Friday, December 31, 2010

Year 2010 has gone by so fast. Lots of wonderful things have happen. Our family has been growing stronger. Despite the economic hardship that most of us faced, I am still blessed that I have a job and I earned a little bit from blogging.

I am grateful for all the blessings we received, for the family that we have and for the friends that we meet along the way.

We have family plans for 2011 and hopefully it will be realized.

Here, I am signing off for this year. I hope to see you again next year. Have a Joyous New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We went to eat at China Buffet in Irondale, Alabama last night. We had not eaten there in a long time that's why I ask Lulu if she wants to go there. Chine Buffer offers a lot of food choices including their desserts. Lulu always look forward to their crab legs.

She had plentiful last night because there were no "greedy" diners there. She absolutely had a blast. I also had plenty to eat and so does Andrea. Andrea chose to eat green ice cream and some fruits after she finished eating her rice and soup.

We had fun playing with the fish inside the restaurant. We played for a bit while we were waiting for Lulu to finish the crabs. (lol)
Guest post written by Marianne McKinley

Most of the time when it snows, I'm always excited about it at the very beginning, but then after I take the kids to play out in it, I wish that it would all just melt instead of the roads being so bad.

But another thing that I also really loved about snow days was that we got to make some snow cream. I always thought that it was so neat that you could make ice cream out of snow when I was little and hadn't made it in years. Well, the last time that it snowed, I told my kids about that, so of course I had to look up directions on how to make it online and do it for them. While I was online looking for the perfect recipe, I came across the website and after I read through it a little bit I decided to change over our home internet service ot hte provider. I had been meaning to shop around anyway.

My kids thought that the snow cream I made was the coolest thing in the world and I'm sure it's going to be a snow day staple from now on.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Being exposed to asbestos is really not safe and more likely, you will develop mesothelioma cancer. Most mesothelioma patients were occupationally exposed to asbestos. There is a small number or percentage of patients that received secondary exposure. They were exposed because a family member who worked with asbestos had brought the fibers home through his clothing, skin and hair. There are also other patients who were environmentally exposed to natural asbestos deposits or resided near an asbestos mine or processing facility. Currently there is no cure for mesothelioma. Life expectancy of today's mesothelioma patients have begun to lengthen through early detection tests and new medications and therapies. Nonetheless, the disease remains a very aggressive form of cancer and survival rates depend on age, overall health of the patient, and the type of mesothelioma the patient is battling.

Exposure to asbestos is really hazardous thus it is important to avoid being exposes to the substance. To ensure this, an asbestos survey is necessary. An asbestos survey is a comprehensive examination of a structure conducted to determine whether or not asbestos is present. It is designed to identify asbestos-containing materials so that they can be handled with special care during renovations and demolitions. Asbestos survey is conducted by a certified inspector.

In some places, asbestos surveys are required whenever people want to make major changes to a structure built in an era when asbestos was still in use, or remodeled during a period when people might have used asbestos. If you need to identify asbestos in your home or workplace you can get an asbestos survey quote using quick and easy form which can be found at This website has plenty of information and advice about asbestos including the laws governing asbestos and the illnesses such as pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer that can be caused by asbestos exposure.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas Celebration. We started it by attending the midnight mass. After we attended the mass, we went to have early breakfast at Waffle House.

We spent a white Christmas at my Mom's and open presents there. My mom was very nice to serve us dinner with a really good food.

We had roast beef, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, stir fried green beans and garlic bread. We also had pecan pie for dessert.

It was a great day with great food and a lot of fun.
We planned to have a 3 day vacation next week. We are all excited about it. We plan to stay at one of the cabins in Joe Wheeler State Park. We have seen the cabins online and we are just so impressed with the whole place including its rustic furniture. The price of the cabins are very affordable and with all the amenities it offer, I am sure we will have a great time. If the weather will cooperate, we plan to go fishing. There are lots of brim there and I am sure we will be able to catch a lot. My wife will be happy if we can catch a lot as she likes fried brim. I think it is one of her favorites even.

Can't wait for our family vacation. We will be seeing my dad during this vacation too.
My wife is a shoe lover. She has shoes in different styles and color. Since it is winter time, she is wearing mostly her boots which comes in different styles and height as well. She sometimes wear her tennis shoes.

Few days ago, she showed me her newest shoe addition. She ordered a pair of Nine West shoes that she can't wear this winter. She told me that she is gonna use it for my niece's spring wedding.

