we went to her Nana's to do some Easter egg hunting. It was a fun day and we all had so much fun.

Sometimes the best things in life are those that come free, really. After a hard day’s work, I come home and what greets me? My little girl running towards the door, so excited to welcome me and hear anything I have to say. Then on the side, I have my lovely wife, smiling happily, glad that I’m home and waiting patiently, eager to listen to how my day went.

After spending some time playing with my little girl, I head on over to my sleeper chair to watch my shows for a couple of minutes while waiting for dinner to be served. Once dinner is ready, we spend maybe an hour just telling tales of how our day went. I treasure this part the most because it’s that one moment when everything is perfect. It’s that moment when we’re all in a table, relaxed and comfortable and I just feel all the good emotions surround us.

After tucking my daughter to bed, I head on over to the bedroom to rest for the day and prepare for tomorrow. What comfort to lie on a bed covered with my wife’s favorite chenille bedspreads. What a perfect way to end the day, right? It just feels so right to drift off to sleep with my best friend. I even enjoy the times when we doze off right after talking about weird and crazy ideas for the house like installing zebra print wallpaper for a more animalistic effect.

Such is life, and for me, life is perfect as long as I’m with my wife and my daughter in our cozy little home.
Guest post written by Mary Colbert

I've decided that instead of taking a really long vacation this year like I always do, I'm going to enjoy some time at home and take some day trips on my motorcycle to just enjoy some of the scenery in my region. I like riding with some of my friends, but it's also nice to ride by myself so that I don't have to worry about staying at someone else's pace. Plus, it's just a lot easier to take in your surroundings that way.

I went online with my Wild Blue internet service to come up with some ideas for day trips. I have come up with some really neat ideas.

I think that for at least one of those motorcycle rides I'm going to try and ride along the coast of South Carolina. There's a lot to see there and I think that would be neat to do. I might even take a day trip to the mountains of North Carolina and go ride on the parkway a bit, which would be some interesting scenery.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I personally want to thank our good friend Alma who offered to pick me up at the car shop. The tuning up of the car took almost a day. I was prepared to stay there at the shop for a long time, yet Alma offered that she can pick me up and drop me off at the shop when the car will be ready. It was really a great for her to do it.

When it was time for Alma to drop me off to the shop, Lulu and Andrea came with her so that they can do some shopping after they will drop me off.

The girls had fun and I am very thankful that Alma offered the ride because I was able to get more sleep while waiting for the car to be tuned up.

Thanks again Alma.
I had to wake up early yesterday because I brought our car to the shop for the much needed tune up. Our car has been acting up and I know it needed tuning up. I have never brought the car for tuning up since I bought it, thus I know the much needed tuning up is overdue.

Anyhow, I spent close to $500 for all the things they have to change and do to the car. It was kinda big amount but what choice do we have when the car needed it.

The car is now running smooth and I am really happy with the services of the car shop that I brought the car to.

Dollars down the drain again. I need to save some more again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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We all have different health problems. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and dealing with its flare up is not easy. Sometimes, it makes me frustrated knowing that I can't do anything about it. There are times when I don't feel anything for months and there are just days when it just suddenly hits me and the feeling is just so exhausting. UC flare ups always makes me so weak.

I know I have to deal with it. Same with people who have problems with leg pains. My mom has terrible leg pains and I always feel sorry for her when she feels the pain. I have to tell her about the best compression socks that may help ease the pain that she feels. There are many fashionable compression socks that offers relief to pain and it will mediate swelling. Having discovered a fashionable compression socks will be beneficial to ladies who wants to wear something fashionable and at the same time provide them with health benefits.
Our Weekend was quite busy. We went to see my newly-wed Niece Kelly and Cameron who were staying at Moms for few days. Andrea had a blast playing with Kelly. We spent a couple of hours there and then we had to come home which was not a welcome news for my daughter. At one point, she even told us that she wants to stay with Kelly.

Sunday, we went to the park and enjoyed the picnic with other Filipinas. We spent couple of hours there too. After we were at the park, we had to do our grocery shopping as we were already low on food supplies.

