Monday, May 31, 2010

Posted by William Balier

It is almost time to eat lunch and I am running late. I am supposed to meet my old high school music teacher at Sam's Subs a relatively new sandwich shop that has opened up a few miles from my home in Asher, OR. We had found each other by accident on a social networking site and decided to meet to catch up. Now I'm running late and hope to make it on time. I have cleaned the house and after setting the adt home security alarm I hop in my little car and floor it. It wasn't that bad, I was only a couple minutes late. Anyway after we exchanged pleasantries we get down to ordering our lunch. I had a fairly straightforward turkey and cheese on wheat. My old teacher had ordered the same as me. After a few minutes of chatting the waitress brought us our food and it looked great. Boy, I should have stopped at the good looks of the food and I should not have taken a bite. The turkey was a little tough and I was pretty sure that bread was made a couple days or a couple of weeks ago. Nevertheless, I kept my thoughts to myself as my teacher was the one who chose this sub shop. The conversation moved freely enough, although I'm not sure how my teacher managed to swallow that hard bread. Finally, the moment I thought would never arrive, the check! I took the check and paid the entire bill for both of us. We said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch and on the way out I marked this place off my list of sub shops to patron again.

It is memorial day, and it is a great day to commemorate and honor all the soldiers that fought for our country. I am a proud to say that I served my country as I was in US Army and a veteran of foreign wars.

Anyway, I love watching war movies, military channels, military history and all these stuff and here's my take for this weeks theme... Soldiers...

Capt. John H. Miller
Tom Hanks
Saving Private Ryan

William Wallace
Mel Gibson

Gen. George S. Patton Jr.
George C. Scott

1st Sgt. Edward Welsh
Sean Penn
Thin Red Line

Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart
Gene Hackman
Behind Enemy Lines

Friday, May 28, 2010

I may be weird but I find a woman most beautiful when she is pregnant. There is this glow that is so visible. When Lulu got pregnant, we were so happy because first and foremost I want Lulu to experience motherhood. I already had a daughter so, I know that having a child is an awesome experience and I don't want my wife to miss that.

Most women when they get pregnant they will gain a lot of weight, my wife was one of them. In gaining weight, the skin will stretch. I have heard of different stretch marks creams that are available in the market. Though there are many that are available, I haven't seen my wife used them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The innovative hover disc is a cross between a frisbee and a balloon. Made of very lightweight materials, the disc has a circumference of approximately 34 inches. Even before you add air or helium the disc will fly through the air not unlike a like a large, flat frisbee. But add helium or air and you can make the disc perform unusual tricks with a little bit of practice. The disc's lightweight material may make it easy to puncture, but you can cover any holes with clear packing tape and you can also add more air or helium through the fill valve when it starts to lose its shape.

The second time I visited Lulu, I brought some toys for the kids and other "pasalubong". I decided to bring hover disc knowing that they have a big ground to play. Putting some air in the hover disc was a fun experience. Everybody was so curious about the toy. The whole family and some neighbors were there to help infuse some air on it.

The picture above show how many people tried to manually blow air in the hover disc. It took us long to understand why it was not working. We alternately blew some air yet it was not working. All the guys were helping and tried to figure out how to make the hover disc work. We were trying to be "macho" and confident we can make it work. But we can't figure it out.

Here comes Miss Smarty (Lulu), she figured out that we blew so much air on it that is why it was not working. We needed to let some air out. Just like that the hover disc work!

A picture of Lulu playing the hover disc. That was a day full of fun and I was able to bond with Lulu's family and neighbors.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If you want a channel offering a wide range of material, FX is worth looking into. Whether you are a comedian at heart, a legal enthusiast who loves suspense, a hopeless romantic looking for the perfect love saga, or a biker on the wild side, you will find your niche' with FX.

I can never get enough of a good drama. "Damages" keeps one hanging by the edge of their seat episode to episode, season after season. Glenn Close is second to none in this legal drama and is likely to keep people coming back for more. If you are unsure if you get FX, my suggestion would be to go to because this is where I went to see and it was easy to find the channels listing.