As much as she love shoes, I am sure that if I will buy her a pair of Prada shoes, she will be in heaven. I guess I have to save for that then.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The pregnant days of my wife. This was taken during our company's summer garage sale for the benefit of United Way. This day was a lot of fun, food and camaraderie.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guest post written by Louise Nichols

I'm starting to regret it, but I invited a bunch of our friends and our kids' friends over to our house this Saturday night for a Christmas party. We've never had one that big before so I'm a little worried. I'm knee deep in party preparations this week and will enjoy the party I'm sure, but I'll be so relieved once it's Sunday morning and the party was a success.

One thing that I still had to figure out though was finding a recipe for DIY potpourri. As I was online looking for some recipe for that, I came across a clear internet online offer and decided to sign up for one of the internet packages after thinking it over a little bit.

I found a recipe for holiday potpourri that I'm sure is going to smell really good. But I want to make sure that I don't use too much it so I won't have overpower all the great food smells. I'm going to have lots of refreshments and I don't want all of them to taste like potpourri.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


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Contribution by Kennith Griffin

If you ask what special my kids look forward to every Christmas, they will look you straight in the eye and tell you that it is The Santa Clause. They love it and their friends love it too. It is slowly becoming a tradition for all of their friends to come over to watch it for the first time of the season!

When all of my kids' friends come over, I let them watch The Santa Clause on HD Programming. I always pop up some popcorn and make some cookies for them. They love it when Scott starts getting fat and growing the beard. I enjoy looking in after them and seeing them all laugh and enjoying the movie and commenting on how they would love to visit the North Pole.

My kids always make sure to store the DVD in a safe place so they can watch it every December even though I tell them that it will be on ABC Family and the Disney Channel throughout December. I guess they don't believe me because they insist on storing the DVD in a safe place! I cherish these moments because I know in a few short years, this tradition will be lame to them. I'm just hoping that they will still love this movie and remember how fun it used to be when they were little.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I got a good news. After working for a couple of years, I am now given 3weeks paid vacation every year. This is really great as I can take off work and enjoy a paid day.

I will be using a couple of days of my vacation early next year. We plan to spend a little vacation at Joe Wheeler State Park. It will be great especially if my older daughter can join us.

Friday, December 17, 2010

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The Sony psp is no doubt one of the most successful portable entertainment consoles ever built. Its powerful engine and amazing features have made it very popular among users. People of all ages both young and old are hooked to this game. I actually believe that psp is one of the most popular gift item this holiday season. It's eye popping graphics, incredible sound and a library of over 500 action packed games are just a few of the reasons why PSP has become very popular.

Give someone a psp this Christmas and I am sure it will make his day. You can even add the latest accessories to it too!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We planned to have a family short vacation in Florence. We will be staying at Joe Wheeler State Park where we will be staying in a cabin with a log fire. We are obviously looking forward to it.

We also plan to go on fishing. All we just need to do is to renew our fishing license. Can't wait....


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guest post written by Nikki Flowers

I really should have never started subscribing to VOGUE magazine a few years ago. I think that it's only fed my shopping obsession even more. I'm always seeing all these luxury items in it that are these amazing pieces with outrageous prices that I would never feel right paying. Also, I'm pretty sure my bank account wouldn't support it either.

I like to look up a lot of them online with my ClearWirelessInternet and try to find much cheaper versions of the items. That's actually how I've built a great deal of my Christmas list and by of course letting people know that they're much cheaper than the luxury versions.

One of those items that I kind of want to splurge on is actually the Louis Vuitton ipad case, but I don't think that I would actually let myself spend that much money. I still want some kind of luxury brand ipad case, but maybe I'll go with something a little less expensive like a Marc Jacobs one.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our weekend was hectic with all the parties. We absolutely had fun. We had a successful birthday party of our little girl. She had a blast during that night. I had a great bonding with her as I brought her home early with me and give Lulu a night out with friends without having to worry about Andrea. We hang out together, do puzzle, watch movies and give her a bubble bath before she finally went to bed.

Saturday, we had to attend our Christmas party. It was a fun night. Andrea was able to play with some other kids her age. We enjoyed the food and the fun games. I participated on some and I had a blast.

Sunday, we had to do some errands while Andrea was left at her Nana's for her weekend with them. She always have a great time spending play dates with her Nana and Papa and as much as possible we want her to spend time with them every week.

The weekend was tiring but it was so much fun!
Guest post written by Walter Eddies

I started out playing video games when I was a kid and have been a pretty loyal gamer ever since then. A lot of my friends play video games too and I love to get on XBOX live and play with them. I even still play games with some of my friends from college that live across the country as a way to keep in touch.

One night when I was reading one of my favorite gaming blogs, I came across this website and read through it some. After that, I decided to sign up for the internet service at home. My internet service had been lacking for a while anyway.

