Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some people don't understand if I say I can't quit smoking because of my Ulcerative Colitis. Whenever I try to stop my UC flares up. I have tried many times to quit and I enjoy not to smoke until my UC flares up. My wife doesn't like the smell of smoke, so I smoke outside the house and cleaned up every after smoking. I am more than ready to give up smoking if not for my UC. I know some may say it is just my excuse but if they understand what UC really is, I think they will understand. Even my Gastroenterologist says that stopping my smoking can trigger UC flare up.

Anyway, speaking of smoking, I smoke regular cigarettes. I don't smoke cigars as it is not my preference. My brother-in-law does and I already told him where to buy cheaper cigars online.
An office mate of mine loves to hunt. It has been ages since I went hunting and as far as I can remember I had a great time. My office mate invited me to join him and his group of friends to go turkey hunting. It sounds like a good idea. The only problem is I need new scopes and other gadgets if I want to go with them. I need to save some money to buy all those. For the meantime, I will just go fishing as I have things I need for fishing. I am not closing my doors for some hunting activities but not right now, perhaps in the next month or two.

Part of my job when I worked in Kosovo was making target ranges. We trained people for shooting this target ranges. I worked there for a year and it was really lucrative.

When it comes to buying a diet pill, everyone wants to get the best product that works. A product that shows result at a price that is affordable is what everybody is looking for. As I read the apidexin reviews online, I am convinced that this product is worth a try. I believe that they have clearly shown what their ingredients are and what I like most is their money back guarantee.

For everyone who is in their weight loss journey, regular exercise and diet coupled with a diet pill, can make your journey easier. Just remember to check some reviews before you invest into a diet pill as it is important to be familiar with a certain pill before using it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Costa del Sol or literally Coast of the Sun, is a region in the south of Spain. It is one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations. Its mild climate is the root attraction. Because of its mild climate it is possible to enjoy the beaches other outdoor activities year round thus many tourists are lured to the place.There are many fine beaches that are just waiting for you on both the western and eastern Costa del Sol.

This is the perfect time to plan your trip to Costa del Sol. Escape the gruesome winter chills and enjoy a beautiful sunny day at Costa del Sol. Sun, sea, and sand awaits you. Book your trip now!
Three championships in six seasons, isn't that awesome? For the third time in six seasons, Terrible Towels will twirl at the Super Bowl, where the Steelers will meet Green Bay Packers.

Super Bowl titles for the 2005 and 2008 belonged to the Steelers. Will 2010 belongs to them too? I hope so! As of now, Packers are 2 1/2 favorite. Whoever wins this year's superbowl is still not sure and I will be the first to be sitting in front of the TV watching the game coverage.

For now, I will just enjoy as my favorite team wins the AFC Title!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Part of being able to perform your duties at work is having a very comfortable work space. This means that a beautiful office with comfortable modern office furniture, a spacious and modern pantry and some other necessary things that will give the employees comfort while working. It may sound little things but I think that these little things will make employees happy and if employees are happy they do their job with light heart.

There is nothing more frustrating than to be working and hating your job at the same time. For employers out there, provide the necessary things for your employees and they will work hard for you.
Mesothelioma is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure. Currently there is no cure for mesothelioma. I know this is a sad fact.

Life expectancy of today's mesothelioma patients have begun to lengthen through early detection tests and new medications and therapies. However, the disease remains a very aggressive form of cancer and survival rates depend on age, overall health of the patient, and the type of mesothelioma the patient is battling.

Do you know somebody who is suffering from Mesothelioma? There are help available for these victims. Visit and find the help you need.
"If only I know what weight loss pills work fast, I will definitely buy them." I hear this famous lines all the times. I am just lucky that I don't carry extra weight. On the other hand, I am a type of person who needs a little bit of weight. With my height, I look so skinny.

It is funny though, when we are in the Philippines, everybody think I am very tall but here in the USA I just have the normal height. Anyway, I actually like that I am not fat which means I don't really need to torture myself in thinking ways to loss weight.

I don't condone women who resort to weight loss pills. If they think it can help them loss weight and gain back their confidence I am all for it.
Do you ever play fantasy football? I do! This year, I didn't fare too well. I usually do good in my fantasy team but not this year.

There were million people who competed at fantasy football on this year. One man managed to rise above all of them, and he did it despite not having his own computer. He used computers at his father's nursing home, his mother's house, and the library. He even asks neighbors if he can use their computer. To make sure that he is always updated he buried his face with NFL news, stats and highlights.

