Monday, August 31, 2009

We have been waiting for the weekend to come! Lulu and I are both excited because this will be the first game of LSU this season. We always have our own tradition when it comes to LSU Football.

I am really looking forward to watch the game and how will Sheppard fare on his first college game. I have heard so many good reviews about his performance thus I can't wait to see it for myself.

During Saturdays of the College Football Season, we usually don't have anything scheduled except to watch the game while eating hot wings...

This Friday, we have to make sure that we have everything we need (with regards to something to munch on) while we are watching the game. Lulu and I both love watching LSU game so I am sure that both of us will have our attention glued to the TV....

5 more days............ geaux tigers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are enjoying the Little League Series. Actually, every year we always make sure to watch their games. It is just so much fun to watch the kids play good ball. At days where we are busy with work or something else, we always make sure that we can watch the Little League Series highlights at night.

This year what catches our attention is the girl that played for Canada... Katie Reyes....

Katie Reyes becomes the first girl game winner of the Little League World Series.
Katie Reyes hit a game-winning two-RBI single in Canada's 14-13 win over Germany on Tuesday afternoon in Williamsport, Pa.

Fifteen girls have played in the LLWS since 1984, but apparently none had logged the game's top highlight until Reyes had three hits and three RBIs on Tuesday. She also caught the game's final out at first base.

For more of the articles about her, please check here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am really thankful for what Lulu did in making sure that Mischa and Ben are comfortable while they were spending the weekend with us. I can't believe she did so much work and wouldn't allow me to help.

I wanted to give her a break that is why I called her close friend Ging requesting her to take Lulu out for dinner which I will be paying.

I want Lulu to have fun... she deserves it...
I was so glad that Mischa and Ben spent the weekend with us. It was great to just bond with them. We really didn't do something special except to spend some quality moments with them.

Friday and Saturday nights we watched movie in our DVD. We all love movies so it was great for us.

Lulu has been a good host. She made sure that all of us are well-fed although I need to fuss at her because she never let me help her.

It was a wonderful weekend. Mischa and Ben was able to met Kelly and Cameron. We had a good dinner at Mom and Dan's last Saturday.

We really enjoy your visit Mischa and Ben. We are looking forward to your next visit....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is fate? Does it exist?

This is something I wonder so much about.

I like to think that fate exists. You know I met Lulu when chatting. What if she was not in that room? What if she didn't answer? What if we didn't hit it off as we did? We were just friends for SO LONG what if when I asked her for the THIRD time haha if she said no?

I believe in fate, because it must be. Look what has happened to my life. I have a beautiful wife that I am so much in love with. I have a daughter that is such a joy to be around. So if there is not fate would Andrea just not exist? Somehow I cannot believe that would not be true. I think that she was meant for this earth with all her sweetness as was Lulu to be with me.

I believe that life twists around and things happen for a reason. I had a lot of heartache in my past. I think that life FINALLY said enough is enough you deserve a break. With Lulu I feel that she is such a caring and giving person that she is here with me (WOW THAT SOUNDS Conceited but hey I think I am a good husband, I love here and show my love and I care for her). I feel that maybe it is Andrea we both deserve. I am lucky because I also got Mischa. Maybe the child I lost at such an early age gave me TWO lovely daughters??? I always wonder.

Fate or not you know I love my life. I'm a lucky man and I KNOW THAT.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My niece and her fiance are coming up this week to visit. I have not met her fiance but I have heard that he is a nice guy and very good to Kelly (my niece).

I am excited she is coming but MOST OF ALL I am excited that Mischa is coming. I love so much when I am with Mischa. Ben is also coming and I am glad that he is. This weekend will be a good bonding moments for all of us.

I miss seeing my daughter and I am so glad I will get to see her again!!!! She is all grown up now even COOKS hahahaha. AND CLEANS hahaha. Maybe I should kidnap her for the weekend?????? Make her cook and clean here hahaha.

Serious though I am so excited about this weekend. It is good that my family is close again since I was gone for so long.

I am back doodle in your life and I love it.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am always happy when Lulu can get out of the house and be with her friends. Most of the times, after a couple of hello's I always just leave Lulu and Andrea to enjoy the party.

Today, I let Lulu and Andrea enjoyed the party hosted by our good friend Lotlot. I went home and do some household chores and played video games. I tried to help out doing household chores because I enjoyed doing it and it will help Lulu as she always have her hands full everyday having to take care of Andrea.

Giving Lulu a break and letting her be with her Filipino friends makes me feel good. I know how much she enjoys it and it is important for me that Lulu will have good relationship with her Filipino friends.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last night, after a quick nap, I told Lulu to get ready because we are going out for a surprise. It was close to 10:00PM when I decided to surprise my girls with a Milk Shake from Sonic.

The milkshake at Sonic was Lulu's favorite but she couldn't have it when she was pregnant because she was gestational diabetes. She was craving for it, yet she was disciplined enough not to buy it. After she gave birth, she wanted to have milk shake. I couldn't find a Sonic near the hospital so I went home and buy her a big size milk shake.

Anyway, last night's treat was Andrea's first milkshake. At first, she was not sure why I gave her the milkshake... she was reluctant to get it as we don't give her like that. We were trying not to give Andrea a lot of sugar. We do give her some treat on days where she does something that deserves a treat.

I always feel proud of myself of little things that spoils my girls....

Andrea so happy with her milkshake....

She is not letting go on this one...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tonight we went to the Birmingham Barons baseball game. They are a minor league team of the Chicago White Sox. I love baseball and to be honest I would rather see the minor leagues as opposed to the major league games. The kids are hungry, they hustle and they are trying hard to do good to someday make it to the major leagues.

Going to the game brought back so many memories. When I was 12 my fathers company had season tickets to the St Petersburg Cardinal games a minor league team of the St Louis Cardinals. For a boy my age that was like MAGIC. We went almost every night. I was star struck with my favorite players. They had a few future major leaguers like Keith Hernandez and Kenny Ritz but my favorite player was number 5 Bo Mitchell. He never made it to the pros but he sure gave me a lot of fond memories.

When I was in the army in El Paso at age 21 my best friend and I would go to the El Paso Diablo games. The were the minor league team for the Milwaukee Brewers. We went many nights. After our second game or so we were standing outside waiting for a taxi and a man approached us and asked if we enjoyed the game. We told him yes very much. He said I am Eric Payton I play left field and I have no need for my two free tickets a game I will leave them to you unless my parents are in town. We said wow but were not sure if it was not just some guy pranking us. Sure enough we went to the game next night and WOW THE TICKETS WERE THERE!! We went every night and Eric would come by and say hello and ask how we were doing. Eric never made the pro's either which surprised me he stole about 45 bases a year!!!

Tonight was also special in a couple of other ways. Lulu got to experience "America's Pastime" in person. I was so excited for her to see a game in person.

But also Andrea got to go. Of course she could care less about the game or the players she was more interested in the ice cream and the bugs flying in the sky haha. But in the future we can go and she can have a little bit of my past childhood at the ballpark. Baseball is very family oriented and I hope she takes a liking to it. Haha when she is in her teens she will be like my sister was and just like the "cute" players.

Tonight was special to me. It brought back so many memories, yet it brought a new fun time for me and my family.

The field....

The happy girl...