Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It is hard when your loved one get sick. Lulu has been sick for few days now. It is frustrating to see that you can't help them when they are in pain. I am just glad that we went to the doctor last Sunday because she was able to receive treatment. Thankfully, she is doing better now.

I am always thankful that there is medical insurance because it surely helps the medical cost. Considering the high medical costs that the medical institution charges their patients, there is no way that a patient can afford to pay the medical bill without medical insurance.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

May you all be blessed this Christmas and always....

Christmas Comments

Thursday, December 24, 2009

In my lifetime, I have been working in different jobs. Whatever job I am engaged into, I always put my whole heart into it. I can proudly say that I am a good worker. I give what is asked for me to do and I even give more than what is expected of me.

When it comes to work, I always exercise safety. I have to protect myself from harm because I have a family to support. When I was working overseas for a couple of years, we were trained to practice safety at all times. All workers are required to wear safety boots as part of precautionary measures.

I know that different work has different work hazards that is why when you are required to wear something that can protect you, you should follow it. For an oil rigger, one must wear a rigger boots for work. These days though, people wear rigger boots as general work boot.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Since it was Andrea's birthday last Thursday, I took some discretionary hours so that I can come home early to spend it with "the girl". We went to Santaland at Bass Pro Shops. She enjoyed watching the kids play and watching the trains. She always love the Bass Pro Shops because she likes looking at the fish (big fish) in the aquarium. Going to Bass Pro Shops is like going to a park because the store doesn't look like ordinary store..

After we went to the bass pro shops, we dine at a mexican restaurant. Two of Andrea's favorite restaurants are the Chinese restaurant and Mexican restaurant.

Since it was her special day, Andrea, her Mommy, her Nana and her Papa Dan went to have lunch at Chinese restaurant and Mexican restaurant for dinner...

Here's some pics of it...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can I forget Andrea's Birthday? I was a nervous wreck when she was born. She came early and with some problems in her. A tiny little angel and spent almost 2 months in NICU. It was such a struggle for us seeing her with all the tubes and machines. But she surpassed it all...

My little girl is a survivor. Andrea will always be the apple of our eyes... She is one happy kid... she is a blessings for us! I love you baby girl. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Andrea is growing up already and she wants more attention that is why every night we have our play dates. Sometimes, we stay in the bed to read books. Other times, we build blocks. Lately, I played with her with her tea set. I pour some water and then we will play. It is a messy game but she loves it so much. I have to have a towel to wipe the mess. She is learning to pour some water in our cups and we pretend to be drinking tea.

I enjoy our play dates together. It also give Lulu some time for herself while I am playing with Andrea.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I always remember how excited Lulu was everything she will put up their family Christmas tree. For her it was a tradition.

This will be our 4th Christmas together. Time flew by so fast. I can't let this year pass by without letting Lulu decorate our Christmas tree.

We worked together and yes that includes Andrea. We rearranged our living room and Lulu and Andrea bonded together to make the Christmas tree...

Here's a beautiful Christmas Tree.... decorated by my girls...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is a special month for me because it is our wedding anniversary. Besides, December is also Andrea's birthday.

There are so many special occasions that will be celebrated this month and that includes Christmas. Christmas is getting exciting especially that Andrea is growing up.

I am having to think what will I give my girls for Christmas... suggestions anyone?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today, we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. 3 wonderful years with the love of my life. We are blessed with a beautiful child.

Babe, thank you for the best years of my life. I love you and always will.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My lovely daughter Mischa is celebrating her birthday today! I love you Doodle! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I know I have so much to be thankful for. Enjoy the holidays guys!

I am not too concern with health and beauty as much as I should. I think it is because I am a guy. Most guys are just the happy go lucky, come what may type. I am not too concern if my skin looks dry or I have wrinkles due to my age or something like that.

On the contrary, women always are vain with how they look. They often complain as they see their image in the mirror. When they start to notice some wrinkles in their face they panic. I wonder how much facial skin moisturizer an average woman uses in her lifetime? Of course, as we all age, our physical condition like the skin will also change. The wrinkles are just but part of getting old. There is no reason to panic.

Sometimes, when I bring my wife to the mall I watch her look at exfoliating body scrubs. Sometimes, there are too many beauty rituals that I can't understand why. But as long as it makes my wife happy, she can do whatever she thinks it will make her maintain her beauty. When it comes to beauty and health, what are the things that can make you healthy? Does exercise keep you healthy?

What I am not really prepared is to deal with when it comes to health issues is the Alzheimer. I hope and I pray that I won't get this when I get old. Coping with the Alzheimer's Disease must be hard.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A small group of family and friends laid to rest Uga VII in a corner of Sanford Stadium on Saturday morning, adding his name to the line of University of Georgia mascots who came before. People came and gathered to say goodbye to a particular dog - a pet, a mascot and a friend.

Uga VII died of a heart attack at just 4 years old. His owner said he showed no signs he was sick and even passed a recent veterinary exam. Uga's death was so sudden that I am sure it shocks the whole Georgia community.

Uga & Matt Stafford
Everybody knows that I am a big LSU fan...

The game between LSU and Ole Miss was a good game, I admit... LSU could have won it... they had chances...

There are many why's and questions on why Les Miles made certain calls... too many questionable calls/decisions on the part of Miles...

I am just wondering... is it time to move on and replace Miles....???

On the other hand, Lulu was really upset of the result... she took the loss in a hard way... It is funny she is more of a football fan than I think I am... cute though....
Since I got married to Lulu, I don't buy my own clothes anymore. She always buy all my basic needs. I like her choices and I am not really into fashion so whatever Lulu choose is good enough for me. She knows what I don't like anyhow so all my working clothes are selected by my dear wife.