On the same video game blog, I came across some video game ornaments for Christmas trees that I thought were pretty cool, so I ordered a few of them for my tree in my apartment. My tree is actually one that my mom gave me, along with some generic ornaments. So it'll be nice to have some ornaments that I actually like.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How was your Black Friday shopping? We didn't go out that day to go to the mall but since most stores extended their sale events, we were actually able to find good stuff.

We were able to buy a breakfast nook for a very low price. We were so excited to have it as our dining set. Our kitchen looks so much better with it and all our friends think we did a great job in buying it.

I am so proud of myself for putting the pieces together and not get frustrated with it. It took me couple of hours to finish putting it up together but it so worth it. This is how our new dining set looks like....

Friday, December 10, 2010

She is "the girl!", the apple of our eyes and we love her very much.

Happy birthday to my daughter Andrea. With lots of love.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tomorrow, my little girl will be 3. Time flew by so fast, my little girl will no longer be too little. She is now a "big girl".

We will be having a party for her tomorrow. You are all invited (winks)!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

During the last Black Friday Sales, many stores were selling their Nintendo Wii for a very cheap price. Although there were limited number of items that are available, many shoppers waited and fell in line just to have the chance to purchase this item. Indeed, this item is very popular and will make a very perfect Christmas gift. I know quite a number of people who wishes to own a Nintendo Wii this Christmas. As for myself, I will just settle for my Nintendo DS because I prefer this one. I already got my Christmas gift, thanks to my ever dearest wife! I hope you will all get what you want this Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Monday, December 6, 2010

We went out to dine yesterday and decided to eat at a steakhouse. The place was kinda crowded as it was Sunday and dinner time.

We had quite a long wait. Having a toddler, waiting is not the best thing. So, while waiting for our orders we entertained ourselves ....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guest post written by Rodney Miller

My in laws have always had some amazing Christmas lights on their house and in their yard. But when their health started looking like it wouldn't allow them to keep putting them up, I started doing it for them. I knew all the enjoyment that they got out of the lights and didn't want them to not have that for the holidays.

Now, doing that though takes a little more planning because they live a few hours away from us. A few weeks ago I was emailing my mother in law about our travelling to spend Thanksgiving with them, which was also when I put up their lights for them. After I emailed her, I found the site and decided to change over our internet service to it. I thought that my in laws might be interested in it too, so I sent them the link also.

It was a little tougher putting their Christmas lights up for them this year because I've gotten one year older and I had to replace a few of their lights for them that were burnt out. But I know that they appreciated it as much as always.

We spent our Saturday afternoon Christmas shopping. We shopped for our Christmas gifts for our daughter. Can you believe I survived going to 4 different stores? Stores were busier as I have observed. There were plenty of toys in the front area of the store. I guess that's the best place to display them as parents are shopping for their kids gift. There were also games and dvds that are stored in special point of purchase displays. They were all displayed for easy access to shoppers. It is amazing that year after year, there are always new toys that comes out.

Wife and I agreed we don't need something special for ourselves, instead we decided to buy a new breakfast nook. It looks great and we couldn't wait to assemble it and put in our kitchen. Shopping for Christmas gifts are done. Now they are all ready to be wrapped.
I watched the SEC Championship yesterday. Cam Newton was awesome. He was responsible for 6 touchdowns. How can you ever stop Newton when he is both good as running and passing quarterback? If you defend his passing ability, he will just run it and if you defend him from running he will pass the ball. He is really good.

I was kinda pulling for South Carolina because I like the team but then again, I wanted Auburn to win too. It was like whoever wins is fine with me.

Well, I am looking forward to the BCS Championship. I am sure it will be a high scoring game. Will the Oregon team be able to stop Newton? Or is it time for Auburn to win the Crystal ball? Obviously, I will be pulling for Auburn because it is a SEC Team.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am not into politics although I used to be very active when it comes to political matters. I just go with the flow now. I do read news and updates about politics all over the world. That being said, I read some news about European Politics. Are you interested to read more about European politics from the thoughts of abdul rahman el assir? His blog is about European politics.
It is Christmas time. I know that most of us have done our shopping, or maybe not! As for our family, I just leave it all to my wife to do the shopping. She is the expert on this category. I do need to shop around for a good price of a seiko dive watch because I want to give it to my brother-in-law. My wife has two older brothers and the eldest was more of a dad to her because she grew up with him. My wife told me how her elder brother took good care of her while she was in night school and to show my appreciation for all the hard work that he did to my wife, I want to give him something special, something that he can always remember us of how thankful we are.