For his unbelievable performance, Harrington won a $3,500 Best Buy gift card.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today, I woke up with the aroma of baked ham in the oven. It was very delightful! My wife told me that she prepared ham so that I can have something to eat before I go to work. Yes, I am lucky! I have a very thoughtful wife.

Anyway, the smoked ham was very delicious. It was one of the best hams we ever had. I have eaten two thick slices of it before I went to work. I brought some at work too and I am still amazed how good the smoked ham is. I was thinking if I have this often I need to have some appetite suppressants or else I will gain a lot of weight as I can really eat a lot of this.
I have meet a lot of people all over the world both men and women. I am a type of person that likes to meet people. Different cultures interest me. Despite the difference in culture, I have noticed that girls have things in common. Whatever races they belong most of them are very figure conscious. No wonder that you can also find diet pills for women everywhere. May it be in tv, radio or print advertising, you will always see advertisements about diet pills. I am sure that there is a high demand for it.
I like spending time with my daughter. I always dreaded working night shifts because I have less time to spend with my daughter. Andrea is learning so many things now. Sometimes, she amazes me how much she know.

This is one of our games, playing mouse and cheese! We have our own version and she always enjoy this game.
During my younger years, I can drive non-stop. I love driving at night because of less traffic. Recently, I have noticed that I am no longer comfortable driving at night. I don't have the same vision when I was younger. Although I wear eyeglasses, I still cannot see clearly at nights. My night vision is getting worse.

I can't believe how much I rely on my eyeglasses to see. I only have 1 pair of eyeglasses right now and I am thinking of buying a spare one. I am checking on some cheap eyeglasses that are available online. I have to see if this is worth a trying.
A friend of ours keeps telling us how good the kinect xbox is. She and her husband are having a blast with the numerous games that are controller-free.

Xbox kinect is a very cool technology and I am sure that your whole family will have more reason to get fit. Playing with this allows you to exercise and keep in shape without even realizing it because you will enjoy the games so much. If you want to your family to get fit, Xbox kinect is your solution! The system offers lots of fun and entertainment and on top of that it offers great exercises.
It has been long time ago, since we visited Mobile, Alabama. My older daughter Mischa lives there. Hopefully, we can go visit here this year. Perhaps we can visit her this spring and let Andrea enjoy the waters of Mobile Beach.

Anyway, this picture was taken at Blue Gill Restaurants. One of our favorite places to dine in Mobile, Alabama.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you working in a petroleum industry? Sometimes, I really dong give much thought about different types of a petroleum hose. I am sure that there are different types of those and each have different functions. I know that petroleum hoses can be used to transfer petroleum products, crude oil, hydrocarbons, and others. Are you using the right one? There are different petroleum hose brands that are nationally recognized. I advise you to buy this items to a license distributor only.

Monday, January 17, 2011

When I work night shift, I always worry with my girls because they will be left alone and I am worried something bad will happen. I know that breaking in is very common and I am afraid that I won't be there to protect them. I never forget to remind my wife to make sure that the doors are locked and not to open the door if somebody knocks during the wee hours. Thankfully, we have secured our doors with deadbolt locks and we have secured door hardware too. Security is always a must and a necessity for me even if I have to pay a little bit more for it. Having secured doors give me peace of mind while I am away from my family.
I hate my cellphone. I think I have said that thousands of times already. What I hate about my cell phone is it is very sensitive. I don't know how to lock it either and because of this when it is in my pocket, it will just do things on its own. Sometimes, it will just dial somebody, oftentimes it will take picture or do something else. It is very frustrating and annoying and I am so ready to give up on this cellphone. Due to budget constraints, I am holding on as far as I can but not anymore as I found a website that lists different free stuff which includes free cell phones. Yes, I am serious they offer free cellphones! Isn't that sweet? This just means that I can kiss goodbye to my annoying cellphone!

When I told my wife about this free website, we have a great time browsing it together. Now she is exploring on how she can get free samples. Knowing my wife who is very frugal, she is very excited about getting free samples by mail and free trial offers. She also said that she will grab the opportunity to get some online freebies too. Anything that is free expect that my wife will be curious about it. As for me, I will just concentrate on the free cellphones the rest of the other free stuff, I will just leave it to my wife. She is better at it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its the weekend of great football games. I wasn't able to watch all the games because we have some other things to do. I have listened to most of the game in the radio while driving.

I am really glad that Pittsburgh will be playing for the division championship. I just hope that they will go all the way in winning the Superbowl.

The game between the Patriots and the Jets was really intense. I enjoyed watching it today and I am happy that the Jets won.

I can't believe how fast the football season went. In few weeks it is already superbowl which means end of the football season and another long wait for another season to start.