Anyway, since it is already cold she surprised me with a very comfortable gloves. It comes really handy because when I work nights it gets cold in the dock where I check some shipments. She also bought me a Burton Wallet. I guess she knows that my wallet badly needs a replacement.

I am really lucky that my wife is a wise shopper. She knows how to make our ends meet with the meager amount that I am earning. Sometimes her frugality amazes me which I am really thankful.

Last night I saw her browsing the net for sale items of Burton jackets and coats. I hope she will get one for herself. I know she deserves it... if I can only convince her to buy it....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Last weekend, we decided to gave our little girl Andrea a treat... A Day @ the Park.... She had a blast and I am glad that we did it for her. We have decided to bring her often to the park that way she can play and be able to mingle with other kids.

After the park, we went to her Nana and she took her shower there. She was having fun with the water as always...

It was a long day that day but I am proud for what we did for Andrea.

Yesterday, we didn't do much except grocery shopping and we found a Dora Book at the store that Andrea loves so much.

Our weekend was pretty much an ordinary family bonding time....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the U.S., Veterans Day began as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I. The so-called War to End All Wars ended with an armistice signed at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918, in Compiègne, France—the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

In the U.S., President Woodrow Wilson commemorated the first Armistice Day in 1919. It was made a national holiday via an act of Congress in 1938.

After World War II it became clear that the World War I armistice marked only the ending of World War I, not of war itself. The holiday was renamed Veterans Day to honor all those who served in the U.S. military.

In 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill designating November 11 as Veterans Day.


This day is the day to honor the men and women who fought for our country. I am privilege to be one of them. I have served the country and I am proud to be part of the US Army.

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We went to New Jersey to visit my sister in law and Lulu's only biological family in US. They live in a place where everything is near. They are closer to Philadelphia area. Roger (my brother-in-law) and I got into talking about real estate. He told me that they are planning to sell their house because they want to move closer to Atlantic City where he works. He said, he found a reliable realtor that will handle their property. He said that he hired Bruce Germinsky Jersey Shore Real Estate and it seems really promising.

Because they will be moving towards Atlantic City, I have the feeling that they will look for waterfront homes. Perhaps they will also be looking for oceanfront luxury condos. Whatever they will decide I hope that it will work good for them.

We can't wait to visit them again... may be next year. Right now, we need to save for our airfare!

Friday, November 6, 2009

On Saturday, LSU and Alabama will be playing. This is one of the most awaited game in College Football. There is no denying that I am a big LSU fan but as much as I love LSU I don't think I will spend thousands of dollars just to watch the game live.

UA, LSU game tickets is among the priciest. Some tickets (resale) cost $1,000 bucks! Obviously, I can't afford this amount of money to spend just to watch the game. But is $1,000 bucks worth it? Is it for the love of the game or is it for addiction? May be I will change my view on this if I have extra stash of money to spend just for a day of fun. But right now, with the economic situation that we are facing, even if I can afford it, I don't think I will spend a thousand bucks in exchange of few hours of watching live football game.

So, on Saturday, I will just be content on watching the game on TV or listen to it on radio!

UA, LSU tickets among nation's priciest


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching. Oh, how time flies! As a tradition, in lieu of regular Christmas cards, we send our family and friends with personalized Christmas postcards. This is actually cheaper than the regular Christmas cards. With personalized Christmas postcards, we can opt to use our own family photo or just a picture of our daughter. I am actually debating on what picture to use. Perhaps I will just order two different sets.

I found a reasonable (no, actually very affordable) price of postcard printing at On top of the price they are offering, for a limited time, you can also avail of 30% discount on their Christmas Greeting Cards by using the promo code "GREETINGS". Check it out if you want to try sending a personalized Christmas cards this year.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I first visited Philippines year 2005 and I fell in love with the country even for the first time I set foot on it. Lulu and I were just friends the first time I saw her but she made sure that I will have a grand time during my visit.

She booked a room in one of the nicest resorts in Bohol for me. The room had the most amazing view of the beach and the mountains. It was so grand. I can't believe that the price for room was just cheap. The room was very cozy and it looks like a native hut with wooden Venetian blinds. I was so impressed with the resort's accommodation.

My first visit was memorable. The next visit was different than the first and so on... but one thing is for sure... Philippines is a home to me... It is where I want to retire!

The contest gave a lot of hassle so Dhemz decided to pull out Akesha.... thanks to those who supported...
T-shirt is my most comfortable wear. I love wearing t-shirt because it reflects the simple me. Obviously since t-shirt is my favorite, I own countless of them. I even own a few funny t shirts. One of my favorite funny t shirt is the one we bought in the Philippines.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

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This is the first year that Lulu dressed up for Halloween. I was excited for her because she has never done it.

We went trick and treat at Mom and Dan's and one of therr neighbors (Linda). Linda was the first house we went trick or treat last year (Andrea's first halloween). We wanted it to be a yearly tradition...

Take a look at my girls and the trick or treat... (just kinda because we really didn't go house to house for trick and treat)

My wife... The Witch!

The Midnight Bat who ate a lot of MandM's

Best Friends
Midnight Bat Andrea and Snow White Alexandra

Going Trick or Treat

While Alexandra is ringing the door... Andrea pose for picture

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I met a friend in Facebook who are into scuba diving. They go places to places to scuba dive. The latest diving that they had was in Mexico few weeks ago. They send me pictures of it and it was really awesome.

I told them how beautiful the diving sites in Philippines and they seem to be very interested in going there. I told them they can bring their own scuba dive gear if they want to go diving to Philippines. It will really be wonderful if we can go to Philippines together. I am sure that they will have a blast meeting my Filipino family.

Schlotzsky's (Original) is my favorite sandwich. Too bad there is no branch near our place or I would be eating this often.