I know that the Christmas season is a season of giving. Some people may not be able to afford an expensive gift, but there are always gifts that despite its monetary value will be very much appreciated. For those who wants to give something timeless this holiday season, you might want to check the Men's Watches and Ladies' Watches at You can ave BIG when you buy from this website. They have wonderful items at various prices so I am sure you can always find something for someone special.
Every night before my girl goes to bed, I always make sure that I spend some time with her even if it means just playing around. She is such a sweet girl. When she is ready to bed, she will say, "give daddy a kiss". She would then kiss me and hug and she will say "good night daddy time to sleep."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Guest post written by Sandra Allan

One of my favorite things to do is invite all of my friends over for a dinner party and cook for them. I do it quite often and my friends all tell me that I'm a great cook so it's not like i have to twist their arms to get them to come over and eat my food. Plus, none of them cook, or all that well, so that's another great benefit for them.

But my big dinner party of the year is the week before Christmas. That's when I really pull out all of the stop. While I was online trying to put together my menu for the party, I came across some Clearwire wireless internet deals that I just couldn't pass up. So I ordered one of them for my home internet service.

Instead of finding ideas for the menu though, I came across these instructions for a DIY centerpiece that I thought just looked great. I'm going to try and whip it up for the party to give some visual appeal to the table, besides my delicious dishes of course!
Flying is costly now but what choice do we have? Going back home to Philippines can only be possible through flying. When we will have our Philippine vacation middle of next year, we will definitely need quite a lot of money for the fare alone as there will be three of us who needs to pay full price ticket. I am hoping that we can find affordable flight deals like the last time we went home few years ago. If we can find a good deal for our flights, it will mean that we will have more money to spend to have fun with our family there. We are all excited about the vacation. Hopefully, there will be no major problems especially financially so that we can all go home for a vacation.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is the first ever toy that I bought for Andrea. I bought this when we first visited her "Auntie Menmen and Uncle Roger" in Glendora, New Jersey. She was 5months old then. Would you believe that until now, she still plays with it? She doesn't think of it as rattle now, she thinks this is her maracas!


Contributed by Vickie Tyson

Jerry Seinfeld is my all-time favorite actor. Of course everyone knows his show, Seinfeld. It was one of the most popular comedy series on television, and I am very thankful that I am able to catch reruns of the show on my Direct TV deals.

He is the funniest man ever, and not bad looking, if you ask me. Each one of his shows offers something new and down right hilarious. It is a riot of laughs to see him, Elaine, and the gang and what troubles they have themselves in this episode. At the end of the show I also really enjoy seeing Jerry perform a minute or so of his stand-up comedy routine.

I hope that one day Jerry will decide to come back to television with a new show or even better, more episodes of Seinfeld. It is the greatest show ever to air. Jerry doing a stand-up comedy show would also be a special treat. As long as Jerry Seinfeld is in the cast, I know I am going to love watching the show, and am going to get as many laughs as allowed by law!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I just can't imagine my life IF I had never met you, fallen in love, and been smart enough to know you were the one...

I love you babe with all my heart... Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Few weeks ago, I had my executive check up. While waiting for my turn at the radiology department, I had a chance to look at some paintings of the St. Vincent Hospital. They have a big picture of their staff nurses wearing old nursing uniforms. They look like nuns. I guess they wore like that because St. Vincent's Hospital was run by nuns before. Unlike today, all the nurses and other medical professionals in the whole hospital wear scrubs.

I really like our hospital of choice. They have great service and everybody is very helpful. They were most helpful to us when my daughter was left in their NICU for almost two months and that was three years ago. I know then that St. Vincent's was a good choice.

Today, medical professionals wear scrubs uniforms that are cozy and comfy. Indeed scrubs are perfect for them because working in medical field is always busy thus you need to wear something that you can be comfy at all times. Over the years, the styles of scrub uniforms have evolved. You can now find fashionable scrubs and scrub hats. Gone were the days of wearing boring scrubs. A medical professional can now be stylish and in fashion even on their green scrubs!
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks for the post, Lucius Gaines

Favorite hockey team? Hands down, the Detroit Red Wings. You can't live in Detroit and not be a fan. I mean, hello? We are officially called Hockeytown for a reason. All the folks across the river in Windsor, Canada are Red Wings fans, too. It goes back for generations. The Wings have been playing at Joe Louis since 1979 but many people remember seeing them on the ice at the old Olympia Stadium. My grandfather was a Red Wings fan. He watched every game faithfully with his dog at his side. He had to watch on an old black and white and didn't have the benefit of watching them play on Direct TV like we do now. I know, I know I live in Phoenix now and should try to make an effort to like the Coyotes. I do wish them well but I can't desert the Wings. The one good thing about living in Phoenix is that I can get tickets to see the Red Wings whenever they are in town to play. I was on a wait list for over five years for Wings season tickets. They are like gold in Detroit. No one gives up their seats. Then again, who can blame them. Let's go, Red Wings!
The video card is an expansion card that allows the computer to send graphical information to a video display device such as a monitor or projector. You can experience ultra-realistic visuals and explosive HD gaming performance with the use of a video card. For people who enjoys playing different video games, this is a must have item.

