Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of my wife's friends back in her home country has applied for permanent residency in Canada. Her family has been busy complying all the requirements needed for their application these past months. Last June, after completing all the required papers, they got a letter from the Canadian embassy and were already given a reference number for their application. The letter also stated that the principal applicant, her husband’s papers has been reviewed and have been found to be positive for eligibility assessment. They still don’t know if this is somehow a step closer to being approved. But they are still awaiting and hoping, and while they are, they have been looking for Calgary Apartments that they can rent once they set foot in Canada. Finding a house or an apartment is one of the very first important moves they should do. Since they do not have a relative who lives in Calgary, they will have to ask for some help from one of their friends who live in Toronto. It will surely be a big step and move for them. I just hope that the Lord will grant the desires of their heart.

Canada can really offer them great opportunities as both of them are professionals and a brighter future for their kids await them too.