Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes in our life we feel lonely, weary and downcast. There are times that even our own families could not suffice for the happiness we are looking for. There is never contentment in this world. We all look for something that will never make us content. When we are hungry, we eat and still would want more. If we have a house that can shelter us from the rain and sun, we want a bigger one, we have a car, we want another one. We all want more than what we have now, that is with the temporal things. But what about our soul, our spirit? Are we feeding it and nurturing it? Because we are too overwhelmed with all materials and the things of this world, we tend to neglect our spirit. There is a need for us to cultivate and foster good thoughts and ideas for our spirit. Spiritual Wellness is also important because man cannot live by bread alone. The spirit also needs to be fed with the Word of God so that it will not become weak, and will be able to resist temptations. God’s word is the best defense against the most vicious lures and work of the evil minds. So take some time out and read a verse or two and nurture your soul.