Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It was last year when I got a scary call from my step mother. Dad had a heart surgery. I never had an idea that my father had heart problems. It was all so sudden. My step mom assured me that everything was okay though. Few days later, my dad was discharged from the hospital and he went home to recuperate. He didn't recover from the surgery overnight but he told me that he felt better after few days.

What happen to my dad, made me realized that I need to take more care of my health. What happen to my dad can easily happen to me too. I need to make a change to improve my overall health so that I can avoid any kind of heart surgery.

It is a blessing that nowadays there are plenty of skillful and experienced heart surgeons that can do a minimally invasive heart surgery. Heart surgery has also evolved. Before, the traditional way of heart surgery is done through dividing the breastbone and using a heart lung machine. Today, a cardiac surgeon can do the minimally invasive approach without the use of the large breastbone incision and may not require the use of the cardiopulmonary bypass. This procedure is done through small incisions in the right side of the chest. It is an alternative to open heart surgery. This approach is safe and have been performed successfully by NYU Surgeons. This kind of approach results in less pain and a quicker recovery for most people.

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