Yesterday, we happen to be in the area near the Scholotzsky's so I have an excuse to indulge myself with Scholtzsky's Original Sandwich.

The sandwich is made of: Lean smoked ham, Genoa and cotto salamis, and melted cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses layered with black olives, red onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard and our signature dressing on toasted Sourdough bread.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Since the company I am working for sends me to Mobile, Alabama to work, they provided me with free rental car. The car that they gave me is really awesome and a lot better than what I have. I am almost positive that they put a turbo charger in the car.

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I can't believe when wife told me that my blog earned a PR already. I know I don't update this everyday so I didn't expect to get a PR rating.

I really should get better at doing this blog. Sometimes, work is just so stressful that I can't find enough energy to update this blog.

Anyway, I just wanna thank every one who keeps on coming back to this blog to check on my updates. I know that without your visits this blog won't be nothing.

Thanks everyone and lets enjoy blogging!
Working in a big company has advantage. When something goes wrong with the computer system there is always a centralized backup & restore. When something is wrong in the system all i just need to do is call the help desk.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am a practical man. If you can't afford a certain luxury you do not need to lend money just to buy things that are beyond your budget.

When it comes to car, I am not picky. I drive what fits my budget and I am actually driving a used car. I know I cannot afford the latest model of car that is available in the market today. I am not complaining as my car is running pretty well and I didn't have a lot of problems with it. Used cars are not like the brand new ones but it serves its purpose. Used cars are more affordable for somebody like me who doesnt' have a lot of money in the bank.

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The Maiden Heist was out for rent at the Red Box so we decided to rent it and watch it together. We seldom have time to watch movie together because we live far from each other. Since I am working here in Mobile for a week, I got a chance to bond with my grown up daughter. It is cool to be a daddy to her again. Well, of course I am always be her daddy... but you know what I mean...

This movie is really funny. It made us laugh and besides we all like the main characters of the movie.

Here's a short synopsis of the movie....

The Maiden Heist tells the tale of three museum guards, played by William H. Macy, Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken. The three affable and honest workers concoct a plan to steal valuable pieces of art which they admire, that were transferred to another museum by the unsympathetic new curator at their job....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every year, the company I am working for always gives its employees with business greeting cards. That has been a tradition ever since I started working with them. I am sure this tradition goes way back. Giving us with greeting cards is the company's way of saying thank you for being loyal to the company and for the work we have done. I think that is pretty classy on their part.

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One of the things I am proud of is being faithful to my wife. I know I had some "not so good" relationships from the past but I am proud to say that I never cheated my wife.

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I have been working in our Mobile Office for two days, and I can say that I am learning new things. I admit, the early working hours is making me so tired because I am not used to it. But despite the working hour difference, I am still grateful that I am sent here to work. Well, why not when I am provided with everything paid for by the company I work for. We have wonderful hotel, a nice rental car and allowance for food.

It is a great experience to be learning new things. Besides work, I am also glad to be here because of Mischa's surgery. Although, I am not there all the time, at least I can help her out after my work hours. It feels great to see both my daughters and I feel good knowing that if Mischa needs something I am just few minutes away from her.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We were driving into downtown Mobile last night after we had our dinner when I noticed a garbage truck. The truck has a very catchy writing in its side that says "Our business stinks but we pick up".

Anyway, proper waste management should be practiced wherever we are regardless of being a residential or industrial waste. Their are different methods in disposing the waste. There is disposing the waste into a landfill; incenaration; recycling methods; biological reprocessing; or energy recovery. Whatever method is most effective, there is always a Waste Management Software that fits the waste management industry's needs.

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I remember when Andrea was born... who wouldn't I was a nervous wreck! When we recall the events Lulu can't stop laughing because I was more nervous than her. I have my personal reasons why I am nervous plus Lulu was in labor and I don't want her to give birth in the highway!

Anyway due to some health conditions (besides being premature) Andrea stayed in the hospital longer than we would like to. Despite not being with us for almost two months, we never fail to visit her in the hospital.

Both Lulu and I were very appreciative of Mom Lori who was the one who thought about Andrea's birth announcements. We sent them to our friends and families. We also sent a copy of it to Lulu's family in the Philippines. She told me that it is not very common in the Philippines to send birth announcement, so it was kinda neat for the family to receive one.
We are in Mobile, Alabama right now. It is part of work but it is also a great opportunity because I am able to see Mischa. Mischa will have her surgery today (730am). I am glad that I am here to see her and help her if she needs anything.

We went out to eat earlier. We had a great time. After dinner, we hang out at Mischa's place and played a little bit of Wii. We enjoyed our time together and it is so great to see Mischa and Andrea bonding.

Time to hit the hay early.... I need to work early too... earlier than my usual working hours....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Today will be a busy day. I have to work night shift because my workmate took a vacation. I will work his shift. Sometimes, it is fun to work at night but I will miss my girls. By the time I will be home from work, Andrea will be asleep already and I don't like that.

Anyway, my eyeglasses is fixed already. All I need to do is to picked it up today at the eye doctor's office. I am glad that it is already fixed because I can use it while I will be driving going to Mobile.

My day has been nice. I played with Andrea outside. She loves it so much... She enjoyed playing with the ball... kicking it and running around with it.

Now, its time to get ready for work. It will be a long night but hey, one less night to go and I will be able to see my other daughter in Mobile....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love working and I can say that I am a good worker. Whatever job I am engaged into, I always make sure that I give my best. I am a type of worker who always make sure that everything is done in a timely manner even if it means doing my job non-stop and even skipping lunch break.

The same with any other offices, there are also some days where work is slow. During these times, I just sit and relax in my cubicle. What I love most about our office is our Office Chairs. These chairs are really comfortable and it supports my back really well.
Weekends means spending time with my family. We really doesn't do much except play, eat, play some more and yes watch Dora DVD.

