Saturday, October 15, 2011

My wife is the queen of the kitchen and since she loves to cook for my family she makes sure that her haven is a cook’s paradise. For her, the kitchen is not complete without any kitchen curtains. Without it, kitchen’s just looks ugly. Curtains make windows look fresh and clean. That is why she is hoping to find something to match the color of our tablecloth and so with my tile floors. Her, being also an “expert” when it comes to surfing scheduled for a thorough research on nice kitchen curtain designs and trends. Despite the endless chores in the house, also considering the hectic schedules of being a mother and a wife, she still finds time to check out the latest gadgets and equipment for the kitchen. She sure can’t wait to buy the perfect curtain that would match and would sooth her personal taste. It somehow gives her the feeling of relief just by seeing all the needed fabrics for the kitchen. With no hesitation, I would quickly agree on her decisions to order one for the house. She is just so happy every time she has something new for our kitchen – a place where I finds peace and serenity.