Sunday, February 27, 2011

I should have insisted long time ago that my wife needs a desktop with a big monitor. I told her many times that we should buy but she keep on insisting that she don't need it.

Anyhow, her laptop got a virus last night so I told her if she is not coming with me to the store, I have to buy her a desktop of my choice.

We ended up buying her an HP desktop.

I am glad that we finally bought a desktop with 2o" monitor. It is better for her eyes knowing that she is in front of the computer for many hours everyday.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

This was Andrea's STAT chart at the NICU. Every night when we visit here, we checked at this chart on how much she weighs. This also has the name of the nurse that takes care of her. Every time the chart changes, was for us an accomplishment unless the weight goes down which the nurses explained a very common occurrence.

Those were the days... very hard days of our lives as parents... seeing your child in NICU for almost 2 months...

Stem cell research has become very common and I am not against it. In fact, I believe in this scientific studies. This study has became a lifesaver to a lot of people who has suffered different diseases. As a father, I know how hard it is to see your child suffering thus, I support different cell studies.

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Landlords have different requirements so as with potential tenants looking for a place to rent. Most of the time, tenants would not find it easy to get a new place especially those who are hiding something unlawful. If so, it will be impossible for them to be accepted as tenants because of related screenings.

What is tenant screening anyway? It is done to examine the tenant applicant who wants to rent a property from a real estate company, an apartment and the likes. This is the main basis of the management and the landlords for accepting a potential tenant into the building or estate. This is only done to those people who want to lease a property but with the exceptions of minors in the family (if there are). Sometimes, even consigners are subjected to tenant background checks even though they will not be living with the tenant applicant/s. This is because they are connected through legality to the payment of the property that the potential tenants want to acquire.

Background Screening Services include the checking of credit records of a tenant applicant/s, as well as the income or employment history and criminal history. The screening companies do all the necessary actions such as contacting the previous place of residence of the tenant applicant, as well as the credit reports and other needed information that will reveal the necessaries. Tenants may find it as a breach to their private life but landlords have all the rights to do so. Besides, if you have nothing to hide, why fret?

Monday, February 21, 2011

We had a great weather last weekend. I feel a lot better too.

Saturday, we went to church and after we went to church we did our grocery shopping.

Sunday, after we picked up Andrea from her Nana and Papa, we went to dine out at Cajun Steamer Bar and Grill. The food was okay. It has been a while since we last ate at that place.

After shopping, I brought my girls to Target for some shopping. We were able to find some good buys on movies and other things that we want to send to Philippines.

We had a great weekend!

Pictures below were taken at the restaurant....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am now at the point where I can barely see at when I drive at night. Despite using my prescription eyeglasses it still doesn't help me very much. I think it is now time to schedule an appointment with my eye doctor so that I can upgrade my prescription glasses.

Going to the eye doctor is not very cheap at all. Thankfully, I have a good vision insurance from work. My vision insurance allows me and my family to have an annual check for free and partial cost of an eyeglasses. I am thinking to get one pair of eyeglasses at my eye doctor's clinic and I will also get an extra pair of eyeglasses online. I know that buying the extra pair online rather than the clinic will make me save a lot. I definitely can't afford a pair of eyeglasses at the eye doctor's clinic for a full price that is why I will opt to buy it online.

"Cheers! Tea is yummy!"

This is one of our bonding moments. Before my daughter goes to bed, she wants us to have a tea time with her. Sometimes she prefers snack time or both.

This activity is just simple yet it means so much to her.
I have blogged for over a year now, and believe it or not,I have enjoyed doing it. I am thinking of making an additional blog for myself. I have known bloggers online that owns multiple blogs. If they can do it, I am sure I can too.

My blog is in blogger and I want to challenge myself to try blogging in different platform. I know I am used to blogging in blogger and I don't have problems with it, but for the sake of new experience and to widen my horizons in the world of blogging, I need to experience how it is to do blogs in another platform.