This week is no different than any other week. But this time around, we were able to capture some of our bonding moments....

We are trying to nap...

It didn't work though...

She decides to eat instead....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Recession... I am sure everybody is affected with it. I can surely say that I am one of the affected ones. I am glad that Lulu is handling our finances well. With the little money that comes in, she is able to stretch it out and pay all the bills.

I should still be grateful because I still have my work. Although our work hours are shortened, I still feel lucky I have a job. There are millions of Americans out there that are jobless. There are thousands of businesses that can't keep their business operation running.

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It was cool today... the temperature was at the high 40's and I am loving it! I called Lulu if she wants to go to Walmart should she need anything. Since Andrea and her are just inside the apartment I know she didn't know how cool it was outside.

I told her to make sure that Andrea wears a warm clothes and has a rubber shoes on. I know she always make sure that Andrea is dressed properly but I am just making sure because it was cold outside. When I picked them up, my girls were dressed warmly. Andrea was in her pants and long sleeve and she was wearing her rubber shoes! Lulu was wearing a sweater.

It is getting colder now. I hope that it will snow more this year. Andrea didn't do much with the snow last year because she was too young to appreciate it. Perhaps this year, she will appreciate it more.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I remember ages ago, that my first form of transportation was my motorcycle. I worked so hard and saved my money to buy my very first motorcycle. I had so much fun with it riding along the back roads in Florence where we used to live. I traveled to many places with my motorcycle. You all know how it is to be young and carefree without the worries in the worries in the world.

I would really love to own another motorcycle because I enjoyed riding it. If I can buy one of course I want it to be a custom bike. Nothing beats a customize ride, the one that fits your lifestyle.
We were in the mall shopping around when I noticed a wonderful banner stand display made of acrylic rod. It was so beautiful that it makes me think of making a shelf made of acrylic rod or some type of plastic at home where Lulu can put her angel collection. Acrylic rod can easily be milled and drilled so I am sure it will not be hard to make a shelf. Wish me luck with my new project because I am not much of a handy man.
Last night, while Lulu and I were hugging, we accidentally hit my eyeglasses and the lens pop out! I was so devastated because that eyeglasses is not cheap! Considering the price that we paid for it, I expected it to be sturdy and not cheaply made.

I have to bring it back to the doctor's office to have it check and have it fixed. I am using my old eyeglasses now and I can't see clearly. I hope they can fix it before we will have our trip to Mobile but I doubt it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My wife is a bargain hunter which I can't complain as she is so good in managing whatever little we've got.

One of the things we enjoy together is watching movie. When she found the Mission Impossible DVDs for just $3 a piece, she was excited to buy it. Buying a $3 DVD is way cheaper than renting it in Blockbuster.

We both have seen these movies but we haven't seen it together so last night, we had a movie marathon.

Lulu and I just have simple joys. What's important is we bond and we both enjoyed it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It is Saturday once again and yes it is our usual football game day. Today LSU and Florida will play. We will be getting ready in a while for our tradition... which means Chicken wings and french fries!!!

LSU vs Florida game will be a good one and I hope that LSU will show how talented they are. LSU team has so much talent but I don't think they have played their full potential yet. I hope that today they will show up and play as they are supposed to.

With regards to Tim Tebow, I feel sorry about his condition. I am LSU fan but I can't help but like Tebow as he is really a very good kid.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and GEAUX TIGERSSS!

Friday, October 9, 2009

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It has been a very hectic week for me at work. I have to do a lot of stuff and I am just mentally drained every time I come home. Despite that, I have to wake up early today to go to our eye doctor because my new eyeglasses is ready.

It just took me few minutes to put it on and check if it is okay. Lulu is really satisfied with it because she said it is really stylish. Andrea was kinda upset that we have to go already because she always loves to stay at the doctor's office sit in their little kiddie table and do colors.

I admit Lulu did a good job in selecting my new eyeglasses. I got nice comments on how nice my new eyeglasses from my officemates.

I am glad it is Friday. I am looking for tonight to just stay home and relax. I really need to just chill and relax tonight. I am so exhausted.

Monday, October 5, 2009

There are so many famous treasure hunters. To name a few.....
Treasure hunting is really fun... and of course hardwork....

I am into treasure hunting lately.... I have so much fun with it and it consumes a lot of my time. It take me many tries to do the successful "digging" most of the times I am unlucky. Mos of my digs doesn't gain anything.... but on some digs I find different rare items and even different food.....

Please don't be confused though, I am talking about Treasure Mania... a treasure hunting game in Facebook!
I am like any other men in the world who have unhealthy vices. I know I have to cut back on it in order for me to live longer. Of course, I want to live longer so that I can spend more years together with my family that is why I am trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle.

My wife introduced me to Herbal Nutrition. I think it is pretty amazing. Looking back to the old days, I understand how herbal nutrition works. People during the old days doesn't have the medical technology that we have right now yet they live longer. I am sure it has to do with their way of life and their healthy food intake.

My wife has been very adamant that I take herbal supplements from Herbalife International. I am glad that she insisted that I should take them because I can really feel the difference with regards to my health. I still have a long way to go, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I wish that I will be able to maintain it.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Death is something that is hard to discuss with my wife. But it is a reality that all of us will go through and we need to be prepare when it comes. Whenever it is, we are all uncertain!

I am older than my wife so obviously I always thought that I am gonna go first. I wish and pray that I will be given more years to be with my family but when my time comes, I want them to be financially able to go on with their lives. It is very important for me that they will not be financially burdened with all the expenses.

I believed in the importance of owning life insurance. This will help my family when I will no longer be there to provide for them. The proceeds of my life insurance will enable them to be able to stand on their own when I am gone.