Our weekend was busy but my daughter enjoyed it and that what's matter the most.
Our homes are the fruits of our labors. We all worked so hard to have a beautiful home for our families. It is an investment that we all dream to have. Our homes are our refuge.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Last week, I was off work for our 1 week vacation. We didn't go out of town. We just explore our local place and had a great bonding with the family.

  • We went to the mall and let my girls shopped. We rode the carousel ride.
  • We watched the movie HOP
  • We went to the zoo and had so much fun. It was Andrea's first time to visit the zoo. She loves the animals there.
  • We went fishing. It was a blast although Andrea didn't want anything more than throwing the rocks to the water and ride the boat.
  • We went to the playground for a couple of times.
  • We ate out and had ice cream.
Last week was so much fun. I will miss it but for now time to go back to work and earn a living!

Eating out and Watching the movie

Going to the zoo and fishing

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This was taken Friday Apr 1 during Lulu's birthday party. Ohhhh I am so glad to see that smile. I know she was enjoying her party and I am proud of doing something for her on her birthday.

I am sure you will see some of the birthday pictures of you visit her blogs.

Wife is in shopping mode. She plans on buying a new TV set for our own bedroom. One time when we went shopping, I noticed her looking at the TV sets on sale that comes with free tv stands. She said that it’s already a good deal to have a TV and a tv stand for one price. Basically, tv stands tv stands are priced separately, so the one he saw is free when you buy a TV. I know she is quite convinced and enticed because sometimes we like to watch movies while on our bed. Having another TV will provide us convenience when whenever we want to be lazy. Anyway, she is the one who does our budget, so I guess she will buy what she wants when money is not too tight and I am sure she is saving for it now.
It's spring and time to beautify our little place. I have been doing some replanting in our back porch. I have also bought new plants and since they are taking up a little space, I realized I needed some new plant stands too. I have seen some pretty plant stands on the store where I bought my plants but I have no idea how much each stand costs. I think I have some spare to buy two or three for the new plants. I will also check out some plant stands online and probably compare them with the prices on the store. But I am hoping I can also find affordable stands. I’m sure I will be able to save a lot.
Getting a health insurance is one of our priorities for my mother-in-law. I know it will be of great help to her when in case she gets sick or hospitalized. Actually some of our earnings online go to her for her medical insurance. For us here, we are fortunate to have medical and health insurance provided for us like Blue Cross Blue Cross, but in the Philippines where my mother-in-law lives, many are dependent on the free insurance provided by the government, which also happens to be for those indigent families only. For me, I am just making sure that Mom gets well taken care of while Lulu is not there physically to do so.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's my wife's birthday. I should post something extra sweet, something thoughtful and something nice for her but I decided not to as I want to say it in person.

I always find it hard to give my wife a beautiful surprise. She is hard to please in a sense that she always say she don't need anything. She is always grateful for the little things, but I always want to give her something she would really be happy about it.

I convinced her to throw a party for her birthday with all our friends. I cleaned our place and helped her for the party. I am so proud of myself for the idea because she never hosted a party and this is the first time.

The party last night was a big success. The laughs and the camaraderie was just unbelievable. Right now, I am in our bedroom while some of the visitors are still here and I am smiling to myself. I am proud of myself for doing this.

And guess what, the party is not over yet....

I love you babe. Happy birthday!
Since budget officer (the wife!) is planning to purchase a new TV, she’s been doing some research and reading led tv reviews. She saw one when we went shopping the other week and for her to choose the right TV for our bedroom, she turned to the internet to get some good reviews. This way, she would know which brand is of quality and delivers best. Aside from quality, she also wants something that is affordable and space saver. She actually wants it to be placed where we can watch without interruptions. I might help her look for one once I’m through with all the stuff that makes me busy now.
With all the problems and anxiety that people encounter every day, many are overwhelmed and when they do, they resort to taking medications that will alleviate their stress and depressed feelings. One of these anti depressants is Xanax and unfortunately others get addicted to it to escape from reality. Thankfully there are centers that offer xanax detox to those who have become enslaved with this central nervous system depressant. I too get stressed and sometimes depressed with all that I do, but I’m grateful that I have my daughter and wife with me, and a smile, kiss, hug and I love you from them melts my heart away and takes away my stress.