I did some research about blogging through word press and I have found out that I need to have it self-hosted. Now, I am in the lookout for a company that will provide me with cheap web hosting. A hosting company that will guarantee that there will be less downtime or no downtime at all. I have to make sure that the web hosting company is reliable.
Lulu wanted a new digital camera. She saw a good deal online and she asked me if she can buy the camera. I answered that it is up to her. She is the one who knows about our finances anyway. I told her that if she really wanted the camera and we don't have the cash right now, I am sure I can avail of some kind of a payday advance loan so that she can buy the camera right away. But she said, no to this idea. She said she might just use some of her online earnings to purchase a new camera. My wife seldom ask for anything. I hope she will buy and get herself a new camera.
I am a type of person who likes to eat meat. I like to eat those big porter house steak! I can gobble burgers and fries. I like to indulge myself into eating cobblers and pies. Yes, in short I don't eat healthy. My reason is we all die so why starve yourself and suffer salivating at yummy foods that you want to eat yet you can't have. I have learned my lessons of course. I am now getting old and due to my unhealthy way of eating I know that sooner or later I will pay for it that is why I am using a colon cleanser to at least start a healthy way of living. I have realized that I should limit my intake of unhealthy food and start a healthy living if I want to see my child grow up.
This is a shrimp dish that is a favorite of mine. Lulu made this for me the other day. I am glad that I have a very caring wife. She always make sure that I have a hot dinner waiting for me when I am at work and she takes extra care of me when I am sick. Thanks babe. I love you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am in my 50s... yes I know what you are thinking... I know I am old! Men at my age are prone to develop colon cancer that I have to be very careful. I don't want to suffer any form of disease for sure. I am not yet ready to leave my family especially having a daughter like Andrea.

My Mom never fails to remind me to take care of myself because I have a family that relies on me. Part of taking care of myself is to make sure that I have a clean colon that is why I cleanse my colon using best colon cleansers that is proven to work. I know that I don't eat very healthy at all times thus I know how important it is to take some colon cleansers.
The other day, it was just Thanksgiving. Yesterday, it was Christmas. Then we started 2011. We just had Valentine’s and pretty soon we will be celebrating Mother’s Day.

Every year, I look forward to this event simply because I am a son and a father who appreciates what my wife does everyday for our family and what my Mom has done for us. I am especially excited this year because I am sure my daughter will be greeting her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!” by herself. When she was one, she couldn’t say it yet but I appreciated the way she looked at her Mom. When she was two, she needed a bit of coaxing before she can say it straight. Now that she is 3, I’m pretty sure that I can train her to successfully say the whole phrase on the first try. On Mother's day I always make sure to treat my wife a little extra special. I do treat her like a queen everyday but Mother's day is extra special.

My wife on the other hand is treating Mother's day a special day. She always make sure that she spends her day catching up with her mom back home in the Philippines. She makes sure to call her and greet her to let her know how she appreciates her being a mom. Actually Lulu and I looked online for Mother’s Day gifts that we can send to Mom in the Philippines. We just have to make sure that it leaves the US by mid-March. Finally, it makes me more proud of my wife that she also calls my mom during Mother's day to let her know how thankful she is for having a wonderful mother-in-law who is not just a typical MIL but her friend too.
For the last 3 days, all I did was sleep. I was sick and my sleeping pattern was out of whack. Sometimes, I wake up in the wee hours and couldn't go back to sleep. I just watch TV. I have noticed that when you watched TV late at night there are far too many products being advertised. Products that are beyond my imagination. They even show there some male enhancing products. They will show and explain how it works and if natural male enhancement really works. It was funny in a way because they tackle products that you wouldn't expect they would show on tv but I guess since it is late, the audience are older. Well, those products doesn't bother me at all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sagbayan Peak is a famous destination in Bohol, Philippines and YES I was there and I have seen the place!
The view is breathtaking and the air is fresh! Who can blame me when I will say my favorite place in the world is Bohol!