Life is very uncertain. Protect your family.... if you don't have life insurance, get instant insurance quote online right now.
LSU faced their first real test today when they played against Georgia. I admit it was a great game. At the first half, LSU looked really good although they only scored 6. During the second half, LSU looks like they are not the top 4 team.

Well, LSU won the game in the last 2 minutes. It was a very intense game for LSU fans like me (and Lulu).

Now, if only they will win against Florida which of course I doubt... but hey... who knows.....I can always wish!!!!

Geaux Tigers!!!!
Its weekend and I am relaxing at home while surfing the net. I always surf the net for news and other informative things.

Anyway, my wife just complained how expensive things are nowadays. Whenever we do our grocery shopping it is amazing how little you can buy for your one hundred dollars. Our bills increased noticeably the water bill. So we decided to do some revisions of our weekly budget and we planned how we can save on our water bill.

I checked the products offered by SelectAFlush, a company whose innovative products help save water. Right now, their newest product is the Dual Flush Toilet valve. As I look at the features of dual flush toilets, I am very impressed and the most important thing it is very easy to install. This product provides a powerful and positive impact in our environment which is what we really need.

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In few days we will start saving water with the use of dual flush toilet valve. This decision will not just help us save a little bit of money but it will also help our environment. I hope you will decide to do what we are about to do... save and conserve water!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It is official... the winner of the 2016 Olympics City host is... Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro has won the battle to host the 2016 Olympics and take the games to South America for the first time after the shock elimination of Chicago in the first round of voting today.

The Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, made an impassioned appeal to delegates, saying Rio's bid represented the hopes of the whole of South America. "I honestly think it is Brazil's turn," he said. "It is South America's bid. This is a continent that has never held the games. It is time to address this imbalance. It is time to light the Olympic cauldron in a tropical country."

With the games going to South America for the first time, Africa is the only continent where none of its countries has been awarded an Olympics.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We all wake up early today. Lulu set the alarm at 8:00AM! For us that is too early! We are night owls... we sleep at dawn and wake up at noon. But not today! I had and eye doctor appointment at 9:00AM so we need to wake up early!

Eye exam went well! My eye pressure is going down (compared to last year)! Doctor said that my eyesight is experiencing problems due to "getting old".... whattttttttttt? I am getting old!!!! that's is unbelievable!!!! hahahaha

We all aged! I can't believe I said that! lol

Of course, Lulu got a chance to choose my eyeglasses. She always do that... and I prefer it that way because she knows what she is doing...

Anyway, I am blogging here while my girls (My mom, Lulu and Andrea) are on their way to their shopping escapade. I am so glad they are going out! They always enjoy their time together...

I will be going to work in few hours... don't want to go back to bed, I might oversleep... It will be a long day at work today since I woke up so early....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our weekends are mostly bonding time for the whole family. Most of the times, we give Mom and Dan time to bond with Andrea which also in return give Me and Lulu time together. We usually leave Andrea at Mom's while we do our grocery shopping.

Our Saturdays are mostly spent watching college football games. We do go out to buy something to eat because that's the time that Lulu will get a break from cooking...

Last weekend we got lucky to find the movie Cocoon played on TV. I have seen the DVD for so many times but I didn't buy it. I know Lulu would like this movie. The movie was shown at 1am to 3am... we were getting ready to sleep when at the end of the movie it said that the coming next is the part 2 of the movie. Lulu and I are supposed to be in bed but we can't anymore because we were looking forward to watching the second part.

To make the story short, we stayed up until 5am to watch Cocoon. It was worth it. We enjoyed the movie.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Football is a game of inches... LSU proved that today! They were able to hold Mississippi from winning the game when they stopped them three times inches away from touchdown zone.

LSU was able to win 30-26 over Mississippi in a wet and rainy game. It was a good game. I actually think it was the first true test of LSU's offense and defense. LSU pulled it off .... and guess who was more nervous... Lulu! She woke up early just to watch the game before its kick-off!

Of course, we are both happy that LSU escaped and survived against Mississippi State.

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last week, we rented movies again at Redbox. Actually we always rent at Redbox because it is cheaper. For a while, we were not so lucky about renting a movie. But last we week, we finally became lucky.

We rented Wolverine: X-Men Origin a week ago and we really had fun watching it. It was a great movie.

Last Wednesday, we rented State of Play. We got lucky with that movie because we seldom find a copy of it.

Last Thursday, we rented Duplicity because Lulu wanted to see it because of Julia Roberts. Surprisingly it was not bad as we thought it was kind of chick flick but it was not.

Three straight nights of movie bonding... all of them were good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

To all bloggers who dropped by and send their get well soon wishes... thank you...

I have been feeling better after the doctor gave me antibiotic. I had rested a lot and Lulu was of course always there to take care of me. I went back to work last Wednesday since I feel better already.

I just felt bad that after I felt better, my lil girl got sick ...

Thanks ya'll... thanks for your visits and your well wishes... see yah around!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am sick! I started feeling bad last night. I was running fever and having chills. I was coughing too and my throat is hurting.

When I woke up this morning, I call up work and told them how I feel. I don't mind working but I also don't want my office mates to get sick because of me. My supervisor said, I better stay home since I got fever.

I then called Dr. Leong's office asking for an appointment. Thankfully and surprisingly, the office accommodated me for a 1:45PM appointment. Everything seems fine. Dr. Leong gave me an antibiotic.

All I did today is sleep. Lulu told me, I have been sleeping so hard.. I feel better at times but tonight I ran a fever again. I hope to get better tomorrow that I way I can go back to work... if not, then more sleep for me!