For the love struck crowd, "Rescue Me" ranks up there with some of the best. Poor Tommy, played by Denis Leary, is one of New York's finest firefighters, who spends more time putting out the fires of his personal relationships than he ever does on the streets of New York. If that alone is not enough, his battle with alcoholism fuels the flames. This is a show where you cannot help but love to hate the guy, while hating to love him.

Finally, two shows for the rebel in us all are "Sons of Anarchy" which spins a plausible tale about an outlaw biker club, and "Justified" about a vigilante Marshall who fights crime. If you were to put these shows together, you would have a modern day shoot-out at the O.K. Corral.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When it comes to New Year's Resolution, I think that weight loss ranks as the top most and the most common. People around the world always think the losing weight is a good resolution but I think this is also the one that will be on the top list of unrealized New Year's resolution. You see, weight loss can be a struggle. With so many sumptuous and tempting food that is always available and of easy access, there is no way that a person can not be persuaded to have a bite of this and that.

Losing weight is not an easy task. There is always a reason to stumble. It needs a lot of determination and self-discipline to be successful in losing weight.
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Aging is inevitable but slowing the aging process is possible through hgh releasers. It's your choice!
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Do you need body building supplement? Check out protein powder. Protein powder has essential building blocks for your muscle.
There is a Facebook page for "Save the Gulf". So far, it now has more than 50,000 followers. The Save the Gulf Facebook page is a collaborative effort of, and

The facebook page was created last April 30 and it houses content from The Birmingham News, the Mobile Press-Register, The Huntsville Times, The Mississippi Press, the New Orleans Times-Picayune and other sources. It provides Facebook users a comprehensive source for the latest news and volunteer opportunities in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

This is really a great place to meet people who are geared towards saving the Gulf Coast. In fact this page is linked to several non profit organization like Mobile Baykeeper, Water Keeper Alliance and Gulf Restoration Network.

If you want to be updated with the latest news and articles about the spill in the Gulf of Mexico you can become a fan in facebook and join the conversation.
Staying in the bathroom for a long (as in long) time I think is a girl thing. My wife can stay in the bathroom for a long period of time that I often asked what is she doing in there. My wife is comfortable in putting her make up on in front of our bathroom vanity. She said that the ample light and enough space provided by the bathroom vanity makes her confident that she can put her make up on without smudge.

Bathroom vanity adds value to a home. It is really a nice addition to the bathroom. It helps make the bathroom more classy. Don't have a vanity in your bathroom? Install one and you will see the difference.

I have a pretty big interest in baseball cards. Especially rookie cards. But where I live, there are no baseball card shops. I have to buy packs of cards at Wal-Mart and hope I get some rookie cards. But I can’t get older rookie cards that way, so I turned to my hughes net satellite internet in hopes of finding a place to buy rookie baseball cards. I have satellite internet from hughesnet jackson al and I cannot complain, it works great.

There are so many places online to get old rookie cards, I didn’t know where to start. I bid on a few at eBay, but always got outbid at the end of the auction. So I decided that auctions weren’t for me. I needed to find a reputable dealer of baseball cards so I could buy them at a fair price.

I actually found several places with which I now do business and am building quite a collection of rookie cards. I plan on passing them down to my son when he’s old enough to take care of them and respect them. Hopefully some day he will be able to sell them for a lot of money or maybe even pass them down to his son. Either way, it is a fun hobby for me today.

I love that special feeling I get when I buy a Hank Aaron rookie card and put it in my safe. I know I have something valuable that nobody else knows I have. Then when I do show it to someone, the look on their face is priceless.

This is a guest post by Brice Myers

Yes, you heard it right. Amidst the great season (so far, as they are in the first place in their division), Texas rangers filed for bankruptcy. Who could have believed that 10 years ago, this team has signed Alex Rodriguez for an unheard 252Million contract? Did you know that until now, after 6 years of being traded to another team, Texas Rangers still owe Alex Rodriguez with nearly 25million in compensation.

The Rangers bankruptcy, according to an article from the AP, is completely voluntary and has the support of MLB commissioner Bud Selig. The hope is that if the other big-league teams approve the move, it will clear the way for the team's sale to a group of investors led by former Rangers pitcher and all-time strikeout leader Nolan Ryan.