I am happy that my daughter Andrea has a special bonding time with my Mom and Dan. My mom picks up Andrea during Sunday afternoon (used to be Saturday) and let her bond with them. Sometimes, she brings Andrea to the playground and let her play and enjoy the playground for an hour or two. After they get tired of playing at the playground, they will then go home and do things together at home. Other times, she will bring Andrea to the store for shopping trip.

I know how much my Mom treasures the time she spends with her granddaughter. I can see how much fun they have every time I picked Andrea up to come home. Andrea gives so much joy to our lives that I am eternally grateful for having her. I am happy to see my Mom spending quality time with my daughter and their weekend bonding is special for both of them.

Being a grandma, she spoils Andrea in a good way. She buys clothes, toy, books, food and a lot more. She has been planning to buy Andrea a dollhouse and a swing set to go along with it. I know it is too much but how can you stop a grandma who loves her baby so much?

I think I have to teach Andrea to ask her Nana for a brand new car. What do you think? (LOL)
Going out and enjoying the nature is one of the fun things my wife and I enjoy to do. We do a lot of fun outdoor activities and our bonding time is always memorable. My wife and I both love winter time and we thought that in the future we should try dog-sledding.

Can you imagine how shocked we were when we found out about Outdoor Adventures Whistler company in Canada who allegedly killed 100 of their sled-dogs because their business is not doing good and they did it to cut costs? We were really devastated about the incident. Tell me, how can we ever look forward to try dog-sledding after knowing this incident?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have not been feeling well for the past few days. I called the doctor yesterday to ask if she could prescribe me a medicine because I felt like I have a soar throat. Doctor advised for me to see her as there is a virus going around.

Went to see her for my 9:45am appointment. I had a bad sinus infection and my throat is really swollen. I had steroid injection and I am taking medication.

If I don't feel better, I have doctor's order to stay home and be out of work until Friday. Hopefully, I will feel better before Friday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

When I heard about 100 dogs being slaughtered because dog-sledding business of Outdoor Adventures, a Whistler company is not doing good, I was devastated. What a tragedy it was to learn about this. I am a dog-lover and I am very saddened about what had happened. I feel that they are being very cruel to the dogs for doing so. I know I am not the only one who is outraged about this. I am sure there are many people around the globe who felt the same. I am just very glad that Whistler Tourism is investigating this matter. Should the investigation finds out that they really slaughtered the dogs, I am in hopes that they will be reprimanded for doing so.
Ever heard of Joey Houssian? He is the owner of Outdoor Adventures Whistler. This company offers dog sled rides but because of the downturn of their business, it was said that they have slaughtered up to 100 of their sled dogs to cut costs of their business. Isn't that awful? I understand why many people were outraged and expressed their utmost concern about this incident, after all it is very barbarous and brutal to kill these innocent dogs just because the business is not thriving.

Joey Houssian already scheduled media meetings and sit-down interview about the incident. Although he said that his company knows nothing about the scale of the slaughter, I think it is brave of him to say that he is taking moral responsibility for everything that happens within his company.
Dog sledding through the snow covered forest is a known Canadian adventure. There are different packages and tours that will let anyone have a memorable dog-sledding experience. Anyway, after the 2010 Olympic Games, dog-sledding business became slow that Outdoor Adventures Whistler company is alleged of killing 100 of their whistler dogs to cut costs. The treatment of the dogs that were used for their dog sled program is unacceptable that is why there is an investigation going on about the alleged dog slaughter. Many people are saddened and expressed their outrage about this incident. I hope that this incident will be solved. For me, killing those dogs is very inhumane.
I prefer to have a house with hardwood floors on them. Sadly, the place that we are living (together with my family) is not made of hardwood floors. It is carpeted . Having a carpeted floors have its advantage too especially during winter times as it warmer for your feet. On the other hand, having a carpeted floor is a lot of work especially having a toddler in your home. Accidents can happen, anyone can accidentally spill a liquid or something in the carpet and cleaning it is not a fun job.

