Friday, November 11, 2011

My wife loves to surf the Internet, she loves to browse for sale in online shops, especially when it is from branded names of shirts, lingerie, shoes, bags and perfumes. She also loves to look for travel packages that are cheap and affordable. One time, she got Jaco Costa Rica Travel Packages while searching for travel deals. She was quite ecstatic when she saw the price of the packages because, according to her, she can afford it. She smiled when she learned that it is going to be in Costa Rica. But because we are scheduled for a trip to her home country early next year, she later took the smile away from her face.

Family travels as of the moment will be on hold, except for the one in February. We are saving our hard earned money for that trip and for other expenses. I know there will be other times for us to travel, just not this time yet. Aside from that, our daughter will be in school next year and that would mean additional expense. I know too well my wife, she can make things happen, she is one smart aleck. Who knows, in a year or two we will be off to another part of this world.