Monday, October 24, 2011

Most transactions now are done electronically. You can now do electronic banking as well as electronic payments. It took me a while to be convinced about doing things electronically especially when it comes to matters that involve money. I always go for what is the usual. Would you believe that it took me years before I signed up for direct deposit for my salary? I was being fussed so many times by my wife for not enrolling direct deposit as it requires me to go to the bank to deposit my salary. Going to the bank is a hassle as there is always a line. So after a realizing that it will be easier to just do the direct deposit thing, I told our office that I want to enroll. Since then, I don't go to the bank to deposit my pay.

I now realized how convenient it is to do things electronically. My wife always pay our bills online. She told me that it saves her postage money. I guess that electronic payments on everything is what everybody prefers for it is convenient and time saving.