Despite the pending bankruptcy, the team assured their players that they would continue to be paid on time. New baseball players’ union head Michael Weiner said he has “been assured that all contractual commitments to players will be honored in full.”

Monday, May 24, 2010

I have to remind myself that my car needs oil change. I always make sure that my car receives proper care and maintenance as to prevent major repairs. Car repairs can be expensive even for a Ford car like mine. I can just imagine how much it will cost for a luxury car to be repaired. I know that when you buy some Ferrari parts it will cost a lot.

Owning a luxury car is not for me, as I can't afford it. I still think that even if I have extra money, I won't invest in a luxury car. What I need for a car is for it to take me to places I want to go without problems. It doesn't need to be the most expensive car anyone can imagine. I just need a reliable means of transportation without having a big dent on my pocket.
My Mom is a dog lover... big time! When her two basset hounds died, she adopted another two. Her and my step-dad are just so in love with their dogs that they spoiled their dogs. Their dogs are well taken cared of. They have luxurious place to stay, wonderful pet beds and of course they are well provided with proper care and food.

Their adopted basset hounds are from the rescue center. The first time they got them, they were skinny and scared dogs but now they have transformed. Buffy and Bosley are now the happiest and sweetest dogs you can imagine. Those dogs are Andrea's favorite!
Lulu has been asking me when will we dine in Olive Garden. I have avoided Olive Garden because I didn't find there food good. But to answer Lulu's curiousness about this restaurant we dine yesterday.

As expected, she didn't like the food there. We are both not an Italian food eater so I know that she wouldn't like it there. When Lulu didn't ask for a to go box (which she usually does), I know she didn't like the food. All I told her is "Now you know why I don't like Olive Garden".

In fairness to the restaurant (even if we didn't get a good service), the Ravioli that I ordered was good.
There was a time when I have a wide collection of music CD's of my favorite singers. I enjoyed listening to music especially if I am doing some chores inside the house. Due to some events (it is a long story), I lost all my CD's and DVD's.

I have noticed that these days, most people just listen to music through MP3 players. I ought to buy me one of those. Its portability is one of the features that I like. I can bring it anywhere I go and still be able to listen to my favorite music. I can also store my faves in it so it is really a must buy for me.
We were in the store the other night just walking around when we passed by a sale section. Knowing my wife who loves to check on sales, I pointed it to her. She found out that DSLR digital cameras were on sale for just $500. I was like whew! I never know that dslr cameras are expensive. Good thing that Lulu doesn't like dslr because she said it is too bulky for her. That means, I am safe in spending over 500 for a camera.

My wife owns a tiny and sleek touch screen digital camera which I don't even know how to operate. When I need to take a picture I just ask her to get it ready for me.

Welcome to another edition of Monday Movie Meme. This week we will be talking about Brothers in the movie. If you are interested please join us with The Bumbles and share with us your picks for this week.

Here's mine:

1. Legends of the Fall - Epic tale of three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of 1900s USA and how their lives are affected by nature, history, war, and love.

2. Rain Man - is the story of a young man who regains his humanity through the unexpected love of a brother he never knew.

3. Brothers - A young man comforts his older brother's wife and children after he goes missing in Afghanistan.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Clinislim is dedicated to helping one lose weight. There are unsafe ingredients of clinislim like Garcinia Cambogia that contains Hydroxy Citric Acid. The FDA recently warned people from taking supplements that contain HCA because of potential serious liver complications. It is true that clinislim has have proven ingredients in the clinically proven amounts that will assist you in losing weight but the fear of its side effects is for you to decide if is it worth taking the risk.

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When it comes to weight problems, men and women are the same. They are both looking for a quick weight loss solution. Solutions that would give them satisfying result at the least number of days. Solutions that are effective and long lasting.

I know that getting rid of the extra weight is a lot of struggle to many individuals. Losing weight is a long process that needs a lot of patience and determination. There may be products that can help speed up the process but in the end the most important thing is self-discipline. If you want to loss weight, you need to focus on your goal.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Airports have a very tight security which I really appreciate because we, as travelers need to be safe. Getting to our destination safely should be the main concern of all airport personnel.

