Tuesday, November 15, 2011

People who are in dire need of organ donors or transplant now have the chance to live longer. Many hospitals are keeping body organs in cryogenic equipment so that when there is an immediate need, lives will be saved. This equipment keeps and stores live body organs and freeze them to maintain their natural form and function. When they are needed, the process is reversed. Take for example, sperm cells and egg cells from human beings are kept in this equipment to preserve them for in vitro fertilization, so when married couples agree to have babies in a more scientific and alternative way, they can have their cells and go on with the procedure. The equipment takes the preservation of human life to a higher level. Others have greatly used their purpose to clone animals and even attempt to become gods by creating a human being themselves.

Controversial as it may seem and have sparked debates all over the world among scientists and professionals and religious groups and organizations, these procedures have greatly contributed to medical innovations and in saving lives.