Friday, October 28, 2011

It is amazing how beauty could be enhanced with all these cosmetics and surgeries. More than a decade ago, growing old is something that is feared by people who are at their prime. The song and movie “forever young” has been a hit—it’s because it is the silent cry of those who don’t want to lose their vigor, beauty, and even fame. Sadly, growing old is something that we could not stop. In every sunrise of someone’s life always comes a sunset.

But technology has found answers. Of course we could not stop ourselves from growing old, but at least we could look younger than our age. Now that’s something everyone would want, right? Nothing beats to the pure joy of being told that we look young. It is always the best compliment one could ever receive.

Aside from the cosmetic products we see guaranteeing to get rid of those lines and wrinkles, we could always avail of surgeries that would forever get rid of those marks that tell us of our actual age. For women who are not satisfied about their figure and breast size, they could always get breast prosthesis! Once again modern technology has made wonders. And I am continually amazed by them everyday.