Did you know that you can find a good deal of prices for video cards at Check them out and while you are there, don't miss checking out their cyber Monday deals too!
My daughter and I had so much fun with the first puzzle. She often tells me "let's do puzzle daddy". She really was not of help with the puzzle but she enjoyed it so much that she thinks she is helping me do it.
This picture is one of those times when we just have so much fun.

This is the finished puzzle. My daughter was so pleased that we finished this one.

I am now on my next puzzle. The puzzle has become our daily activity and my daughter is looking forward to it every time.
We planned to buy a new and bigger tv stand last Black Friday. We saw in the Walmart Ad that they were selling the tv stands for little over a hundred. That was a good buy thus, before midnight we went to Walmart. It is a good thing that the store is just a mile away from where we live. When we got to the store people are already in the designated areas. There were tons of people waiting. We backed out. It is not worth it. I think I will just let my wife do the tv stand shopping online. It will be easier to just look for it online... no hassle!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Guest post written by my buddy Irene Hodge

Later on Thanksgiving day there is sufficient time to enjoy football. The Detroit Lions have always played on Thanksgiving and the Dallas Cowboys have played on this day, but their participation is of more recent vintage. It does not really matter to the football fan. As long as he or she has their reliable satellite television connection just look at the DirecTV comparison, they are assured of a tremendous day.

After greeting family and good friends, it is time to enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner. Prior to and after the dinner, depending upon what time the meal is served, football can be enjoyed on television. It is a tradition on this day.

Earlier in the day the host of the party most assuredly enjoyed a mainstay of the Thanksgiving holiday. This is the annual Macy's parade. There is no better parade put on for the public than this one. It also is a tradition and in terms of floats and activities, no other parade comes close in equaling the Macy's parade. Every year there are additional floats that outdo those of the previous year.
For the past few years, my Mom will serve ham during our Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, she decided to make the bird instead of the ham. I was glad because I prefer Turkey. Mom warned us not to expect so much about the Turkey because she hasn't made a turkey in a very long time. When we had our Thanksgiving dinner, the Turkey was really good. It was cooked to perfection.
The whole turkey before we feasted on it.

Thanks for the wonderful dinner Mom and Dan. The dinner was awesome!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visiting family on Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite times of the year. Since Thanksgiving day is the only time of the year that I get to reunite with my relatives, my husband and I load the car bright and early in the morning, and head west to my great aunt's house in Illinois. Before we hit the road, I always make sure that my alarm Systems packages are set because we usually stay gone for the whole weekend, and it is better to be safer than sorry.

Even though it is a six hour trip, I get so excited about all the delicious food that will be cooked and served, and how grown-up my little cousins have become. I am always thankful for my beautiful family and enjoy being in their presence, even if it is only for a few days. It's hard to be so far away from them, but every Thanksgiving I make up for it by making sure that everyone around me is having a great time until my husband and I have to leave.

Contributed by Elsie Huff

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lulu always wanted an aquarium provided that she won't clean it (ha ha ha). We bought this 50-gallon aquarium at a yard sale for $20. It includes a stand, pump and all accessories. It was a rare find.

We put some starter fish, gold fish and crawfish. Well... all the goldfish died after few months. The crawfish died after a year. Since then we didn't put anymore fish in our aquarium except for the starter fish that keeps on multiplying.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Many companies big and small are trying to help save mother earth and opt to go green. A paperless office can be achieved thru the use of a document software management. If you are looking for document management solutions such as document scanning software, you can check out Dokmee. Dokmee is a document management software which is very easy to use and scalable. There are 3 versions of the product that is available in the market, each one of them is tailored to different company sizes from small to large. Contact them today and their consultants who are expert in the field of paperless office environment will help you.
I have always been skinny. When I was in the Philippines for a vacation, my Filipino family often describes me as like a bamboo. Well, I think that fits alright because in the Philippines I am very tall having a height of 6ft. It seems like I am towering everybody over there. Because I am so skinny most of them advised me to take a weight gain supplement. It is so ironic as I often hear people trying to loss their weights while here I am trying to gain a few pounds.

I think there are people that are destined to be just as skinny as I am. I have been skinny as long as I can remember thus my weight doesn't bother me at all.
Doing the puzzle is one of the things that I enjoy doing. I get so addicted to this that I can't stop! Actually, this was the thing that keep me sane while waiting for Lulu to get here in the USA. I was doing 4 different puzzles mixed together while waiting for our paper works and it seems like it helped a lot to make the time pass by fast.