I remember my international travels. Different countries has different security measures. I remember in Manila Airport that before the taxi can get inside the ramp going to the airport it has to be checked by security officers using convex mirrors. Although it takes time, I feel more secure that security personnel are very cautious about the people that come and goes to the airport.
I know it is annoying to have recurring pimples at the same spot. It does happen and the only explanation I can think is that certain spot gets reinfected at all times thus pimples occur. Pimples affect the self esteem of an individual. Pimples or acne doesn't only affect teenagers, in fact it affects people from ages 10 through 40. It is not unusual for women, in particular, to develop acne in their mid- to late-20s, even if they have not had breakouts in their teen years. The best acne solutions for each individual differs. As each individual has different skin type, it also requires different type of acne treatment. So, what works for you may not work for others. It is just a matter of looking for what is the best treatment for your skin type.
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This is my first entry.... Boarding Pass
It was April 6, 2006 when I have to get back here in the USA with a heavy heart. I just spent 10 days with Lulu and we were still processing her Fiancee Visa. It was a great vacation though. That was when I officially asked her hand in marriage. Yes I did the traditional asking of the hand in marriage. I am glad I did it because Lulu's family appreciated it.
Since we bought our grill, we had so much fun with it. During weekends we always make it a habit of grilling and let Andrea play outside. It is our weekend bonding. Andrea always have so much fun playing while we are grilling.

We do spend a lot of time outdoors now that the weather is nice. We actually just set up a place for us to have a little picnic at our back area. We put some chairs and table at our back. We just need to buy some new patio cushions to make us more comfortable.

I love our weekends because it is always stress free and our outdoor fun is always good for our family bonding.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

With everything being accessible in the net today, it is very easy to get insurance quotes online. There are no reason why anybody would not at least try to get insurance quotes and see who can offer the cheapest premium and a high coverage. Insurance is part of family security thus I believe that it is important to have an insurance coverage.

Don't wait for tomorrow. Shop for for an affordable life insurance. Remember to protect your family from the inevitable. Give them the security that they deserve when you are no longer there to provide for them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing up one of my favorite things about summer time was lounging around my parent’s back yard in their huge hammock. I spent hours reading, sleeping and laying out before I was finally forced to get a place of my own. I’ve always lived in small apartments and just recently moved into a larger condo with a walk out terrace, I knew that I wanted some sort of hammock to put in this area. Using my wildblue satellite, I was able to search and find a great website specializing in all types and sizes of hammocks. offers a huge selection, all at very reasonable prices. I had already decided that I would have to settle for a hammock chair because of the lack of yard space, and luckily this website offered a wide selection of these. I had been worried that I would not be able to find exactly what I was looking for.

There were different fabrics, sizes and colors to choose from. So not only did I get the hammock I wanted, I actually got to pick on that looks great on my terrace and fits in perfectly with my other decorative items. The shipping and purchasing process was quick and painless and it arrived within a week after purchasing it. I get loads of compliments on my chair and it is always the most sought after seat outdoors, and I’m really glad I used wild blue to make the whole process easier.

Guest-posted by Angel Ricardo

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is my first time to join this meme. Actually my wife been asking me to join this meme since we are both movie fanatics...

For this week which is about Dancing.... this is my share...

Code - I like the russian dancing in this movie.

Tropic Thunder - Oh yes, who can resist to laugh at the dance scene of no less than Tom Cruise.

Dirty Dancing - I think this is a classic movie when it comes to movies with dancing in them. The late Patrick Swayze can really dance.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have always been fascinated with aerospace. It would really be exciting to experience a vacation in the aerospace capital of the world - Palmdale, California. A vacation to this place will not be very hard because there are wonderful and affordable palmdale hotels or palmdale motels.

I think it will be interesting to visit the Aerospace Exploration Gallery in Palmdale, California because it features unique glimpses of NASA's exciting past, present and future in the Antelope Valley and into outer space. As I was researching online, the displays in their gallery include the refurbished forward fuselage including the cockpit of an AV-8 Harrier jet aircraft, a representation of flight research activities in the Antelope Valley circa 1949 and visiting displays that depict aspects of aerospace exploration. If you love anything and everything about aerospace, this place is a perfect destination.

