Thursday, November 17, 2011

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine

I am a dog lover by nature. I guess I got it from my mom who is a very kind-hearted person to all animals. My moms dog are so loved and so spoiled at the same time. I have had dogs and I admit you will grow attached to them and you will treat them not just as pets but as part of the family. Dogs are always fun to be around and their tricks and little antics are just adorable.

As much as I love dogs, I love my babies more. I am privileged to be a father of two girls. I became a father to my first daughter 24 years ago. Then, 4 years ago, I became a father for the second time to another cute little girl. When our daughter was born 4 years ago, I was ecstatic as she looks like the cutest angel you will ever see. She is bubbly and cuddly and I just can't get enough of her.

Now as my daughter grows so thus her personality. I always remember my daughter's first giggle and first few smiles. She is so adorable. I am sure she could be a great candidate for Puppies vs. Babies and I am sure she will have an edge. But since we didn't join I will just make sure to vote for my favorite contestant of Puppies vs. Babies online contest . You too can do the same. Vote for your favorite and remember that casting of the vote will only be until November 23rd. Let me know who you think should win. Puppies or Babies? what's your bet?


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