I am glad that there are help available when cleaning a carpet because a very daunting task. There is a professional carpet cleaning company austin that will readily do the job for you in a very satisfactory manner. For somebody like me who doesn't have all the time in the world a cleaning company is a good solution. I know that the professional carpet cleaning methods austin are safe for my toddler that is why I will not hesitate to hire their services.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Valentines Day tomorrow and I will be working. There is no way that my wife and I can go out for a date. So, we decided to have a pre-Valentine Date today.

Our date is not the typical date. We went fishing. We had a wonderful time alone. We were the only two in the pond fishing. We had the place for ourselves. It was really nice to be with each other together with mother nature. It was very relaxing and we enjoyed the good view of sunset too.

The best thing of all... we caught fish! Lulu was happy as she will have fresh fish for dinner!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Driving Under Influence is a big offense. I am not going to argue with it because I believe that anyone who is under the influence should not drive because driving in such condition does not only endanger his self but also the people around him. Reports shows that there are rising number of deaths and injuries related to DUI. The lack of social responsibility for people who are driving under influence is intolerable that is why most judges give offenders a harsh fine and penalty.

One of the states that impose a harsh penalty on DUI is California. California DUI laws are some of the toughest in the nation. If you are caught, your drivers license will be suspended. For repeat offenders, penalties can range to license suspension, car confiscation, jail time and more.

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There are plenty of reasons why having a patio is advantageous. A well-designed patio becomes an extra room and an additional living space. One opts to have a beautiful patio for different reasons. One of the top reasons is, a patio can be a perfect place to entertain family and friends. As for me, I can use the patio as a quiet place to drink my coffee and read the paper in peace.

When we will have our own house, we will absolutely want a patio. I am sure that my wife will enjoy having one as the patio can be a perfect place to grow herbs and veggies ready to pick and eat or use fresh for cooking. Because she loves to cook, I am sure she will prefer fresh herbs and veggies.

Are you ready to have your own patio? Remember that designing a patio deserves a lot of thought just like designing any other areas of your house. When you are ready, consider the idea of using italian patio design, I am sure you will love it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh how time flies...!!! This was taken December 2008. Andrea was celebrating her first birthday. The kids around her are still small. Today, they all have grown up!

I was looking at the pictures in my laptop when I saw these pictures. I can't help but smile... my little girl is now a big girl!

A career in engineering is lucrative. I know that my brother-in-law is an electrical engineer. He chooses to work as master electrician in an international ship. I always find it fascinated to know how it is working in a big ship, journeying for days without seeing a land. He seems to enjoy it and he is happy with what he is earning as the salary for such job is high.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love driving when it is snowing. It makes me think of the movie Star Wars. It is so beautiful to see the snow coming to the car's windshield. I enjoy watching the snowflakes falling.

I wish it will snow some more. I know the snow won't last as the temperature is still at the 30s.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Did you notice that in 2010, everything that had a small letter i became hot, hot hot? Take the iTouch, iPod and most especially the iPad. Then towards the 4th quarter of the year, the iPhone became such a controversy that all the other phone manufacturing companies really tried to upgrade their products.

It’s only recently that I tried to learn the difference between an iPhone, an Android phone and the Blackberry. We’re thinking of either upgrading our phones because our plans now offer a freephone on our subscription.

The most important thing to base my decision on is what it is going to be used for. It is true that the use of the mobile phone has evolved to more than just calling and sending texts or SMS. Some people use it more often as a repository of their pictures and videos, while some use it heavily for push email to keep abreast of everything at work and some used it for entertainment purposes.

I am not a very techie person and I don't see myself changing phones every time something new comes up. I am very content with just plain calling and since I won't be a heavy user of all other applications, I have to think if is it really worth it to upgrade our plan.