Palmdale, California enjoys 360 days a year of clear, blue skies and sunny weather so you will surely enjoy your vacation without the worries of rain delays. I might also consider checking out Lancaster if I plan to visit Palmdale. I can always stay in a lancaster ca motel.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

As a garden fashion accessory, the palm tree is without competition. They are cheap, accessible and available everywhere. You can buy wholesale palm trees everywhere too. Having an instant landscape is by far one of the greatest benefits for growing palm trees. When you don't have a big yard, planting palm trees can quickly transform your little yard into a seductive oasis.

I have seen many signs of palm trees for sale anywhere and everywhere we go. Definitely, buying palm trees is not a problem. What I like about these trees is the fact that they don't need regular watering nor copious amounts of nutrition and it will hold up with a minimum amount of fuss. It is also a non-rakers delight. I know raking leaves is a pain because it is hard work. The beauty of the palm tree is it doesn't have leaves to be raked. The foliage of palm trees is made up of fronds which can be discarded on a seasonal basis.

Mature palm trees can be worth a lot of dollars. Depending on the variety it can be transplanted easily and it is always in high demand by home-owners, landscapers and sometimes even botanical gardens. If you wanna earn good money with palm trees, there are wholesale nursery that sells palm trees for less. Palm trees are easy to grow, so why not start growing them now?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have been smokeless for the last two weeks. So far so good! I am proud of myself for doing it. There are times that I feel the urge to smoke but I tried my best not to. I am hoping that I can stay smokeless.

This is a guest post by Corry Evans

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is take a road trip. Sometimes I go to visit family, but other times it is a spontaneous adventure. Once or twice a summer I will jump in the car and head out with a tent, cooler and other essential camping items. I usually have a list of things to check off before I leave and maps of camp grounds in the states I will visit.

A day before my trip I take my camping supplies out of my garage and make sure I have enough supplies. I run to the grocery store and get ice, trail mix, water and food for the cooler. I usually pack a day bag or two, knowing that there aren't many opportunities to wash clothes on the way. I let several friends know that I am taking a trip and when I plan on being home. I get my electronics together and toiletries before I go to bed and set them in the hall way. The morning of the trip I usually wake up early, brush my teeth, put on some comfortable travel clothes and am ready to go in just a few minutes.

I make sure all of the lights are off, set my adt security systems and am ready to go where the road takes me. The best part about these summer camping trips is knowing that I will meet people from all over the world, even if the campground is in a small town I've never discovered before.

Once I have my coffee, I point my car in a direction and drive until I find something or someone interesting to talk to. I usually keep a journal and update my friends via text, while I am on my trip. The last time I went on a trip I ended up camping by a family of six who was camping for the whole summer. They were from Germany and we shared coffee and marshmallows, while we told stories of growing up in our different cultures.

The experiences I have on my summer camping trips won't compare to those of my daily life as a secretary. I like meeting people and being outdoors and my road trips meet both of those needs very well.

The state government of Alabama has set up a system for people to apply for oil spill cleanup jobs should they become available on the Alabama coast. The oil spill is expected to reach Mobile that is why the government of Alabama is preparing for it. BP and its contractor, P2S, are looking for as many as 1,000 workers for beach cleanup if the oil comes ashore in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Residents of Mobile and Baldwin counties will be given preference for the oil spill clean-up job. They need to show proof of residency to be considered for the position.

Do you need a job? Check out how to become an oil spill clean-up worker.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Credit score is very important to our lives. This is your ticket to whatever financial decisions you may make. For whatever purchases that we may make especially the bigger ones like car, house, boat or others, merchants will check our credit scores. Loan applications are also based on our credit score. The interest that the financial institution will give us will be based on our credit score.

Do you know what is your credit score? If you don't, you can check online on how you can get a free credit score report.

Moving into a new home can be seriously one of the most stressful experiences. No matter how well organized and perfectly packed you are, it is inevitable that something will be lost or broken. Turning off services at your old home is always a hassle no matter how far ahead you call and setting up new services can take a great deal or organization. I’ve always found when moving that staying on top of things is the best way to ensure proper services are turned on in a timely manner. For most people, internet and TV are pretty important. While cable TV and internet might not seem like the most urgent service to have turned on first, it really can be important in a number of was.

