Tuesday, October 18, 2011

They say that when you are in the real estate business or industry, you are living a nice life. I’ve heard stories of people who happen to be real estate brokers or agents that are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Most usually can afford and affluent, probably because of the high commissions they get when they close million-dollar deals. One real estate agent’s life (who happens to be an acquaintance) changed in an instant and she became a one-time millionaire when a business tycoon purchased a big piece of land she was dealing. She was given a commission in 7 figures! The business tycoon was to put up a mall in the said purchase property. She was really lucky that she had closed that deal early on. So now she is truly living a good life.

Had I pursued my interest in real estate brokerage I would have also been enjoying the harvest. I would have also been selling properties like South Carolina Real Estate properties or would have also been closing million-dollar deals. But I did not and still, I am considerably living and enjoying a good life, one that I could not have in my home country. The only difference is that here, I get to do all things by myself. Nevertheless, I so enjoy what I have now and I am thankful that I have all these blessings.