I haven't done a puzzle in a long time because I know Andrea will mess it up but I thought that she is old enough to understand and enjoy the puzzle. Indeed she loves it. She is helping me build the puzzle and she is always excited when we build it together.
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Some people want to look into pursuing a nutrition degree online to learn more about what they could eat to prevent signs of aging as well.

Most experts believe that using hgh supplements are one of the many ways of slowing the aging process and in some cases even reversing it. So, why not give it a try?
There are different levels of acne problems. Some experience less and some experience more. If you are the chosen few who doesn't have acne at all then you are very lucky. Having an acne especially in your teenage life can affect your self-esteem. As parents, we can help our teenage kids cope up with this phase of their lives. We can help them suggest to try different acne home remedies. Some of these remedies can be effective depending on their skin type. If this doesn't work, it is always best to bring them to your doctor or your dermatologist. Remember, lifestyle can also be a factor why there are acne breakouts. Advice your kids to maintain a healthy living and perhaps it might help too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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Monday, November 22, 2010

We went to the mall today to spend some time, eat, play and shop. We first eat before we let Andrea play because we presume that if we let her play first she won't eat anymore. Anyway, we ordered different foods. Lulu ordered Chinese while I ordered grilled sandwich. Andrea ate what Lulu had.

After we ate, I let Andrea play at the small playground and gave Lulu some time to shop alone. Andrea enjoyed playing and when Lulu was done shopping we were ready to head home when we passed a toy store. Andrea wanted to get inside so we went inside.

We checked all the toys and I am so proud of my little girl because she never insisted that she wants something. She will just look at the toys, try some and move on. She never give a fuss about her favorite Dora guitar which we didn't buy. We ended up buying her a mermaid camera and she loved it!

We had a great bonding today and we all enjoyed it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lunch hour is a special time for me. It's like being released from prison for a little while and getting to enjoy something other than work. When it's lunch time, it's my time. I enjoy a nice lunch break outdoors just as much as I enjoy staying in and watching directtv offers during my lunch break. There's never a wrong way to spend lunch.

Food is obviously one of the most important components of the lunch hour, giving me the opportunity to enjoy one of those finer things in life while at the same time getting to do something else I love. Sitting outdoors at a park is one of my all-time favorite ways to spend my lunch break. It's something that has always helped me to get perspective and make it through the rest of the day without feeling like things are spinning out of control. I've had this ritual since I was in college. It's something that let me get in touch with the kind of outdoors that I love so much while at the same time getting to enjoy one of my favorite meals of the day. After lunch, I would find the strength to head back to class for another hard afternoon of learning.

Lunch is something that I'll always treasure. My lunch hour is one of the most important things in the world to me.

Guest written by our friend Kraig Saunders

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Written by Fermin Washington

A large group from work went to the amusement park. We had an even number of people so everyone could have a partner on rides. The person that I was supposed to ride with got sick and ended up not going. Even though I was going to have to sit out on some things, I still went anyway. While the others rode rides together, I watched some of the music shows and played some games. When I met up with the group for some junk food, I was told that one of the other girls got sick as well and went home. Since there were two of us who were now singles, we decided to partner up and have some fun. This was the best decision of my life, because my new ride partner instantly became a friend. We traded numbers and went out that weekend together to see a movie and do some shopping. What started out as friendship developed into the closest bond I've ever had with a non-family member. Soon, we were doing nearly everything together. Even after spending a day together, we would still chat on the phone or the Internet later that night. We are planning a trip back to the same amusement park tomorrow, and I am so excited. I have everything ready so all I have to do after I shower and get dressed is set the ADT SECURITY systems and pick her up for another fun filled adventure.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom.

Thank you for being such a wonderful mother.

I love you.
Guest post written by Clara Roberts

I'm always looking for new ways to fix and serve food. You could even call it my little hobby. I just love that when I come home, I can count on cooking something from a tried and true recipe and it turning out just how I want it to. Plus, I think that one of the best things about food is its presentation so that it just gets you even more excited to eat whatever you're being served up.

When I was looking up some fun, different recipes to fix for Thanksgiving this year, I found this website and read through all of it. I decided that it would probably be better than the internet service that I'd been using for a while now, so I signed up for it.

I found this one recipe for lemon garlic mashed potatoes that just sounded like it would be downright delicious and different. So I'm going to try and whip it up for Thanksgiving. I think it will be especially nice since the weather's been a lot hotter than usual and the lemon flavor will be really refreshing.
Sorry for the late post. Things got hectic and I didn't have time to blog. But once again, I don't want to miss this week's Nostalgia.