Speaking of changing phones often, what do you do with your broken or unwanted phones? Every heard of This website is
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Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.
Wife and I went out to eat, without the company of our daughter as she was bonding with her Nana and Papa.

Sometimes, it feels great to go out just me and wife and have a short date. Of course, what better thing to do than to enjoy each others company in front of good food. We don't feel guilty leaving our child with my Mom because we both know that she will have a blast playing with her Nana and Papa. Their weekly bonding is good for them and it is especially good for us too as wife and I can have time for each other alone.

We ordered our drinks and we were served with their free bread which was really good. We had our salad with Vinegar and oil dressing.

For the main course: Lulu ordered grilled salmon with glazed honey, rice and steamed vegetables.

I ordered steak and grilled broccoli.

The food was good and their price is affordable. We will be back to eat there because we are satisfied with their food and service.
At work, I deal with a lot of paper works. For an ordinary individual who is not trained what I do, it is kind of stressful to deal with all the papers but I got used to it already. I can now do most of them in a breeze as I am familiar with different codes on every transaction already. Because we deal with volumes of copies needed in every transaction, I am glad we have heavy duty epson printers in our office. They are very reliable.

One thing I like about our office, we have couple of printers that when one is broke it doesn't affect as because there are other units that can be used.
I am lucky with my car. I purchased it as a used car year 2006. It was barely used though and it came with warranty. Ever since I got my Ford Escort, I never had major problems with it. I did encounter a few maintenance problem but all in all it served me well.

It helped that we never had a major car problem considering how hard our economy has become. I am just thankful that I even get discount on our car insurance. There are plenty of insurance carriers that offer cheap car insurance quotes and what I got now is the cheapest yet the benefits are really good. I got my insurance through my work that is why we get a huge discount.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

When my wife got here in the USA 5 years ago, she was not really a fan of cold weather especially coming from a tropical country. Her first year was the coldest winter ever for her. Remembering that year, I know the temperature went really low as low as below zero. I remember my wife wearing double sweaters along with her jackets, thick socks and boots. She did really well with proper layering of clothes, and she learned how to keep herself stay warm. At times, she would complain how cold it was when we go outside but she was able to survive her first winter. I am glad that she adjusted well. Now, she likes winter more than anybody else and she looks forward to it.

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Tonight, we will have a roasted young goose for dinner. This will be the first time that we will have it. I am very curious how young goose will taste like. At the back of my mind, I just know that it will be good. Call it a hunch or something. I will just wait and see in few hours if my hunch is correct.

We have a 13lbs young goose that is ready to bake. It will take like 4 hours to bake it.
Most of my friends who live in very cold states such as Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, to name just a few, have either skied or have friends or relatives who ski. One of the most needed items for this sport is a Ski Jacket. Since winter is almost over everyone is eager to go to the mountains and ski before the Spring season kicks in.

One of my friends in particular, whose name is Peter, is searching for a ski jacket for his wife Alli and wants a jacket that is functional, fashionable, and at a great price. My friend Peter and his wife lives in the great state of Utah which is known for extreme colds and skiing, most people there need a jacket that is incredibly durable since they will be using it for many months at a time. My friend has asked me if I know where he could find a great quality jacket at a great price so I decided to do a search on the internet to see what I could find. After looking through various websites I stumbled across a website called Outdoor Looks online store which carries different types of products including ski jackets for men and women, warm shirts, travel shirts, ski clothing such as ski pants, ski gloves, ski hats, ski thermals, ski socks and more.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When my wife discovered that getting a haircut can be costly, she knows that she will do it herself instead of going to a saloon.

Few years ago, we invested into buying a good haircut set. Since then, it is my wife who cuts my hair. We have saved a lot as my haircut will cost almost $20 every 3 weeks.

I don't require much with my hair. As long as it cut short I am okay with it and believe me, my wife does good at it.