Resting is the best way to recuperate....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Okay as I mentioned earlier this week, we were not able to catch fish when Lulu and I went fishing at Lake Purday last Monday. It was fun but it would have been better if we caught fish....

I asked my office mate Peyton if he knows a place where we can go cane pole fishing where we can catch fish. Peyton told me few places so I told Lulu that this weekend we are going fishing again.

We are supposed to go tomorrow but our plans changed. We decided to do it today.

Fishing is always fun. I enjoy our time together. And of course, I am happy to see Lulu's excited fish when we caught fish. She is so excited to have fish for dinner. I can't blame her though as she has been used to eating fish all her life. As for myself, I will just settle for pizza.

Anyway, I always love doing things that makes Lulu happy. She is not hard to please. Our fishing trips are always a great way to bond with each other... ( like me putting the worm bait for her hahahah)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend... like ours!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday was NFL kick-off! It was a great game. It was played between my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans.

When it comes to football, I am more of a college football fan than NFL fan. I like the college football better because of their passion of the game. Players are trying hard to play good and their enthusiasm really shows.

I couldn't ask for a better kick off game for this season as it was played really good. In fact, it ended up in overtime... of which I was happy that Steelers won.

Even though Tennessee lost last night, I am still glad that their defense team did well... because they are my defense team in my fantasy team...


On the other note, September is finally here.... football season... I am loving it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I want something new for Lulu. Since I am off work, we decided on going fishing. We were looking forward to fishing for the past few days. We got our license to fish last Friday. Yesterday, we bought our fishing needs (including cane poles) at Bass Pro Shop which is very near our place. We are really excited about the fishing trip because this will be the first time that Lulu will be going fishing on a lake. Mom volunteered to keep Andrea so that Lulu and I can enjoy fishing.

It was a hot day but we didn't mind it we were having fun with our fishing-bonding time. I hooked both our cane poles and put bait on them. Well, I am delegated to put the bait because Lulu is afraid of worms.

We spent almost two hours fishing. We caught a lot of brim but they were not big enough to bring home. We spent some time in the woods... I really enjoyed the quiet because the place we selected was farther from the marina so there were no other people fishing except Lulu and me.

We went home happy eventhough we didn't bring home fish. We were exhausted from the heat but we both had fun.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Saturday we didn't do anything except to indulge ourselves with College Football games on
TV. It was the day we have been waiting for... since the start of the year...

Of course, we were all so anxious how the LSU will play. We were also anxious to watch other teams...

LSU's defense didn't impress me during their first game. I hope they will do a lot of adjustment. I am looking forward to see LSU's QB Sheppard to play in a game.

As much as I hate to admit it, Alabama played well...

The Navy - Ohio State was a good game and a delight to watch....

I can't wait for next Saturday's game.............

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last weekend, Lulu and I decided to buy the Indiana Jones series. We already have the latest so what we need was the earlier ones.

We had our movie marathon of Indiana Jones this week in the following order:
Tuesday (Sept 1) - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Wednesday(Sept 2) - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Thursday (Sept 3) - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Friday (Sept 4) - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I really enjoyed our movie marathon. It was a great bonding for us. Having seen the movies for the nth time now, I think that the third one is the best. I can hear Lulu's giggles at the funny scenes especially with Sean Connery in it.

After watching Indiana Jones, perhaps we will watch another series... it could be Bourne or Die Hard or Lord of the Rings, or Lethal Weapon.... we haven't decided yet but for sure we will watch another series....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is it! The day has come for college football to start.... Craig (my neighbor) and I have been talking about this for a while now. Craig is an Auburn fan while I am an LSU fan but just the same we always talk about football and some other sports. It is our daily routine to talk about something we share in common.

I am glad that I was able to watch the game openers of the College Football this season. Well, to be honest, I couldn't wait for the LSU game this Saturday. Lulu and I are getting excited about the game since Lulu and I has a little LSU football game tradition... which means... hot wings and fries while watching the game....

I love college football!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baseball is almost on its final stretch. One of the best things that I enjoy during the baseball season is my baseball fantasy team. I have been playing baseball fantasy for a few years now. In fact, I have made Lulu addicted to it too.

Lulu and I have managed our own baseball fantasy team this year. This year, we both opted to play in the head to head match. We are having so much fun with it, especially that we purchased the stat tracker. The stat tracker was the best thing we did for our fantasy team. I am really glad that we purchased it because it gives me real time updates and details if I am ahead or behind on different categories.

I hope that my team will perform well this week because it is almost play-off time.

Monday, August 31, 2009

We have been waiting for the weekend to come! Lulu and I are both excited because this will be the first game of LSU this season. We always have our own tradition when it comes to LSU Football.

I am really looking forward to watch the game and how will Sheppard fare on his first college game. I have heard so many good reviews about his performance thus I can't wait to see it for myself.

During Saturdays of the College Football Season, we usually don't have anything scheduled except to watch the game while eating hot wings...

This Friday, we have to make sure that we have everything we need (with regards to something to munch on) while we are watching the game. Lulu and I both love watching LSU game so I am sure that both of us will have our attention glued to the TV....

5 more days............ geaux tigers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are enjoying the Little League Series. Actually, every year we always make sure to watch their games. It is just so much fun to watch the kids play good ball. At days where we are busy with work or something else, we always make sure that we can watch the Little League Series highlights at night.

This year what catches our attention is the girl that played for Canada... Katie Reyes....

Katie Reyes becomes the first girl game winner of the Little League World Series.
Katie Reyes hit a game-winning two-RBI single in Canada's 14-13 win over Germany on Tuesday afternoon in Williamsport, Pa.

Fifteen girls have played in the LLWS since 1984, but apparently none had logged the game's top highlight until Reyes had three hits and three RBIs on Tuesday. She also caught the game's final out at first base.