To all the football fans out there, good luck to your teams! I definitely need some luck so that Steelers will win this year.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There are people who are very good in keeping things that are of sentimental value. I myself have kept a few of them. Growing up with a military father, my family moves countless of times. I remember attending different schools every year. It was tough but what can I do I was young then.

Over the years I have accumulated materials of sentimental value. Some of them were passed to me by my parents and some I have gotten through my travels world wide. Lately, because of the unpredictable weather that we have in our state, I plan to rent a self-storage. Putting my valuable items and other junks in a self-storage will make it safe for whatever climate we may experience. Besides, self-storage are safe. I am sure that my prized possession will be safe from theft and the like.

Low-cost self storage services are everywhere. Whether you are a business owner who needs extra storage for your products or a household user who needs extra space to store your possessions, you can find storage London at a very cheap rates. This is a good news for people in London and across the UK. Henfield Self Storage is a storage London that offers low cost self storage services for business and household users. Check them out!
I'm kind of bad about doing regular beauty habits that I should do, like brushing my hair when it's still wet after I washed it. I'm also kind of bad about removing my eye makeup at night before I go to bed, but I've decided that I need to take better care of myself and made a New Year's resolution to do that in the beauty department.

I went online to come up with some ways to remember to do some of those beauty routine must-haves. While I was doing that I came across a Mobile broadband online offer that sounded pretty great and after I thought a little bit about it I signed up for it for my home internet service.

Some of my beauty New Year's resolutions include gently taking off my eye makeup with makeup remover and cotton balls. Also, I'm going to start flossing every night before I got to bed. I guess all the stuff I need to work on has to do with my beauty routine before bed.

Guest post written by Blake Ross
After the ice storm, work was back to normal today.

Monday we did not work because the roads were impossible to drive. Since I worked in a freight company, trucks couldn't make it too because I think that Alabama roads are not designed for snowing. Some of the interstates were closed. Tuesday, I had to work a late shift. Not all of us workers were required to work but since I am the closest to the office, I volunteered to work. It was kinda messy but I was done in time.

There are still ice on the roads but manageable. With careful driving, Alabama seems to be back to normal. The not so normal is the weather... it is so cold!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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When it comes to pregnancy, my wife's pregnancy was one of the quickest. We didn't know that she was pregnant until it was almost four months. She never experienced the common morning sickness and the cravings. She was lucky, I guess.

When we learned that she was pregnant, we scheduled an appointment with an OB GYN and their she was prescribed with pregnancy vitamins. She diligently took them despite its taste and size. We both believe that it is for the baby's health.

My wife gave birth to a premature child. So, basically her pregnancy was so short. She is lucky one more time as she didn't have a hard labor. She had a 10 minute labor.

Last Saturday, my eldest daughter spend the night with us. I was surprised and happy. I haven't seen her for quite sometime and seeing her made my day. It was unplanned and I was very glad that she stopped by and spend the night with us.

I would have wanted her to stay for a while but I am also worried that she will encounter the bad weather going home to Mobile. Early Sunday morning she left and drove home. The visit was brief but I love it.

I couldn't be any happier seeing my two daughters bonding together. They are both so cute together. Thanks for the visit doodle. We hope to see you again soon. I love you.
Rapid weight loss pills are making waves online. There are so many weight loss pills that I loss count of them already. Some of them are just a waste of your money but some of them are proven to work. What works for you may not work for others. So basically, it is a case to case basis as to what is effective and what is not.

There are website that can be a source of good information when looking for the best weight loss pills that works wonders in your goal to achieve a desired weight. These websites often present reviews and success stories. Check them out before deciding which pills should you put your money on.
I can not really tell which of the diet pills that are available really works. I guess because I am blessed to have a very fast metabolism that even if I eat tons of food, I rarely gain weight. What I can tell though, is there is a website that has comprehensive information about diet pills that work. I know that there are many individuals who are facing the endless quest of finding the right diet pills for them that is proven to work. Finding the right diet pills require a lot of research and perhaps a trial and error method.

When a certain pill doesn't work for you, don't despair as there are plenty out there. Just be sure to check them out and read their reviews.

During our vacation, I went pole fishing and caught a lot of brim. Lulu was indeed happy with the fish that I caught.

I enjoyed fishing and when the weather will not be very cold, I will find a spot that we can fish.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I am planning to switch my blog from blogger to word press. I have actually seen many bloggers who already switched and they seem to be satisfied with their moves. I hope that if I will decide to switch, it will be more rewarding for me too. My wife has been blogging with word press platform and she has learned a lot already. I am sure that she will teach me some of the tricks. She told me that she can recommend a good webhost. She is lucky that she have found the best web hosting provider. She never experience down time with her web host and she liked the support that she got from them.