Internet and cable services can help bring a sense of home to a house during a move; they also serve as great tools to getting to know the neighborhood or town that you have just moved to. In this digital age, logging onto the internet is more than just checking email. In all of my moves, the internet has played an important part to getting accustomed to the neighborhood. From finding instate directions to locating grocery stores and restaurants, its an important tool in getting your bearings on a new location.

Clear Directv Bundle is the service we found that offers bundle services and great promotions for brand new customers. This is one perk of moving. While it is easy to overlook having these services turned on since they are not necessities, they can truly make moving to a new area a much less stressful time.

Guest post written by my friend Bill Horin

A perfect game is defined by Major League Baseball as a game in which a pitcher pitches a victory that lasts a minimum of nine innings and in which no opposing player reaches base.Thus, the pitcher cannot allow any hits, walks, hit batsmen, or any opposing player to reach base safely for any other reason—in short, "27 up, 27 down". The feat has been achieved only 19 times in the history of major league baseball.

Dallas Braden pitches a perfect game on Mother's Day, just the 19th perfect game in the history of the Major Leagues. Not many non-A's fans knew much about Braden -- he of 17 wins in four seasons heading into his Sunday afternoon start -- until he lashed out at A-Rod for breaking what he deemed an unwritten rule of baseball on April 22.

Braden's perfect game, pitched on Mother's Day, was the first complete game of his career. It was the first time a perfect game has been pitched against the team with the best record in the majors at the time; coming into the contest, the Rays were 22–8.

I can't imagine the pressure Braden felt on the last inning thinking of the possibility of a perfect game. I was watching the game live, and I myself was even nervous as I don't want any errors to happen. I wanted a perfect game for him not because I am a big fan of him but because it is something that happens very rare.

Indeed the perfect game has been a talked around the baseball community and I am sure that it will continue to be a talk for a long time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accutane is a form of vitamin A. It reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin, and helps your skin renew itself more quickly. Accutane is used to treat severe nodular acne. It is found to be quick and effective in clearing skin with results seen in a matter of months. Unknown to many, Accutane can cause severe, life-threatening birth defects. There certainly are uncomfortable effects from taking Accutane. Extremely dry skin, lips, eyes and anus, depression, thinning hair and serious fetal damage and birth defects are just but a few of the side effects.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

We had a blast with our visit to Homestead Hollow for our pre-Mother's Day celebration. Andrea had so much fun feeding and petting the animals. After our trip to Homestead Hollow we spent couple of hours at Moms then we had a late lunch at the Mexican restaurant.

I had to work Sunday, so we thought we won't have time to do things. Thankfully, I was done with work in a short period of time. After I got home, we had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant then we heeded to Mom's for a visit and spend time with them.

Both Saturday and Sunday night, we ate our late dinner and I cooked (grilled) on both nights! Lulu was banned from the kitchen because it was her special weekend.

Andrea and I gave Lulu card and a new laptop case as her gift. I think Lulu is the hardest to buy a gift with because she always say she doesn't need any.

Our Mother's day weekend was not much but we sure did have some fun and good memories.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I know that there are so many people who needs to lose weight. Recently, I have read in the news that there are more obese people nowadays. I think that part of the cause of being obese is the lack of exercise and the poor diet. I don't want to sound mean but I think that obese people can't stop eating. They always have the appetite to munch anything at any time. I believe that if obese people can suppress their appetite for any food, I think they will have a chance of losing weight. I have heard that phentermine is a good appetite suppressant. Many have believed that phentermine can be extremely effective in treating obese patients. If you know somebody that is obese, you might want to recommend this product.
This is a guest post by my buddy David Dawkins