For more of the articles about her, please check here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am really thankful for what Lulu did in making sure that Mischa and Ben are comfortable while they were spending the weekend with us. I can't believe she did so much work and wouldn't allow me to help.

I wanted to give her a break that is why I called her close friend Ging requesting her to take Lulu out for dinner which I will be paying.

I want Lulu to have fun... she deserves it...
I was so glad that Mischa and Ben spent the weekend with us. It was great to just bond with them. We really didn't do something special except to spend some quality moments with them.

Friday and Saturday nights we watched movie in our DVD. We all love movies so it was great for us.

Lulu has been a good host. She made sure that all of us are well-fed although I need to fuss at her because she never let me help her.

It was a wonderful weekend. Mischa and Ben was able to met Kelly and Cameron. We had a good dinner at Mom and Dan's last Saturday.

We really enjoy your visit Mischa and Ben. We are looking forward to your next visit....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is fate? Does it exist?

This is something I wonder so much about.

I like to think that fate exists. You know I met Lulu when chatting. What if she was not in that room? What if she didn't answer? What if we didn't hit it off as we did? We were just friends for SO LONG what if when I asked her for the THIRD time haha if she said no?

I believe in fate, because it must be. Look what has happened to my life. I have a beautiful wife that I am so much in love with. I have a daughter that is such a joy to be around. So if there is not fate would Andrea just not exist? Somehow I cannot believe that would not be true. I think that she was meant for this earth with all her sweetness as was Lulu to be with me.

I believe that life twists around and things happen for a reason. I had a lot of heartache in my past. I think that life FINALLY said enough is enough you deserve a break. With Lulu I feel that she is such a caring and giving person that she is here with me (WOW THAT SOUNDS Conceited but hey I think I am a good husband, I love here and show my love and I care for her). I feel that maybe it is Andrea we both deserve. I am lucky because I also got Mischa. Maybe the child I lost at such an early age gave me TWO lovely daughters??? I always wonder.

Fate or not you know I love my life. I'm a lucky man and I KNOW THAT.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My niece and her fiance are coming up this week to visit. I have not met her fiance but I have heard that he is a nice guy and very good to Kelly (my niece).

I am excited she is coming but MOST OF ALL I am excited that Mischa is coming. I love so much when I am with Mischa. Ben is also coming and I am glad that he is. This weekend will be a good bonding moments for all of us.

I miss seeing my daughter and I am so glad I will get to see her again!!!! She is all grown up now even COOKS hahahaha. AND CLEANS hahaha. Maybe I should kidnap her for the weekend?????? Make her cook and clean here hahaha.

Serious though I am so excited about this weekend. It is good that my family is close again since I was gone for so long.

I am back doodle in your life and I love it.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am always happy when Lulu can get out of the house and be with her friends. Most of the times, after a couple of hello's I always just leave Lulu and Andrea to enjoy the party.

Today, I let Lulu and Andrea enjoyed the party hosted by our good friend Lotlot. I went home and do some household chores and played video games. I tried to help out doing household chores because I enjoyed doing it and it will help Lulu as she always have her hands full everyday having to take care of Andrea.

Giving Lulu a break and letting her be with her Filipino friends makes me feel good. I know how much she enjoys it and it is important for me that Lulu will have good relationship with her Filipino friends.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last night, after a quick nap, I told Lulu to get ready because we are going out for a surprise. It was close to 10:00PM when I decided to surprise my girls with a Milk Shake from Sonic.

The milkshake at Sonic was Lulu's favorite but she couldn't have it when she was pregnant because she was gestational diabetes. She was craving for it, yet she was disciplined enough not to buy it. After she gave birth, she wanted to have milk shake. I couldn't find a Sonic near the hospital so I went home and buy her a big size milk shake.

Anyway, last night's treat was Andrea's first milkshake. At first, she was not sure why I gave her the milkshake... she was reluctant to get it as we don't give her like that. We were trying not to give Andrea a lot of sugar. We do give her some treat on days where she does something that deserves a treat.

I always feel proud of myself of little things that spoils my girls....

Andrea so happy with her milkshake....

She is not letting go on this one...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tonight we went to the Birmingham Barons baseball game. They are a minor league team of the Chicago White Sox. I love baseball and to be honest I would rather see the minor leagues as opposed to the major league games. The kids are hungry, they hustle and they are trying hard to do good to someday make it to the major leagues.

Going to the game brought back so many memories. When I was 12 my fathers company had season tickets to the St Petersburg Cardinal games a minor league team of the St Louis Cardinals. For a boy my age that was like MAGIC. We went almost every night. I was star struck with my favorite players. They had a few future major leaguers like Keith Hernandez and Kenny Ritz but my favorite player was number 5 Bo Mitchell. He never made it to the pros but he sure gave me a lot of fond memories.

When I was in the army in El Paso at age 21 my best friend and I would go to the El Paso Diablo games. The were the minor league team for the Milwaukee Brewers. We went many nights. After our second game or so we were standing outside waiting for a taxi and a man approached us and asked if we enjoyed the game. We told him yes very much. He said I am Eric Payton I play left field and I have no need for my two free tickets a game I will leave them to you unless my parents are in town. We said wow but were not sure if it was not just some guy pranking us. Sure enough we went to the game next night and WOW THE TICKETS WERE THERE!! We went every night and Eric would come by and say hello and ask how we were doing. Eric never made the pro's either which surprised me he stole about 45 bases a year!!!

Tonight was also special in a couple of other ways. Lulu got to experience "America's Pastime" in person. I was so excited for her to see a game in person.

But also Andrea got to go. Of course she could care less about the game or the players she was more interested in the ice cream and the bugs flying in the sky haha. But in the future we can go and she can have a little bit of my past childhood at the ballpark. Baseball is very family oriented and I hope she takes a liking to it. Haha when she is in her teens she will be like my sister was and just like the "cute" players.