So for a better web performance, find the best web host for your website.
Guest post written by Brenda Wardolf

When I was on the other day looking for new hearing aids, I received an instant message from my son, Dan. He naturally wanted to know what the family had going on for Christmas, and I told him that after he caught a plane home, he could rest a day and then we'd all go out for dinner. My husband and I aren't terrific cooks by any means, and whenever we have a special family dinner, that usually means that we are going out.

For Christmas, we have a tradition that we've been keeping up with for years. Every Christmas we go out to grab a bite of Chinese food perhaps it's a little different, but it's been something that we've been doing for years! Most places are closed on Christmas, but we noticed that certain Chinese food places stay open, so we started doing that. The truth is that the family always gets excited about it. Even though it's not 100% conventional, we get to spend time together and enjoy each other's company on the holiday. Over all, the quality time is the most important to us!
Today LSU will be playing against Texas A&M. This will be their last game for the season. For my nostalgia entry which is a bit late, here's my little girl wearing her LSU shirt. Since we are big fans of LSU all of us has LSU shirts....


Thursday, January 6, 2011

When it comes to fashion, ask my wife and she will have something to say about it. She is the designated shopper in the family (obviously!). Even my clothes, she is the one that bought them. I just wear whatever she bought for me.

I have noticed that she and her friends are shopping online more often. I am not complaining though. I just noticed that we get packages from the mail ever so often. Her latest purchase were some womens apple bottom. They are cute and honestly, my wife looks great in them. There is no reason to complain as I know my wife won't shop on something beyond her price range.
I am sure that last Christmas one of the top gifts that most kids received was the xbox. My daughter is just 3 years old and I think she is not yet ready for this kind of gift. I guess I need to start saving now so that by the time she is old enough to want her own xbox I have the money to buy for it.

Xbox competes with Playstation 2. The Xbox is a solid investment because it is not only a great game console but it is also a full featured DVD player. This saves space, saves time, and provides fun for the entire family. I am not very advanced when it comes to technology that is why I still prefer the old Playstation but if somebody wants to give me an Xbox I would gladly accept it.
This is the Joe Wheeler State Park where you can see one of the biggest inland lock in the USA

This is where we are staying... our home away from home and loving it!
I have heard that one of Lulu's friends is planning to invest into restaurant business. She said that the restaurant will be like a Filipino restaurants. I think it is a good idea since there is no such restaurant in our area and the neighboring towns.

Investing into a restaurant business needs a lot of planning to be successful. One of the things that they need to have are restaurant supplies and furniture. I am sure they will need somebar stools and tables. I hope they would find something like native type so that it will be fitting for the type of cuisine that they will serve.
Whenever I see the Army Football team wins, I always think of my brother-in-law. He is a big Army fan and I remember him telling me that win or lose he smokes his cigar every after a game.

Smoking cigar is his thing and I am sure he has humidors for cigars. Last I heard, he bought a couple boxes of Cuban cigars. He ordered it online. I should tell him about the famous smoke shop and their on going sale. I am sure he would love to find great deals of his favorite cigars.

We are enjoying the homey feeling staying at one of the cabins at Joe Wheeler State Park. It is amazing how nice the cabins are for the price that we paid for it.

Should you happen to visit Florence, Alabama you should check it out as it is well worth your money.
Every building now has automatic hand dryers in their bathroom. It is really nice to have hand dryers because it improves the cleanliness and sanitation of the bathroom. Hand dryers are environment friendly as establishments will save more in using them rather than using paper towels. By using automatic hand dryers, it helps an establishment accomplish its goal of reducing their waste. If you want to save money now, you need to invest into hand dryers and refrain from using paper towels that may cause clogging and lot of mess in your bathroom.
Before we left for our vacation, we went to the bank to get some cash. I noticed that there were long lines of people waiting for their turns to do their transaction. Both the drive through and inside the bank were busy. It made me think that they need to hire more tellers because they have plenty of clients to attend to.

While waiting for our turn, I asked my wife if given a chance, will she be interested in banking jobs. She said she is not sure but I think that it is a good idea to consider.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Securing the future is what everyone is doing that is why most of us are working very hard to ensure that our future is taken cared of. While a person is still healthy and able to work, he should consider making financial arrangement that will enable him to continue receiving some type of regular income even after he is no longer active in the workforce. This is what pension plans are for. Pension plans are also retirement plans.

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