Sunday, October 2, 2011

'Twas Friday night when I went fishing. When I got there in the creek, the fish were not biting at all. I got two very small fish and that was it. I debated on going home as I thought it was one of those nights. Then I was hoping that fish will bite in few hours at the break of dawn. I went to the store to get some coffee instead.

In the morning, the fish did bite! I got a few good sizes of brim and yes finally the big bass! This is the first time that I caught a big bass.

I was excited of course and couldn't wait for Lulu to see them. I called her to take a picture of me bringing home the "prize catch"

I still can't believe how I caught 2 big bass. I told Lulu how I caught them.

I put them on the sink and ready to be cleaned. Lulu cleaned them and she measured it. The biggest bass was 14 inches long.

It was a great fishing trip for me!