Tonight was special to me. It brought back so many memories, yet it brought a new fun time for me and my family.

The field....

The happy girl...

Friday, July 31, 2009

When Mischa was young I always tried to spoil her in different ways. She was "MY GIRL." I would have class pizza parties for her whole class and it always made her feel good that her dad was the one that brought pizza for the whole class. But the most special thing I did for my baby was to send her flowers every year on her birthday to school. It didn't matter her age she got flowers. Sometimes I just sent for no special reason except that she is my daughter and I wanted her to feel special. They would be delivered to the school and she would be called to the office to pick them up. When I picked her up from school it was so sweet to see my "little daughter" carrying flowers almost as big as she was in a vase.

The last time we were in Mobile Mischa said something that I will never ever forget and I will cherish for the rest of my life. We were in a store and there were flowers and she said Daddy you know you set the standard. You sent me flowers. And I want that from any man I love.

To hear Mischa say that just made my heart swell so much. I wanted to hug her right then and there.

You know it's funny you do a lot for your children but it's the little things that come back and you are like WOW I DID GOOD!!!

This story to me is my "daddy's reward." I can feel good about myself because I made someone I love so very much feel so special.

Thanks Mischa for remembering the flowers and letting me know it was special to you, that meant so much to me.

Daddy wrote this blog for you because I wanted you to know how much it meant to me that you remembered that moment in our lives.

I love you doodle and I'm very proud of where you have taken your life. You have overcome a lot of obstacles. You are doing great!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I always treasure our bonding moment with my little girl. Although she is a Mama's girl, we still have our moments together.

Take a glimpse of our bonding moments....

She loves the long slide... she is not scared at all ...

Enjoying the cool breeze while in the swing near Tennessee River

She got tired.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

We spent our family weekend together with my Dad and Jan in their place at Killen, Alabama. We couldn't visit them as often as we would want because of so many reasons but every once in a while, I make sure that we go visit them.

As usual, Andrea got spoiled! When we got there, there were toys waiting for Andrea. I am proud of Andrea as she was showing her usual happy self.

We all enjoyed spending our weekend with them. It was also great to see Chris (my stepbrother) whom I haven't seen in ages. It was so great that Lulu and Chris finally met in person. I always tell Lulu that she will like Chris as we all share the same type of humor.

We had enjoy each others company updating what's new with our lives. Saturday, we just spent the whole afternoon bonding and had a sumptuous meal which made all our tummy miserably happy. Dad can surely cook! His pork roast was just so good.

Sunday, we went out to see "Leo and Una", the Lions at University of North Alabama. Then we had our lunch at Shoney's (Lulu was excited about it...). After lunch, we went to the river and let Andrea enjoyed the playground near the Tennessee river. When we went home to Dad's we all had a nap (after Andrea played with another new toy, pots and pans!)...

At around 3:30pm, we went home. We went home with a bag full of apples and pears from their backyard... Lulu is surely

It was a great weekend. We surely enjoyed it. Thanks Dad and Jan for having us. We love you both!

Lulu and Andrea walking at the Tennessee River

Me and Andrea at the University of North Alabama

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I know I don't post new entries as I should. I just felt exhausted and mentally drain every time I come home because of so much things to do at work.

My workload keeps increasing and I am doing my best to catch up on things that I am not very familiar with. So far so good, since I already learn to do some new things already. When everything will be settled at work, I hope to post new entries often.

Thanks for your visits and keep coming back for new updates.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lulu saved all our coke rewards from the cokes and powerades we drank. I used a lot of powerades at work so they really added up. She cashed some of them in and got two restaurant gift certificates so we decided to go to John's City Diner. I called Mom and Dan and asked if they wanted to join us. Mom said "why don't you and Lulu go out and have some time alone we will watch Andrea". Lulu and I were both very hesitant about this because Andrea is such a mommy's girl and when she is upset she only wants her mom (OK OK OK YES SHE IS SPOILED), but we made mom promise if she starts crying that they would call us.

We dropped Andrea off and snuck out for our date. Lulu was dressed up in a very fashionable yet sexy skirt, I was like WOW!!!! We arrived at the diner and before I went in I called mom to make sure Andrea was ok with everything. All was fine there Andrea was having fun playing and of course eating goodies.

Lulu had gumbo for appetizer I had fried oysters. It was the first time Lulu had tried gumbo and she liked it. The oysters were good also. For our main meal Lulu had snapper with mango and pineapple sauce I had trout with lemon.

To be honest the food was ok, just better than average but for the price it was not worth it. The atmosphere of the diner was wonderful though. It was great for me and Lulu to be out alone with no worries. We talked about a lot of things and just relaxed. Lulu is with Andrea pretty much all the time so for her I was really happy she was out.

When we were finished I called mom and asked how everything was, mom said Andrea was still being great, so we went to Wall-Mart and shopped for a bit.

When we arrived back at mom's, Andrea was very excited to see us and turned around and wanted to kiss mom goodbye because she thought we were leaving right then, BUT while we were gone the little bugger didn't miss us at all haha she was having too much fun at Mom and Dan's!!!!

I was really proud of Andrea she just went with the flow and did her own thing. It means a lot to me that she is so comfortable at Mom and Dans, but it's not surprising because when we are at Mom and Dan's it is them she wants to spend the time with. It is like she knows that is their time to be with her.

It was a great night being out with Lulu just the two of us. Now that we know that Andrea is ok with us being away we want to go to a movie, we really miss that. Lulu and I both want to see Pelham 123, the trailer looks so good.

Thanks so much Mom and Dan. And thanks babe it was a special night for sure and you looked so nice. Love you all.