I recently watched Zombieland on direct tv, and it is an awesome movie. It features Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone, and they all play their parts perfectly.
They are the survivors of a zombie apocalypse and their paths have crossed on the way fo their own personal journeys. Woody Harrelson is on a quest for a Twinkie, and has many guns and a little bit of a crazy flare for breaking things. Jesse Eisenberg is on a mission to survive, and he provides a fun narrative about living in the age of the zombie. His quirky remarks are fun and add a spontaneous twist to the plot. Emma Stone and her little sister are professional con artists on their way to a carnival; they meet Harrelson and Eisenberg when they steal Harrelson's truck. After some battling and stealing they end up traveling on together. Although they are traveling together they are all still in search of their own personal quests.
Through rampaging outburst of destruction, zombie killing sprees, and many big trucks, the survivors blunder through Zombieland. Touching moments of reality inspire romance and the characters bond through death and destruction. This may sound gloomy, but it really is hilarious movie, and the survivors grow close through hilarious antics.
Bill Murray makes a wonderful guest appearance, and he plays himself. Billy Murray was my favorite part, and he is dressed like a zombie which gets him killed within the first few minutes of his appearance. Bill Murray is hilarious in this movie even though he is only in it briefly. The survivors battle it out, bond, and eventually Woody Harrleson gets a Twinkie. The movie ends with the group driving away; they are happy to have found this new family.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tomorrow will be a busy day for us. We will be going out as a family to explore and enjoy Springville Sringfest which will be at the Homestead Hollow. Tomorrow will be our early mother's day celebration. At first we planned on going to Oak Mountain Park for a little picnic but then Lulu found out about Homestead Hollow and decided that she wants to go there instead of Oak Mountain.

Homestead Hollow 2009 festivals features fine arts, unique - one of a kind - hand made crafts, pioneer demonstrations of the old time days- see wood carving, ironwork, blacksmithing, smoke house cooking, gardening, quilting, whiskey making at our original working still, tour our original cabins as they were built by the early settlers. Relax by one of our many streams and listen to Live local entertainment all day.

I hope the weather will cooperate tomorrow. I am sure we will have a lot of fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

There are some movies that create new and realistic worlds. Jurassic Park is one of those movies. I remember the first time I saw it in the theatres. It was so popular that it was playing on three screens. As I approached the theater screen I was going to be watching it on, I heard it playing from the neighboring screen. All I could hear was boom, boom, boom, and the ground was vibrating. This movie was the primary reason I had to get surround sound when I set up my living room. And even though it took me over a decade to see Jurassic Park again, I was happy to have put in the surround sound. It has come into play for many great movies, especially Saving Private Ryan.

Back to Jurassic Park. The reason I was able to see it again was because I caught it on TV-By-Direct business. In case you don’t already know, it’s about a scientist who is able to create and breed dinosaurs and wants to use an island as a zoo-type of attraction for people to visit. Of course, something goes wrong. It’s a movie … something always goes wrong. But this was better than most movies. Some of the dinosaurs are beautiful, but others are truly scary. There are a couple of scenes that really stick out. One is when they’re hiding in the lab and the other is by the waterfall. I’m not going to go into detail in case you haven’t seen the movie. And if you have seen it, you know exactly what two scenes I’m talking about.

Jurassic Park is a forgotten gem. People don’t refer to it as a classic. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that they decided to make sequels. If they hadn’t, things would be different. The original is by far the best version and well worth seeing.

This is a post by Michael Harris

Saturday, May 1, 2010

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The worst U.S. oil spill in decades reached into precious shoreline habitat along the Gulf Coast. The underwater spill remained unstopped and impossible to measure, raising fears that it could be pouring more oil into the Gulf than estimated. The Coast Guard estimates now that at least 1.6 million gallons of oil have spilled since the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers. The environmental catastrophe could eclipse the Exxon Valdez disaster, when an oil tanker spilled 11 million gallons off Alaska's shores in 1989.

The spill — a slick more than 130 miles long and 70 miles wide — threatens hundreds of species of wildlife, including birds, dolphins, and the fish, shrimp, oysters and crabs that make the Gulf Coast one of the nation's most abundant sources of seafood. Because of the risk of oil contamination, Louisiana closed some fishing grounds and oyster beds.

The BP company conceded a spill would impact beaches, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas, but argued that "due to the distance to shore (48 miles) and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts are expected." This I don't believe. I remember the spill in Alaska that even after 20 years they are still cleaning it.

I guess our beach plans at the end of the month will be altered due to the oil spill. Oh, I would really hate that!