This was Andrea's snow experience last winter. I hope we can have more snow this winter because we all love it!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest post written by Terry Hill

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to doctors, especially the doctors on Doctor Who. I've never seen any of the old series, well because there are like 20 seasons of it and I don't feel like dedicating a whole year to it, so when I'm talking about this I just mean the new series. There have only been three doctors so far in the new series, but people get pretty divided when they talk about them, you'd think that they were talking about politics or something!

My favorite was the second doctor in the series, David Tennant, and I still like to keep up with his career now with my wireless internet. I was so sad when The Doctor regenerated into the current doctor just because I love David Tennant so much. But, I do like the current Doctor though.

David Tennant just had this goofy way of acting as the doctor but still balanced with seriousness. All the doctors have that because he's the same person, just with a different appearance, but I thought that he played it the best.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Few years ago, I had a chance to work in Kosovo. I loved it. I was like a kid in the candyland. I so enjoyed the above the knee snow there.

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I have a wonderful family. I think you will get tired of hearing me saying that but I can't help but be proud of my family. My weekends are always great as I get to spend it with my family. Last weekend was no exemption, we had a great deal of fun, just bonding.

Last weekend was cold and gloomy. We went to the store for our usual grocery shopping but before we left home, I told my wife how cold it is outside thus they need to wear a warm and comfortable outfits. I was not surprise to see both my girls in their boots and jackets. They are both adorable. Their outfits make me realize that I need to buy them a comfortable and stylish ugg boots. It does get colder in the next few months and I want them both to wear a warm boots. Wearing boots won't be a problem for my girls because they are both boots fanatics. They love their boots.

I know that it is already snowing in some part of the world and I suggest you better get yourself a pair of Ugg Boots. They are the perfect boots for winter. Their boots are cozy and snugly. So, check out the 2010 new ugg boots sale. You can save up to 60% off, free shipping no tax on your purchases. So, for comfort and style, Ugg Boots is the choice!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My sister is here in Birmingham for a visit. She currently resides in St. Petersburgh, Florida. She is here for a week-long visit.

We don't see each other very often because we live in different state but every now and then (at least once a year), she comes here for a visit and we are all glad to see her again.

I may not be able to see her a lot for the rest of the week because of my working schedule but it sure is great to see her again.

I am also glad that Andrea warms up to her even on the first day Andrea came with her Nana and Papa to pick her Aunt Terri at the airport.

Anyway, I want to thank my sister for recommending a new pediatric dentist for Andrea and for the clothes that she bought for Andrea...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest post written by Margaret Howard

A lot of people really leave all the serious cleaning and changing around the house to do in the spring. But all of them apparently don't host their parents and inlaws during the entire holidays. We do, so around this time I always have to do a big cleaning and organizing overhaul around this time of the year.

Last year I noticed it was a little drafty and figured out that the culprits were our windows in the living room so I decided to CLICK HERE and am getting the windows replaced in a week or two. I think that will really make a huge difference because when we have company, that's where we always sit and entertain them after meals in the dining room.

But I thought that maybe while I'm doing some switching stuff around that I'd just ahead and re wallpaper the living room too. The old pattern is this ugly floral and I've been trying to ignore it for way too long. I found some neat wallpaper to replace it that just looks modern and I think goes with our furniture better.
I know that Nintendo sounds obsolete for the new generation but I prefer them. I love playing Fantasy II in Nintendo and I am so excited to play them again after so many years.

I used to have this game and my Nintendo but I lost them (it's a long story, ya know)! I have been planning to buy one on eBay but didn't get to it until last week. I browsed for it and when I was able to chose one I asked "the boss" (that's the wife of course) if she can buy it for me. She did and when I got them I was so excited to play with it.

My little girl obviously was so curious about it. We played together and she had fun chasing "monsters"....

See how serious she is about this game....
Weight gain is a very common problem that is well-discussed by many women that I know personally. I even heard my wife and her friends talking about how much weight they have gain since they migrated here in the USA.

My wife has gained weight but I didn't see it as as flaw. I often told her that she looks good with weight unlike when she was in the Philippines when she looked like paper-thin. Of course, she often tells me that she is not comfortable with her body figure. I keep on assuring her that her weight doesn't bother me a bit. Anyway, I have learned about the most talked about supplement in the internet. It was mentioned that this is the best weight loss supplement by far. I told my wife about it and she seems to be interested to check it out.

If you are one of those individuals that need help in your weight loss plan you might want to check some weight loss supplements.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Many teenagers have suffered the shame of having acne in the face. Although there are lucky ones that is spared from it, most teenagers have to pass this phase. There are certain cases where acne affects the confidence of an individual. An individual who suffers more acne than his peers have the tendency to loss his self-esteem. I know it is sad, but it is a reality.

I am really glad that there are now products that can help for a successful acne scar removal. Those acne scars are a constant reminder of what you have been through. Getting rid of them permanently will definitely boost up your confidence.
This was taken at the family room in St. Vincent's Hospital. Once your child fromin NICU is ready to come home, they will put the whole family in a family room. You will have to take care of your child the whole night like you are at your own home. We were excited that finally after over 50days in NICU Andrea is coming home with us.


This guest post from Norris Beard

A few months ago, I decided to do something good for myself and my community. I had heard about people volunteering at the library a few days a week. So, I decided to join in on the band wagon and began volunteering my time there. It was a very rewarding experience. The first day I volunteered there, it was a little nerve-wracking. All of those books, all in alphabetical order, all of the books in such pristine condition and order. The head librarian showed me around and she was a very understanding person.

The second day of volunteering at the library, I set my home security alarm from before I left. I went into the library and began setting books that had been returned back onto the shelves. I actually found it to be fun! I enjoyed looking at books that seemed interesting and reading the description of each book on the back of its cover. I would volunteer for maybe three days out of the week. I did this volunteer work for about two months or so. In that two months, I found myself to really enjoy working in a library. Since then, I've decided to apply to become a librarian in a few libraries around my local area. I haven't heard anything back yet, but am very hopeful that this is the right career for me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guest post by Terrell House

The second bedroom in my apartment is nearly empty. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to fill it with. I was thinking that I could either make it into an entertainment room or perhaps even turn it into a spare bedroom. Either way it was imperative that I go furniture shopping to find something to fill the space. I had already accessorized the room with the appropriate rugs and lamps but I didn't even have stands for the lamps to sit on quite yet. It seems that the list I have to go shopping for gets longer and longer every time I think about it.

There's a place right down the street that usually has decently priced furniture. I plan to either look for a futon or a small couch. If I get a futon I may be able to find the balance between the possibility of an entertainment room and a second bedroom. If I have a guest over they can just full out the futon into a queen size bed and they'll have a television to watch as the entertainment portion of the room. Perhaps I'll get all the things I need in one quick trip and I can go home and watch the DirectStarTV on my new TV in my half entertainment and half extra bedroom second room.

Lulu and I love barbecue so we decided to have lunch at Rusty's Barbecue. We ordered barbecue sandwich and fries on the side.

Andrea had fruit punch and fries for herself.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Contribution by Odis Chan

When I was younger, my mother had a huge thing for couches. It seemed that she was always dragging me furniture shopping to buy a new couch even though we had just gotten one. The worst part was that the new one that she was looking at was always worse than the one that we had. Either in color, texture, how it sat or just the overall couch itself. I would sit on them and tell her if it would be horrible to watch satellitetv offers on. She hated that I referenced all the couches to watching tv, but that was the only thing we sat on the couch for!

When I got home, I would want to watch some mindless program on the satellite TV just from pure exhaustion of the event of having to go furniture shopping again. The worst couch that she ever brought home was an orange and black striped couch that seemed to be made of burlap. It was itchy, ugly and extremely heavy. I remember having to help her rearrange the furniture to get it through the door. That couch didn't live in our house long-- it was too big for the living room and only fit on one wall where it was too far away from the TV and the rest of the furniture to be social with any company we might have had.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks for the post, Annette Collier

After all the planning for going camping, we were able to get our schedules cleared for the trip. It took two months to plan for going camping, while the group joined efforts to create a list of activities. The planning was carefully crafted to allow the group to spend four days at the campgrounds. It was a nervous chore prior to the final day of departure. One day prior to departing for the trip, we made preparations for the camping trip by checking every last detail.

We went through a list of items that we wanted to take with us. One non-item included remembering to set your home security alarm from Alarm Systems online offer prior to going camping. Since the destination will be on an official campground, we would only need the bare essentials. Starting with the sleeping bag, and making sure there are no holes from the last time. We check the maps making sure they were accurate as expected. After checking over the details, we had everything in place for the trip. This trip was a group-planned trip as each group would bring their own food, while contributing to a pot for a group cookout. Meaning there would also be food the group would like to eat for the cookout. Since there were no children coming along for the camping trip, it was truly an adult vacation.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is the souvenir that we bought during our first family trip to Philippines last Jan 2009. It i amazing how beautiful they were for the price that we paid. We paid less than $20 each but we spend couple of hundreds for the frames. This paintings has a sentimental value and we will give this to Andrea in the future.

Now that we are planning for another family vacation, I wonder if we still can buy some paintings for souvenir.